Stage 1: Lost Paradise
Spring Path
Paradise was lost by the forbidden fruit, now it has been found
BGM: Alice in Fairyland

Lily White Enters
Lily White Leaves

Reimu - These flowers are especially out of season
Hopefully this can be one of those auto-solving flower incidents
In that case I can just go back to sleep

Sunny - Have you not seen that giant tree in the sky!?
I'm not gonna let you slack off again

Reimu - *sigh*
It was worth a try I guess

Sunny - Best thing we can try right now is follow it

Pastel Rose Enters

Pastel - Don't mind the tree in the sky
Pastel's masterpiece is better to look at!

Painter of the Roses
Pastel Rose

Reimu - You call that a masterpiece?
The colors are all over the place
It's also a mess to look at

Sunny - I for one, think the flowers are painted well for a child
Even if the colors are a little off

Pastel - Pastel is confused
Do they love it or hate it?

Reimu - Either way, your "masterpiece" is in our way
So we're gonna have to take it down

Sunny - Okay then
But let's not waste all our motivation on this small fry

BGM: Paint White Roses Red ~ Fairy Rebellion

Pastel - Pastel won't hold back!
Let's see your true colors!

Pastel Rose Defeated

Pastel - *sob* *sob*, you ruined Pastel's masterpiece!

Reimu - I see we did a good job then
Next time don't treat Gensokyo like a canvas

Sunny - What a jerk
She didn't mean any harm

Reimu - Let's not worry about the small fry
Where to next?

Sunny - This path looks fun for a miko
It's filled with mushrooms and magic!

Reimu - Ugh, does it have to be that damp place?
Guess I have no choice but to go

Pastel - You won't get away with this you know!
Soon, this paradise will be ours once more
Then Pastel can paint wherever she wants!
Oh, they left

Stage 2: Sleeping Beauty
Forest of Magic
The butterfly sleeps as it awaits resurrection, but what does it dream of?
BGM: S~ Sleepy Hallow
Miasma Truffle Enters

Reimu - *yawn*, i'm so sleepy

Sunny - But aren't you always sleepy
Don't tell me it was that small fry back there

Reimu - This time it's different, there's something in this forest that's definitely the culprit

Sunny - Whatever you say....
Oh, she's completely unconscious now
Typical Reimu

??? - How pitiful, I didn't even have to put much effort into it
My mere presence alone was enough to put her to sleep

Sunny - Who's this?

Miasma - Oh, I'm Miasma
I've been following you in hopes that the human would fall asleep

Sunny - So that's what that strange figure was
It's rude to shoot without warning you know

Misama - But for once in a long time, I feel a bit motivated
Can you blame me?

Sunny - She was barely awake in the first place!
That's insult to injury!

Miasma - You know, they say those who sleep in the forest never wake up

Reimu - Wait what!

Miasma - Oh the human is awake

Sunny - Guess we have to fight now

Reimu - huh?


Miasma - Now human, fall into a sleep like death
Never to witness dawn again!

Miasma Truffle Defeated

Miasma - Great, now I feel unmotivated
I'll let you guys be and go take a nap

Miasma Truffle Leaves

Reimu - Hopefully this nap is forever

Sunny - Reimu, this way!

Reimu - Ugh, a cold place
Since when are you my guide anyways?

Stage 3: Frozen Heaven
Misty Lake
Snow crystals drifted silently from the sky, unable to return to the world before
BGM: [1]
Cirno Enters
Cirno Leaves

Reimu - It's evening already? Can't believe I slept in so long

Sunny - I'd say that's a new record, you slept for an eternity

Reimu - Where is all of this snow coming from anyways?
Even in this place, it shouldn't be snowing in the middle of spring

Sunny - Don't know, but if another icy thing appears, I'll definitely melt it!

Akuma Ryuki Leaves

Akuma - Leave at once

Sunny - Speak of the devil, an icy thing!

Reimu - Is that an ice dragon! That explains the snow<br/Let's leave it be, I'd rather not become even more cold

Akuma - And I'd rather not be called a "devil"
Especially not by an impure being such as yourself

Reimu - What's the big deal with "impurity" anyway
And aren't you impure just by being here?

Sunny - It would appear to be, but I sense no impurity from her
She's squeaky clean

Akuma - You still haven't left yet?
I suppose you're asking for a fight then

Reimu - Well you're in my way, what did you expect?

Sunny - This will be a piece of cake, i'll melt your ice!

BGM: Snow Drifting Under Heaven ~ Frozen Devil

Akuma - Very well then, I shall test your power
Prove to me that you can spare this world from impurity!

Akuma Ryuki Defeated

Akuma - So there still is hope after all
In that case perhaps I won't be corrupted

Sunny - As expected, fire always melts ice!

Reimu - Ugh, i'm freezing now
Show us somewhere at least a little warmer than this

Akuma - Indeed, follow that path of flowers in the sky
They should lead you to the culprit

Reimu - We'll be off then, I hate cold places anyways

Sunny - W-wait, i'm the one supposed to be guiding you!

Stage 4: Falling Star
Sky Garden
Flowers bloomed even in the sky as wishes of paradise descended from the stars, will those wishes ever come true?
BGM: [2]

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