Stage 1

The Blossoming Road as Wished by Amaterasu
Garden of Fairies
BGM: Past Memories of a Sunset Dream

Reimu: I can clearly see the sun, but it's still cold, something's definitely off...

Yukari: (Reimu, can you hear me?)

Reimu: w-what!? Yukari? Oh it's you through the yin-yang orbs aren't you? Ugh why...

Yukari: (hmm? You want me to leave already? What if you slack off?)

Reimu: to be honest I don't care at all.

Yukari: (wasn't going to leave anyway~)

???: who's theeere?

Dancing Fairy Under Tengoku's Sun
Melody Yuhiyume

Melody: a human! What a wonderful surprise!

Reimu: I'm glad it was a pleasure to see me. Now get out of the way.

Yukari: (is that what you say every time you see a fairy in the way?)

Reimu: that's what I say every time there's anyone in the way.

Melody: huh? Who are you talking to?

Reimu: I'm just here thinking out loud how to get rid of you.

Melody: rude! All I wanted to do is see how humans dance! So now, show me your moves!

BGM: Dancer in Danmaku Melodies

Reimu: do I dance well?

Yukari: (no comments. Now keep going.)

Reimu: ugh, okay. But only because I want to, not because you're telling me to...

Stage 2

The Warm River Turning into an Illusionary Golden Beauty
Gold River
BGM: Golden River Route

Reimu: it's sunset already. It's going to get even colder soon!

Yukari: (well then better hurry up. I saw a few zombie fairies so we should be close.)

???: oh! Someone else's here?

The Girl of Unidentifiable Temperatures
Mahiru Kagayahi

Mahiru: didn't expect to see someone else here around this time.

Reimu: well, here I am.

Yukari: (an enemy. Defeat her, Reimu.)

Reimu: do I have to? Hmm, ordered or not I guess that's what i'd do anyway.

Mahiru: uh, hey, self-talking human. I can sense a rare temperature around you, you're going to attack me, aren't you?

Reimu: you bet!

Yukari: (Reimu, do you see that hot aura around her? It looks like she can manipulate the temperature... maybe she...)

Reimu: oh, you're right, Yukari! So you're the culprit, aren't you!?

Mahiru: w-what? Culprit? Of what?

Reimu: Gensokyo's all cold, and it's probably you messing with the temperature. I'll have to exterminate you!

BGM: Evening Youkai Temperature

Mahiru: huh, alright then. I guess I have no other choice but to attack back. It seems... now this place is on a youkai temperature!


Reimu: now return Gensokyo's temperature back to normal!

Mahiru: what are you even talking about? I am unable to change the whole land's temperature. I have a range limit, okay?

Yukari: (pity, she's not the culprit of the cold. Maybe the culprit of the other incident is also the culprit of the cold breeze...)

Reimu: other incident? Yukari, you sent me to solve something else?

Yukari: (if you solve it you will also get rid of the cold temperature; i'm now certain about that. Just follow the cold breeze)

Reimu: i'll also do that only because I want to...

Stage 3

The Cemetery Hidden Behind the Abundant Treeline
The Secret Garden
BGM: Spiritual Paradise ~ Secret Garden

???: eeek! I didn't expect someone else to be here!


Reimu: hey! Wait!


???: are you following me? I'm busy here! Please leave!

Reimu: do you think i'm just gonna say 'oh okay, bye!' and be on my way?

???: the undead apparitions are fresh material for my works, I don't need any interruptions!


Reimu: i'm still not leaving.

Yukari: (Reimu, she said something about the undead ones. Follow her.)


???: uhh, you again? Are you also doing research? You look like an human, so maybe I misunderstood you...

Reimu: I am. You're also a human, aren't you?

Human Traveling Through the Wonders of Death
Marie Shelley

Marie: correct. My name is Marie. I heard about some ghosts and undead beings coming from around here so I decided to investigate a bit.

Yukari: (she knows about the incident, maybe we should listen to what she has to say.)

Reimu: i'm not even sure what the heck you're after Yukari, all I want is to have this cold disappear.

Marie: oh, the cold temperature. Yes, that probably has something to do with all the spirits and undead escaping from around here.

Yukari: (just what I thought. Why are they escaping, though? And why are they so aggressive?)

Marie: i'm not sure, strange voice, but i'm thinking something or someone might be manipulating them. All I have to say is that they're definitely not playing around.

Yukari: (someone must have freed them to attack Gensokyo, but I wonder why...)

Marie: that's one of the reasons i'm doing this research. This is great material for my journals.

Reimu: ooookay, honestly I couldn't care less. We're wasting time. We're going to solve this right now and put an end to it.

Marie: wait, don't! I need more time, they're just starting to appear!

Reimu: nope, no more time. You should just go home, this is no place for ordinary humans.

Yukari: (you're also an ordinary human, silly.)

BGM: Human Tier Ghost Prophecy

Marie: huh, do you think i'm powerless? I might be an ordinary human but i've also got powerful magic with me.

Reimu: i'm sensing a challenge here. I'll accept it, it's kinda unusual to find interesting human opponents like you!

Marie: now then, the paranormal abilities, the magic of the spirits hiding in this spells book... It will fall upon you! And you will witness the true power of ancient magic!


Marie: incredible! You're very strong... That means I have to practice even more with this book, this magic stuff is still kind of new to me.

Yukari: (alright, so the undead corpses that are attacking are coming from this cemetery, but where do the spirits come from?)

Marie: i'm not sure. However, I can sense a strange spiritual force coming from the Temple of Purgatory. Just keep going forward in this cemetery.

Reimu: sigh. Maybe I should have stayed curling up at home...

Stage 4

That Eternal Rain Purifying the Flame Spirits
The Passage to Purgatory's Entrance
BGM: Spirits and Humans Dancing Under the Rain

???: an human, the best victim! Fairies and flame friends, let's give the girl a little scare, teeheehee!


Reimu: great, rain is just what I wanted. The cold and the rain are the best combination ever...

Yukari: (nice, now the shrine maiden is being sarcastic.)

Reimu: Yukari, I really hope you and that glasses girl were right about both incidents being connected...

???: teehee, i'm seeing the victim again~

Mischievous Soul That Hides and Haunts
Sachiko Hotaru

Sachiko: i'm Sachiko~ did you have fun with my fellow fairies?

Reimu: I've been having a lot of fun in the past few hours, right, Yukari?

Yukari: (sarcasm is fitting for humans like you, Reimu.)

Reimu: I... I'm not sure if that was an insult or...

Yukari: (oh no, it was a compliment~)

Sachiko: uh, hello? I'm right here! Why are you and your talking orbs around here!? We're preparing our surprise scare...

Reimu: i'm gonna take that as a threat to Gensokyo. Why are you attacking the living ones? Just go to hell or heaven, or whatever!

Sachiko: what are you talking about? I belong here! I'm alive! She was right, all of you sent us to purgatory for no reason at all. My time on the earth is still not concluding!

Yukari: (you're definitely brainwashed, what kind of lies have they told all of you?)

Sachiko: enough lies to convince me about the truth. The truth is that we were unfairly sent to the spiritual world even when we were alive. Now all of you should pay for it!

Yukari: (there is no use talking to her, Reimu. Someone is manipulating her and the rest of the undead beings and spirits. Defeat her so we can find out who is it!)

Reimu: whatever. I was going to beat her up anyway.

BGM: Frightening Ghost Legend ~ Who cares?

Sachiko: hmm, defeat me? Teeheehee, well then! You were destined to receive a great scare after all! Now, beware! You're about to know what true fear is!


Sachiko: agh! That was intense, you're too strong... I give up...

Reimu: great. Now tell me where the mastermind is.

Sachiko: i'm not even sure myself. She might be in purgatory right now, just go ahead. You will be stopped, eventually, the plan is still going!

Yukari: (you heard her Reimu. We must find a way to enter purgatory. I wonder if you can enter as an human?)

Reimu: well i'm kinda wondering what purgatory looks like so... I'll keep going.

Stage 5

Echoing Voice Above the Eternal Stairs of Small Spirits
Stairs of Purgatory
BGM: Soul Harvest Stair

Reimu: this is a really long staircase. I'm getting tired here...

Yukari: (you're flying, how can you get tired? You're quite the lazy miko, aren't you?)

Reimu: says the one who sleeps all day and has everyone else doing the jobs for them.

Yukari: (you're a shrine maiden, you're supposed to do this.)

???: halt!


???: who are you? Are you one of us?

Reimu: yeah, I am.

The Kotodama Mouth of Prohibition
Hanabara Taisei

Hanabara: excellent! If that's so, we are all heading right now to attack Gensokyo, you should be going down the stairs...

Reimu: i'm just going to ask the one behind this a little question.

Hanabara: you're an intruder, aren't you? You almost tricked me. Who sent you to stop our attack?

Yukari: (that would be me, I guess.)

Hanabara: whoever you two are, we can't be stopped. All the spirits and corpses are already out there!

Reimu: this is stupid. Can't you accept that you're all dead? It's so obvious. Do people become this gullible after dying?

Hanabara: Lady Mercury wouldn't lie to us. She came here to help all of us who were sent to this pathetic place for no reason.

Yukari: (the reason is that you're actually dead. You probably were in denial before, but now you're just living a lie!)

Hanabara: I was living a lie, I shouldn't have been here. We're taking revenge on all of you.

Yukari: (I give up. Reimu, defeat her.)

Reimu: stop telling me what to do!

BGM: Clustered Words As Told by the Kotodama

Hanabara: silence! For I now have the words in this confrontation! The gift I've been given, I'll make anything that causes you to suffer become real with my words!

Right now and right here, you shall listen to what I have to say. Anything I'll emphasize will make you regret coming here!


Hanabara: w-what in the... You have an incredible strength!

Reimu: that's it? That was easy, but I'll have to applaud you, you actually surprised me a bit with that weird stuff appearing out of nowhere...

Yukari: (enough babbling around, where's your crazy leader?)

Hanabara: Lady Mercury... Ah, she will be mad if she notices you intruders... I gotta go now!


Reimu: w-wait! Why do you dead morons keep running away!

Yukari: (that's an interesting question. We should have it answered by following her, don't you think?)

Stage 6

Necromancy of Ancient Myth
Holy and Magic Purgatory
BGM: The Magic Purgatory of Raspberry

Reimu: this place... It feels so peaceful, I feel like i'm actually near what people call 'heaven'...

Why would they leave such a place? Even if they thought it was a mistake...

Yukari: (hmm, it is calm here, indeed. But it's now almost empty, except for those few spirits wandering around...

???: so you're the intruders?


???: a human, and a youkai commanding her from a far away location... My fellow underlings were right about your arrival. You must be very strong for being able to come all the way here...

Reimu: maybe, but how do you know all of this? Did these gullible undead inform you about us?

???: yes, but I actually have been watching you since before they did. Here in purgatory, I made a great connection with all of the spirits, a connection so deep that what they could see I could see as well.

What they could hear I could hear as well, and what they could sense, I could sense it too... With the acquisition of the ancient magic of necromancy, I was able to convince them to join me and gather as an army. I am like their mother. I am like their goddess.

Yukari: (necromancy... you're a necromancer witch, right? I can see it now, the ghosts, you controlled them all. And all of these undead corpses, you brought them back to life...)

Reimu: whoa, that reminds me of a certain hermit...

Wicked Necromancer of Undead Domination
Mercury Hiragi

Mercury: I am Mercury, the witch of death. My wish of becoming a necromancer was finally granted to me not long ago, and with that I could finally start with my elaborated plan of making an undead army.

Yukari: (a wish? Granted? Did someone... grant you your wish?)

Mercury: hmm, so you know about her, don't you? You might be right, but you might also be wrong. There are always possibilities.

Gensokyo has a possibility of becoming a land of only strong beings.

With the help of my undead subordinates, we will turn all the living ones into undead beings as well. After death, one's power highly increases, but purification in order to go to heaven will not let them show their potential.

After all the spirits leave this place, i'll close it for all eternity, and the weak living ones will strengthen!

Reimu: just wait a minute! This is really messed up! You're demented! You will not kill the living ones! I won't let you!

Mercury: Gensokyo is and has been a pathetic place for such a long time. Why have all of these weaklings when we can increase their power!

Yukari: (power is increased with practice and discipline. That's how I make sure my shikigami becomes almost as strong as me.)

(Your method is completely unnecessary, you just want to make Gensokyo an undead land just so you can be its goddess!)

Mercury: no, that's not what I want. Practicing to become stronger is something that takes a lot of time and sometimes doesn't work because people end up slacking off and hiding in their kotatsus.

Yukari: (Reimu, she just described you. Hilarious.)

Reimu: shut up! I am not gonna stand here and watch people die to instantly become 'stronger'.

You might not have evil intentions, but your ideology is amongst the worst. I'll have to exterminate you right now!

BGM: Regression Helix ~ Edge of Judgment

Mercury: we think differently, but in the end there's always support, people that believe in you and help you accomplish what you wish for their benefit.

Right now, I am aware you're gonna try and blast your bullets at me, but I will eventually convince you that this is for the best. You living ones, who are lazy and unable to reach their full potential, when you all turn into undead, you will enjoy finally being powerful!

Now, witness my dark magic, and you will rise as an undead to me. Soon you will believe in me, and together we will become a better Gensokyo!

DURING SPELL CARD 135, 136, 137 OR 138

Sachiko: teehee!

Charlotte: ...

Hanabara: you two, attack now!

Sachiko: i'm doing my best!

Charlotte: ...

Hanabara: you're pathetic!

Sachiko: you both are the ones failing to aim!

Charlotte: ...

Hanabara: foolish shrine maiden, you will fall!

Sachiko: L-Lady Mercury, isn't this enough help?

Charlotte: ...idiots...

Hanabara: i'm getting mad!


Mercury: if you don't go to where death awaits, death will come for YOU!

If the player has continued
Ending No. 07
If the player has not continued
Ending No. 01

Extra Stage

The Boundary No One Knew About
The Unsealed Border
BGM: Unknown, The Rare Boundary was Found!

Yukari: Reimu, where do you think you're going?

Reimu: Right into that gap, and you're not stopping me.

Yukari: you know, I could just close that boundary if I wanted to, but a lot of fairies and youkai are already in there so first I must evacuate.

Reimu: why did you open it then? It's a huge boundary so it's no surprise everyone's so curious about it.

Yukari: some idiot unsealed it, that necromancer. It was a sealing boundary to prevent someone from granting evil wishes. At this rate she'll grant the wishes of anyone going in there

Reimu: I want to solve this, though. It's not like I want her to grant a wish of mine or something, hehe.

Yukari: okay.


Reimu: why the heck did you attack me all of a sudden!?

Yukari: I was testing you, i'll leave this to you then. I'm gonna sleep, if you don't beat her up I won't donate anything to you.

Reimu: sigh.


Reimu: it's dark in here, if I was that wish-granting person i'd leave in an instant. Then again Yukari's gaps are creepy as heck.

???: everyone wants their wishes to be granted. I'm busy around here so I can't leave yet.

Reimu: who is it?

The Blind See-it-all Monster of Equality
Tomoe Shinkyou

Tomoe: my name is Tomoe. I'm a satori that is able to grant wishes.

Reimu: a satori granting wishes? That's so unusual, I admit i'm surprised.

Tomoe: I come from a family of satoris and dijins. Dijins can grant wishes, so i've been taught. I can read through your mind and search for your deepest and most desired things and grant them.

Reimu: so you're like that satori from the underground but you can grant my wishes? You're cool.

Tomoe: this is the longest conversation i've had in a while. People often just come for their wish to be granted and then leave at once...

Reimu: I usually don't like to talk with youkai but eh, you guys seem like you're extremely talkative.

Tomoe: hmm? Oh! You're here to do the job for that stupid youkai that sealed me, aren't you?

Reimu: oh great, you're reading my mind... First of all I gotta ask you, why did you grant the necromancer's wish? She wanted to turn Gensokyo into a dead land...

Tomoe: well, I see no problem really. Then again I can't distinct evil from good. If your wish is for good or for bad I will grant it either way.

Reimu: that sucks. It's strange that the necromancer didn't just wish to turn everyone into undead and spirits right away. (phew)

Tomoe: she did, actually, but i'm not capable of granting something of that magnitude. I can't distinct evilness from goodness but I know when a wish is too extreme or big.

Reimu: I see, so she had no other choice. If you can't realize what's wrong, then i'll have to defeat you...

Tomoe: ah, that's what Yukari wanted isn't it. Hmm? Oh, you were just curious just like the rest but Yukari told you about me?

Reimu: stop reading my mind! It's weird!

Tomoe: you wish to defeat me, and you also wish for more donations? It's just one wish, decide!

Reimu: okay. The donations please.

Tomoe: granted.

Reimu: I hope that's true. Now i'll defeat you, I don't need the help of your granting powers to do that!

BGM: Danmaku Festival Granted as Wished ~ Revolutionary War

Tomoe: I see you wish to fight me in a beautiful danmaku battle. Usually I only grant one wish per person, but i'll let this one pass and i'll grant this wish as well. Let the magic of ours decide your fate!


Reimu: well, looks like your fate was decided!

Tomoe: you're very strong for a human, I can see why Yukari entrusted you this...

Reimu: well i'm mostly doing this so she doesn't mess with my donations again.

Tomoe: well, time to wait for another who knows how many hundreds of years... I blame all those desperate people not letting me escape.

Reimu: you could have ignored them.

Tomoe: it's my job to grant everyone's wishes. And I mean everyone's, even that stupid Yukari.

Reimu: for now we will seal you again. Maybe when you learn to differentiate good and bad and only grant good wishes, she will free you.

Tomoe: that's going to be very difficult...

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