Touhou ~ Eternal Fairy Tale (東Touhou ~ ??? lit. ???) is the latest installment in the never-ending Touhou series. It involves a fantasy-based story in which the faires go on a rebellion to overtake Gensokyo, all due to the power of nature increasing. So far only the demo is released with three stages.


For more detail on the story see: Touhou ~ Eternal Fairy Tale/Story

Once again, those devious Moriyas had found yet another way to provide Gensokyo with "Eternal Energy"

They guaranteed that this power was the purest and most efficient power

This was because that power was nature itself, all of Gensokyo's trees, flowers and even mushrooms began to flourish, giving the land eternal energy

When asked about it, the Moriyas simply said it was science

It didn't take a detective to see through this lie, but nobody cared enough to investigate the true source, that is until...

Fairies, the Moriyas plan backfired completely due to one mistake they had overlooked:

By giving nature eternal power, they were in turn giving fairies eternal power!

With newfound power combined with unrivaled misteif, theres no doubt that such lowly whould now take over the land

The head of the Moryias, Kanako Yasaka, had another plan however

If she could harness the power of nature, she could give the blessing of eternal life and turn our heroines into an invincible force

And so she did exactly that, weather or not to take the blessing however is a choice that could decide the fate of Gensokyo

Blessing or no blessing, our heroines then ventured into the chaos


Both the gameplay and setting is meant to be a parallel to that of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, but giving it a more "JRPG" feel with it's heavy fantasy themes and RPG-styled gameplay, even including fairy partners which are a common trope in such games.

As for the story, the game takes heavy inspiration from irish mythology as well as the story of the Garden of Eden.


'Touhou ~ Eternal Fairy Tale is a vertical Danmaku shooter where the player is tasked with taking on 6 consecutive stages (levels) to settle down the forces of nature. In this installment, every playable character is paired with a fairy that can be summoned with the C button. Summoning a fairy like this creates a CPU with the role of acting just like the player; shooting at enemies and collecting items, but by holding C they will stay in place, acting as a stationary turret, additionally fairies can be "unsummoned" by pressing C while their already out.

Fairies can't be summoned forever though, while active they will slowly lose Motivation and one they lose all 100% of it they will become unable to be summoned until the next stage at 25%. As a fairy gets hit by bullets they will also lose motivation at a higher amount, the only way for a fairy to regain motivation is for them to not be currently in use.

One feature returning from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom is the Chapter system, but it is fit to match the game's RPG setting. The game is divided into segments called Chapters and at the end each chapter the player will gain a certain amount of Fairy Points according to their performance during the chapter. As expected as more EXP is collected, the player will "level up", boosting their stats differently according to what character they are and powering up their shots, thus replacing "power items" normally seen in other installments. In total there are ten levels possible of achieving.

Bombs and lives are obtained exactly like in Double Dealing Character, where they must be collected in pieces of 6 and 3 respectively. When the player goes near the top of the screen or more specifically over the Point of Collection (POC), all items on screen will be collected. Using the POC system, the player can obtain bomb pieces by collecting 25 items at once or life pieces by netting 50 items or twice that amount. If the player's hitbox "grazes" bullets not only will that contribute to their EXP at the end of chapter, but all items will fall slower, allowing for risky bonuses.


Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Focus (slows movement for dodging tense bullet patterns)
Z - Fire
X - Bomb
C - Swap Character
Ctrl - Skip Dialogue
Esc - Pause



Decline the blessing of life

This mode plays like an average Touhou game, tasking the player with venturing 6 stages and defeating the final boss. At the beginning of each playthrough the player will start off with 3 lives and 2 bombs, should they die and have less than two bombs, they will regain only one bomb this time, making collecting bomb pieces more vital this time around.

At the end of each stage, there will be a boss who will fire off tons of danmaku intended to hit the player. In between generic waves of bullets however, bosses will use Spell Cards; dazzling bullet patterns that are meant to challenge the player. Spell Cards can be "collected" by depleting the spell card's health bar without bombing or losing a life.

Additionally, if the player gains enough EXP in a level, than the boss will use their Last Word; a spell card that can't kill the player, but if it's captured without getting hit than the player will be awarded with life and/or bomb pieces.

At the beginning of each game, the player chooses both a character team and a difficulty. These difficulties are...

Eternal Story

Receive the blessing of life

All gameplay factors of Story Mode apply, with one major change however: the fact that the player cannot die. Just like Pointdevice mode in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, chapters act as checkpoints the player returns to after death to respawn. Bomb pieces are of course much more valuble now, and as such Life Pieces have been removed entirely, with Bomb Pieces now taking 30 items to obtain.

As for last words, if the player dies to these then they will not get another chance at clearing them and will move onto the next stage.

Story-wise, this mode is a scenario in which the player chose to receive Kanako's blessing, thus granting them the respawn capabilities of a fairy.

Extra Story

A seventh stage that plays along the traditional rules of Story, due to Kanako's blessing wearing off. Aside from a general increase in difficulty and no countinues, there are other rules enforced on this mode as well.

For one, boss characters cannot take damage from bombs while using Spell Cards, they can however take damage while shooting generic danmaku. As for the other rule: Spell Cards can no longer be timed-out, forcing the player to dispell cards with regular shots. Faires should also be summoned wisely, as once thier down they cannot be revived.

Overall, these changes make this a more combat oriented mode.


Allows the player to practice entire stages they've at least gotten to. Infinate lives are provided and the player will not restart a chapter upon death. Any Spell Cards that are captured will count towards the player's spell card total.

Last Word


Music Room



For more info see: Touhou ~ Eternal Fairy Tale/Characters


Choose Class

Team Names Title Species Ability/ies
Rising Sun Team Reimu Hakurei Shrine Hero of Paradise Human Capable of flying in the sky
Sunny Milk Shining Sunlight Fairy Capable of refracting light
Shining Star Team Marisa Kirisame Ordinary Mage Human Capable of using magic
Star Sapphire Pouring Starlight Fairy Capable of detecting moving thing
Glowing Moon Team Sakuya Izayoi Knight of the Scarlet Devil Human Capable of manipulating time
Luna Child Silent Moonlight Fairy Capable of muting sound
Lunatic Space Team Reisen Inaba Lunatic Moon Ranger Moon Rabbit Capable of manipulating insanity
Clownpiece Fairy of Hell Fairy Capable of driving to madness
Flowering Earth Team Yuuka Kazami Flower Cleric of Four Seasons Youkai Capable of manipulating flowers
Medicine Melancholy Little Sweet Poison Doll Capable of manipulating poison


Name Title Role Species Ability
Lily White Herald of Spring Stage 1 Midboss Fairy Capable of announcing spring
Pastel Rose Painter of the Roses Stage 1 Boss Fairy Capable of changing the colors of others and herself
Miasma Truffle Sleeping Beauty Stage 2 Midboss and Boss Fairy Capable of putting others to sleep
Cirno Fairy of the Ice Stage 3 Midboss Fairy Capable of manipulating the cold
Akuma Ryuki Snow Fallen from Paradise Stage 3 Midboss and Boss Dragon Capable of freezing anything




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