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Touhou Kamisunaarashi ~ Unpredictable Arcane Storm (東方神聖砂嵐 Unpredictable Arcane Storm, lit. "Eastern Divine Sand Storm") is the sixteenth installment of the Touhou Project. The game's release date is still unknown, although it is expected to be released sometime in 2016.


The five main playable characters are Reimu HakureiMarisa KirisameSakuya IzayoiYoumu Konpaku and Sanae Kochiya each of which have two different shot types. A new gimmick added to the game is the Void Gauge. To fill said gauge, the player must keep attacking enemies and obtaining items to keep filling it. After it's complete, the player activates the "Bullet Void" being capable of absorbing all of the danmaku / bullets on screen, and re-using them as your own to attack. Similar to Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character, when you auto-collect items, either by entering the point of collection or by using a bomb, you will get a bonus item if you gather enough point or power items all at once. The bonus item differs between a bomb piece (at least 20 point or powers items) or a life piece (at least 60 point or power items). Every 5th bomb piece is replaced with a life piece.

Lives and bombs are gained piece by piece. The player requires 3 life pieces to gain an extra life. 8 bomb pieces grants the player an additional bomb, and this amount never changes. Bosses may also drop bomb or life pieces. The game also features Spell Practice mode, and each stage does not have to be finished in order to unlock it for Practice Mode, with attempting it's enough.


After various games being based on ShintoBuddhism and finally Taoism, the theme of this returns to the Shinto mythology. Part of the game's characters are mostly based and even depicted as apparent descendants of gods in Shinto, including Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto. The game's story of a powerful storm incident mostly has something to do with the descendant of Susanoo, who happens to have the ability to manipulate various kinds of stoms at their own will, as well as sand.

The japanese name translates to Eastern Divine Sand Storm, which depicts the events as of godly nature.


For dialogues, check: Touhou 16: Unpredictable Arcane Storm/Story

The story of Unpredictable Arcane Storm is about a powerful storm attacking Gensokyo during springtime, and our heroines are sent to investigate the source of this wild breeze. 

The heroine goes towards the Forest of Ancients, attempting to follow the wind's direction. After meeting a mysterious dog youkai, the heroine launches off to the skies for more response from the storm, finding two challenging fairies on the way. After Stage 3, where the heroine encounters the thunder youkai, Raijin no Hikari, the story begins to unravel. In a vast desert ahead of Endless Lake, an inmense shrine awaits, named the Kumano Shrine. Finding various henchmen of the culprit, it is eventually revealed that some sort of indiviual has recently gained full power, sending a global blast of storms that led the sands along with them and caused such incident. Upon entering the shrine and defeating the culprit's right hand servant Saki Suishoko, the heroine finally encounters the source of the storm, being none other than the youkai of sands, Mikoto no Isako, facing her in order to clear the incident.

In the Extra stage, the heroines meet Isako's sister, Mikoto no Megumi. Surprised that they were able to defeat her sister who just had a new inmense power acquired, she challenges the heroines in order to show them "true power".

In the Phantasm stage, the story is quite split in a way from the main story, with Isako unsealing her younger sister, Mikoto no Tsukiyomi, causing the daytime to turn into night in the process. Mad about this, the heroines face off Isako once again and later Tsukiyomi.


Playable Characters

In this game, there are five playable characters to choose from, each with two shot types.

Image Name


Description Species & Ability/es
Reimu Hakurei Reimu Hakurei Shrine Maiden of Paradise The shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine heads off to solve the mystery behind the sudden storm attack all over Gensokyo. She either really hates storms or was just forced by Yukari Yakumo. Human
Mainly capable of flying in the sky
Th12Marisa Marisa Kirisame Ordinary Magician An human magician who likes "borrowing" stuff and mushrooms. Because she is curious and since sand grits blowing on her face isn't in her list of things she likes, she decides to find out who the culprit is. Human
Capable of using Magic
Th14Sakuya Sakuya Izayoi Head Maid of the Full  Moon The elegant servant of Scarlet Devil's Mansion. Because her master Remilia Scarlet isn't pleased with the storm, she is ordered to solve the incident. She likes knives. Human
Capable of manipulating time
Th15Sanae Sanae Kochiya Mountain-Dwelling Living God of Miracles Following orders from the gods of her shrine, this miracle worker heads off to put an end to this extreme breeze. She tries her best to not be considered a newbie. Human
Capable of causing miracles to occur
Th13Youmu Youmu Konpaku Half-Phantom Seeking Death Feeling the divine nature of this arcane storm from the Netherworld, Yuyuko Saigyouji sends Youmu to investigate the origins of it. Half-human half-phantom
Capable of handling sword techniques

Enemy Characters

Image Name Title Role Description Species & Ability/es
Inugami TH15 Inugami Ukiyono The Wandering Pet of the Gods Stage 1 Midboss & Boss, Final Stage Supporting Boss A cheery dog youkai that wanders around the forest. She seems a bit hesitant after she finds out the heroine is going after the incident's culprit. Inugami
Capable of seeking out objects
Joi Irodori The Little Butterfly Commander Stage 2 Midboss A mysterious butterfly youkai / fairy that flies through the gardens in the sky.  Fairy
Capable of commanding butterflies
Sora TH15 Sora Lovely The Love-spreading Angel Stage 2 Boss, Extra Stage Midboss An extremely happy fairy that loves and loves to be loved. Likes to spread love around, but seems to suffer sudden personality changes. Fairy
Capable of manipulating love and hatred
Amaya Shirogane The Immortal Tear the Rain Dropped Stage 3 Midboss A mysterious vampire, different from other vampires. Usually seen with an umbrella and an eerie glare. Vampire
Capable of surviving against the sun and the rain; can control rainwater
Raijin no Hikari The Last Thunder Stage 3 Boss

Said to be a descendant of the thunder god, Raijin. Lives in and controls the Endless Lake.

Capable of controlling thunder
Yami Shadow Pet Stage 4 Midboss Aka's pet. He is a mysterious bat-like creature. Unknown
Capable of creating shadows
Aka Mikazuki The Wicked See-it-all Shadow Stage 4 Boss, Final Stage Supporting Boss Wandering through the inmense deserts, she guards the Kumano Shrine along with her pet Yami, pulling intruders into the endless shadows. Magician (Witch)
Capable of manipulating shadows
Saki Suishoko Child of the Nightfall Crystals Stage 5 Midboss & Boss, Final Stage Supporting Boss A fierce servant and maid of the youkai of the storms and sands. Saki is a half-human, half-youkai who creates her own weapons from scratch using crystals. Hanyou
Capable of manipulating crystals
Mikoto no Isako The Tsurugi Caster of Storms Final Stage Boss, Phantasm Stage Midboss Said to be a descendant of Susanoo-no-Mikoto, the god of the seas and storms. Isako develops her full power, releasing a powerful storm all over Gensokyo in order to fulfill her legendary weapon, the Totsuka-no-Tsurugi. God
Capable of summoning storms, capable of manipulating sand
Mikoto no Megumi Everlasting Sun of Esoterica Extra Stage Boss Megumi is the older sister of Isako. Megumi is an uncanny being, a mysterious foe that always carries two fans with her that spread the light of the sun. She is extremely unpredictable, and she often likes to toy with the weaker. God
Capable of manipulating light
Mikoto no Tsukiyomi The Moon over the Evening Stars Phantasm Stage Boss Tsukiyomi is the younger sister of both Isako and Megumi. Tsukiyomi was sealed by humans long ago, as she was feared by her power. After the events of the main story, Isako and her subordinates, as well as Megumi to an extent, finally unseal Tsukiyomi. God
Capable of bringing one's spirit to their demise.


Title Plays in: Music
Divine Wisdom Title Screen
Beautiful Paradise of the Lost Stage 1
TH15 Stage1
Little Apricot ~ Hide n' Seek Inugami Ukiyono's theme
TH15 Boss1 New
Garden of Tengoku Stage 2
TH15 Stage2
Love in the Spring ~ Red Marriage Sora Lovely's theme
TH15 Boss2 New
Rain of Despair ~ Decretum Stage 3
TH15 Stage3
The Call of Narukami  Raijin no Hikari's theme
TH15 Boss3