Stage 1

The Blossoming Road as Wished by Amaterasu
Garden of Fairies
BGM: Past Memories of a Sunset Dream

Marisa: seriously, where does this cold come from all of a sudden? Might it be work of a fairy or youkai?

Alice: (hi Marisa!)

Marisa: what the...? Alice? Is that you?

Alice: (yeah, i'm talking to you through the dolls I gave you.)

Marisa: well, at least I have companion... Well kinda...

Alice: (my dolls are alive in a way so you're well accompanied!)

???: who's theeere?

Dancing Fairy Under Tengoku's Sun
Melody Yuhiyume

Melody: a human! It's rare to see one around here!

Marisa: well what can I say? I'm a rare kind, ze!

Alice: (not really.)

Marisa: ...

Melody: and do you dance well? I heard humans are good at dancing.

Marisa: some are, some aren't. For example, shrine maidens are terrible at it and magicians are great at it, ze!

Melody: hmm, alright! I see you're not dancing and you're a magician! I'm gonna have to solve that right now!

BGM: Dancer in Danmaku Melodies

Marisa: how were my moves, Alice?

Alice: (I might have laughed a little bit...)

Marisa: laugh? Ya weren't supposed to laugh... Geez, i'll just be on my way again...

Stage 2

The Warm River Turning into an Illusionary Golden Beauty
Gold River
BGM: Golden River Route

Marisa: oh, it's sunset... Too bad it feels like a crappy winter...

Alice: (huh? Where were those zombie fairies coming from?)

???: oh! Someone else's here?

The Girl of Unidentifiable Temperatures
Mahiru Kagayahi

Mahiru: didn't expect someone to be around here during this time.

Marisa: sorry to ruin your expectations, then?

Alice: (she's in our way though. Do you just beat them up or avoid them?)

Marisa: I guess beating them up is more fitting for me.

Alice: (true.)

Mahiru: are you talking to yourself or what? I'm right here, and i'm sensing an attack from you.

Marisa: i'm probably gonna attack ya, who knows.

Alice: (wait a second. That strange aura... Is she manipulating temperature?)

Marisa: what? Oh, didn't notice that... Good eye, girl!

Alice: (thanks?)

Mahiru: you're self-talking again? Humans are weird these days...

Marisa: well, since you've got good senses, ya might know i'm gonna kick yer ass up for changing the temperature.

BGM: Evening Youkai Temperature

Mahiru: but... Uh, okay. I was just testing my abilities, but nothing prohibits testing them on humans like you!


Marisa: now get rid of Gensokyo's cold temperature!

Mahiru: what? I'm not even capable of changing the whole world's temperature, I have a range limit!

Alice: (whoops, it was our bad then... Marisa, what do you do when you beat innocent people up?)

Marisa: y'know, run away, maybe!?

Stage 3

The Cemetery Hidden Behind the Abundant Treeline
The Secret Garden
BGM: Spiritual Paradise ~ Secret Garden

???: eeek! I didn't expect someone else to be here!


Marisa: whoa, where do ya think you're going!?


???: are you following me? I'm busy here! Please leave!

Marisa: nope.

???: the undead apparitions are fresh material for my works, I don't need any interruptions!


Alice: (undead apparitions? Works? Marisa, she sounds suspicious...)

Marisa: well, suspicious or not, i'm following her right away! (Hope she doesn't see me as a stalker or something.)


???: just what do you want? Are you investigating as well or something? You look human-like.

Marisa: i'm a human, a magician one, ze! I'm trying to solve this weird cold!

???: this cold, you say?

Human Traveling Through the Wonders of Death
Marie Shelley

Marie: i'm Marie. I'm a human journalist and writer that came here to investigate. The cold you mentioned, it might have something to do with what i'm researching... undead beings and ghosts.

Alice: (undead? Ghosts? Are they the cause of the cold?)

Marie: yes. Spirits and undeads release chilly auras around them. After appearing all over Gensokyo, they spread their ghostly auras around.

Alice: (oh, so the incident is bigger than we thought... That's why we've been seeing so many zombie fairies and spirits around, Marisa!)

Marisa: oh, never expected that, weird stuff, girl!)

Alice: (...stop calling me like that...)

Marie: the reason why they're around and so aggressive is probably because they're being manipulated or something.

Marisa: alright then. Time to kick some ghost ass, or tail, ze!

Marie: wait, not right now! I haven't completed my research about them yet!

Marisa: sorry four-eyes. I'm tired of this cold. If you don't get out of the way i'm gonna have to force ya!

Alice: (you're going to beat another human? Are you sure about that?)

Marisa: I've done it before, though. Remember when I beat Reimu? Ah, good times!

Alice: (I-I don't really remember anything like that...)

BGM: Human Tier Ghost Prophecy

Marie: alright. I've got powerful magic with me, so you might consider me an human magician as well!

Marisa: another magic-using human as an opponent? I'm in! Let's battle!

Marie: now then, the paranormal abilities, the magic of the spirits hiding in this spells book... It will fall upon you! And you will witness the true power of ancient magic!


Marie: agh! Okay okay! You win! You're pretty strong! But I have to admit this magic stuff is still kind of new to me.

Marisa: loser words! Haha!

Alice: (well, if the ghosts and corpses are causing this... Where are we supposed to go now?

Marie: not entirely sure, but i've been sensing some great spiritual force coming from the Temple of Purgatory ahead... You might find your answers there...

Marisa: I should get a trophy for Gensokyo's best magician!

Stage 4

That Eternal Rain Purifying the Flame Spirits
The Passage to Purgatory's Entrance
BGM: Spirits and Humans Dancing Under the Rain

???: an human, the best victim! Fairies and flame friends, let's give the girl a little scare, teeheehee!


Marisa: it's like it's always raining here. Ugh, i'm freezing!

Alice: (while you're freezing i'm here drinking some hot tea~)

Marisa: you're not helping. At all.

???: teehee, i'm seeing the victim again~

Mischievous Soul That Hides and Haunts
Sachiko Hotaru

Sachiko: i'm Sachiko~ I see you have some quick reflexes, is it because you're a witch?

Marisa: I prefer being called a magician but whatever.

Alice: (whoa her hair is on fire!)

Marisa: that's not how ya say it, Alice. If you're gonna flirt, ya say something like 'girl, you're on fire!'

Alice: (I wasn't flirting!! She's literally on fire!)

Marisa: looks like someone's in love~

Sachiko: huh? Hello? I'm right here! Why are you and your dolls around here? We're about to scare Gensokyo!

Marisa: scare Gensokyo? You sound like that depressed umbrella youkai...

Alice: (scaring Gensokyo sounds like a threat to me... What exactly are you planning? Shouldn't a spirit like you go to heaven? ...or hell?)

Sachiko: spirit? I'm not a spirit! I'm an alive being. I was sent to purgatory for no reason, just like all of my fellow fairy and flame friends...

Marisa: have you seen yerself on a mirror? You're pretty dead...

Alice: (I think she's in denial or something. Remember what the girl with glasses said, about them being manipulated.)

Sachiko: teeheehee, manipulated, you say? Are you talking about our leader? She just told us the truth. We're taking revenge on all of you!

Marisa: aha! Leader! So there IS a mastermind behind this! Now i'll defeat you so you can take me to your leader!

BGM: Frightening Ghost Legend ~ Who cares?

Sachiko: hmm, defeat me? Teeheehee, well then! You were destined to receive a big scare after all! Now, beware! You're about to know what true fear is!


Sachiko: agh! You're too strong! I give up!

Marisa: aww, I don't like it when people give up...

Alice: (so where's this 'leader' you mentioned?)

Sachiko: i'm not even sure myself. She might be in purgatory right now. It's just ahead, but it's too late, there's no use going there! Teehehe!

Marisa: it's never too late for Marisa Kirisame, ze!

Alice: (let's hope you can get in there alive...)

Marisa: don't worry, i'll get there and return safe and sound! And ya better have some of that hot tea saved up for me!

Stage 5

Stage 6

Extra Stage

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