Playable Characters

In Rebellion in Purgatory, there are four playable characters to choose from.

Reimu Hakurei


Shrine Maiden of Paradise

Reimu Hakurei
Playable character

Species: Human
Abilities: Capable of flying in the sky

Shoot Type A ~ Divinely Spiritual Fire Shot:

  • High-speed shot - Homing Amulet: An attack that automatically aims at enemies.
  • Low-speed shot - Greedy Ohnusa: A purification rod that locks in place when it hits enemies, and continually damages them.
  • Spell Card Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal": Exterminate youkai with extra-large homing bullets.

Shot Type B ~ Wicked Spiritual Fire Shot:

  • High-speed shot - Homing Amulet: A shot that automatically tracks enemies.
  • Low-speed shot - Persuasion Needle: A fast attack that rapidly shoots needles.
  • Spell Card Bewitched Weapon "Merciless Purification Rod": A merciless prayer that deals tremendous damage over a short range.

The familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.

A few weeks after the previous incident, Reimu has been curling up a lot due to the unusual cold in Gensokyo. She has been wondering why the heck is it cold if it's supposed to be summer. Even during spring it isn't this cold. Yukari Yakumo, the yokai of boundaries, informs the miko of an incident involving agressive spirits, undead corpses and many zombie fairies wandering around. Reimu is slightly unwilling to solve this until Yukari tells her that this is the cause of the cold climate. Reimu is now slightly less unwilling to solve the incident.

Marisa Kirisame

Ordinary Magician

Marisa Kirisame
Playable character

Species: Human
Abilities: Capable of using magic

Shoot Type A ~ Majestic Spirit Rapid Shot:

  • High-speed shot - Illusion Laser: Lasers that unceasingly shoot forward.
  • Low-speed shot - Eight Trigram Fire: A ranged flamethrower that is most powerful at short distances.
  • Spell Card Love Sign "Master Spark": A devastating large laser attack filled with a maiden's romantic power.

Shot Type B ~ Twisted Spirit Rapid Shot:

  • High-speed shot - Illusion Laser: A piercing laser attack that continues through enemies.
  • Low-speed shot - Doll Barrage: Entrusted with Alice's magic, the dolls can stay independently shooting, stationary in a selected point as the player moves.
  • Spell Card Magic Absorber: A magic circle that changes enemy bullets into power items. Has little power, range, and invulnerability time.

The magician of brute power who resides within the Forest of Magic, and likes to collect things.

Yukari acknowledges Marisa's true power, and thus she sends her to solve the incident despite being an ordinary human. The Spell Card rules are something that might highly put her as a strong individual capable of handling such incidents, and if something were to turn out wrong and she dies it wouldn't be a huge problem, because she's a human, right?. Marisa doesn't really mind the cold around Gensokyo but even she has to acknowledge that it is very strange, and the ghastly feel just helps her curiosity on what is causing this.

Sanae Kochiya

Mountain-Dwelling Living God of Miracles

Sanae Kochiya
Playable character

Species: Human (Arahitogami)
Abilities: Capable of causing miracles to occur

Shoot Type A ~ Miraculous Piercing Type:

  • High-speed shot - Cobalt Spread: A unique attack that powers up after getting hit.
  • Low-speed shot - Sky Serpent: A unique attack that powers up after getting hit.
  • Spell Card Frog Sign "Wily Toad": A devastating attack that spreads widely along with the power of the frog god.

Shot Type B ~ Godly Storm Type:

  • High-speed shot - Mighty Wind: A wide attack that spreads in front.
  • Low-speed shot - Wind Blast: A wide area attack with average firepower.
  • Spell Card Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy": Attacks around the player with the Moriyas' much-appreciated secret arts.

The shrine maiden that lives in the Moriya Shrine on the Youkai Mountain.

She makes it seem like she doesn't really have that much of dignity as a god. She's considered a newbie shrine maiden, after all. She views Kanako and Suwako with such respect she has to do whatever they say. Is Kanako even bugged by the strange and cold summer? Who knows, but Sanae will do whatever is needed to do in order to solve this incident, even if it's just for the sake of being considered a successful shrine maiden.

Youmu Konpaku

Half-Human Half-Phantom Gardener

Youmu Konpaku
Playable character

Species: Half-human half-phantom
Abilities: Capable of handling sword techniques

Shoot Type A ~ Half-human's Concentrated Slashing Type:

  • High-speed shot - Sword Slash: A straightforward sword shot that eliminates enemies with ease.
  • Low-speed shot - Lotus Stance Cut: ???
  • Spell Card Voidness Sword "Slash Clearing the Six Senses": ???

Shot Type B ~ Half-phantom's High-power Ghostly Type:

  • High-speed shot - Bizarreness of Six Realms: ???
  • Low-speed shot - Reflection Sword: A powerful focused sword barrage that can even attack behind you.
  • Spell Card Human Sign "Slash of Present": ???

The half-human half-phantom gardener from the Netherworld above the sky barrier.

Youmu has noticed various strange souls acting aggressively around Gensokyo, and on top of that, various undead corpses and zombie fairies as well. Believing it to be something bad, she asks Yuyuko, her mistress, for advice. Yuyuko knows exactly what is happening, and immediately sends Youmu to investigate thw Temple of Purgatory. To have a ghost master and be a half-ghost as well is really helpful when it comes to incidents like this, isn't it? Knowledge of humans for humans, knowledge of youkai for youkai, and knowledge of the dead ones for the dead ones.


Spirit Who Leaves Fate to the Dream of Eternity

Playable character

Species: Vengeful spirit
Abilities: Capable of haunting

Shoot Type A ~ Increasingly Haunted Soul Shot:

  • High-speed shot - ???
  • Low-speed shot - ???
  • Spell Card ???

Shot Type B ~ Soul Blaze Scope Type:

  • High-speed shot - ???
  • Low-speed shot -  ???
  • Spell Card ???

The memorable vengeful spirit that wanders and haunts the areas around the Hakurei Shrine... or even the Hakurei Shrine itself.

Mima seemed to have faded a very long while ago but the truth is that she has been always there. She just decided against haunting humans or yokai and just wander around aimlessly. She's a vengeful spirit after all, so even if she didn't want to haunt people she still had that mischievous and evil side of hers. So many spirits and ghosts have been attacking Gensokyo, and Mima's reappearance would have caused others, especially the Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, to blame her. Mima's reasons of resolving the incident are as mysterious as she is, so there's the possibility that she's doing it just because she wants to.

Supporting Characters

Yukari Yakumo


Alice Margatroid


Kanako Yasaka


Yuyuko Saigyougi


Enemy Characters

Melody Yuhiyume

Fairy Dancing Under Tengoku's Sun


Melody Yuhiyume is the Stage 1 midboss and boss.


Species: Fairy
Abilities: Capable of causing others to dance

Her last name "Yuhiyume" means "dream of sunset", while her given name "Melody" is a reference to her ability and involvement with music.


Melody is a fairy that is rarely seen, usually only wandering where the flowers and forests are, and mostly only during summertime. Melody often dances as she moves, passing by others and causing them to dance along.

As a fairy, Melody is very cheerful and very childish. If she dances but fails to cause one to dance along with her, she will probably get upset and start a tantrum...a danmaku one...

During the events of the game, the heroine just happens to stumble upon her in their way to find the incident's culprit. Because Melody doesn't get the heroine to dance along, she starts the little scandal.

Mahiru Kagayahi

The Girl of Unidentifiable Temperatures


Mahiru Kagayahi is the Stage 2 midboss and boss.


Species: Youkai
Abilities: Capable of manipulating temperature

Her given name "Mahiru" literally means "midday". Her ability allows her to manipulate the temperature around her or in a limited range of the area around her.


Mahiru is an one-kind of a yokai. She is a being capable of changing the temperature as she desires. However, her ability has a range limit.

Mahiru is very calm for a youkai, but an adventurer despite that. She likes to explore even the most occult or recondite areas of Gensokyo seeking for knowledge and as places of practice for her ability. If she is in an icy place, then there's a high possibility that she would change the temperature to make it hot and melt the ice just to test it out and try to expand her range of capability. The same would probably happen if she was in a hot place, or if there was a neutral or unidentifiable temperature, then she would change it to make it either hot or cold.

During the events of the game, the heroines meet her above of the Golden River, a long and beautiful river that looks like a gold color when the it's sunset. Mahiru is simply wandering around there changing the temperature around her to a hot one so she doesn't suffer from the strange cold climate. The heroines believing her to be the culprit due to her ability, attack her and beat her up only to find out that she's not capable of changing Gensokyo's whole temperature. Poor yokai, they are destined to get exterminated, though, aren't they?

Marie Shelley

Human Traveling Through the Wonders of Death


Marie Shelley is the Stage 3 midboss and boss.


Species: Human
Abilities: Capable of sensing the paranormal

Her whole name "Marie Shelley" is a direct reference to the novelist and travel writer Mary Shelley, best known for her horror/gothic novel Frankenstein. Marie's ability allows her to sense incoming appatitions and determine what is normal and what isn't.


Marie is actually an human that came to Gensokyo from the Outside World, via her dreams and nightmares of it. Marie, as a journalist and aspiring writer, was fascinated by Gensokyo and all of its creatures.

Marie was determined to stay as long as possible and find juicy material for her stories. Despite the dangers, she would usually confront a yokai in order to gain knowledge of it, and if one attacked her, she would be able to describe her fears. She, however, often goes to where the spirits and ghosts are in order to achieve true fear. Found during her travels in the Outside World, Marie has a magic spell book with her that she never managed to use until she came to Gensokyo. She often uses it as a defense from attacks or for counter attack, and has slowly joined the Spell Card-ruled battles of this land with her learned magic.

During the events of the game, the sudden appearance of undead beings woke up Marie's inspiration once again and so she also went to investigate. That's when the heroine meets her in their way in the Secret Garden, a cemetery. However, due to her lack of knowledge of her spells book, it wasn't too difficult for the heroine to defeat her.

Sachiko Hotaru


Mischievous Soul That Hides and Haunts

Sachiko Hotaru is the Stage 4 midboss and boss.


Species: Ghost
Abilities: Capable of haunting others' souls.

Her last name "Hotaru" means "firefly" while her given name "Sachiko" means either "child of bliss" or "happiness" depending on how the kanji is written.

Her ability allows her to haunt the living ones' souls until their death. However, she doesn't seem to take her dangerous ability seriously.


Sachiko was a very happy and cheerful girl when alive, and that's probably the reason she was named Sachiko. The cause of her death is unknown, and she never noticed that she died, making her think that her change of appearance and her increase in magical abilities were because she became a yokai.

Sachiko, being a ghost, was feared by almost everyone. She thought this was because yokai were always feared, but she felt there was something uncanny about her. Starting to realize she wasn't a yokai, she wondered what she was and why, and being a ghost wasn't something she would consider as she doesn't even remember dying. Despite her confusion, Sachiko is very mischevious and often scares and haunts humans and even yokai. She likes to play pranks by causing others to feel uncomfortable and that something is near them or that something isn't right. Frightened humans and yokai satisfy her. However, while she is actually capable of haunting others to death, she either doesn't know how or simply doesn't want to use her ability to its full potential, deciding that she only wants to give a "little scare".

Sachiko was eventually sent to purgatory, where she met other spirits. This made her realize she was definitely dead and became a ghost. However, a witch named Mercury appeared in purgatory and brainwashed her and other spirits, made them believe they weren't dead and that their stay in purgatory was nothing more than a mistake and a lie from the living ones. With Mercury's manipulation, she and other undeads then attacked Gensokyo for revenge, causing the events of the game.


Spirit of Unknown Presence

Charlotte is the Stage 5 midboss.


Species: Ghost
Abilities: Capable of turning anything and herself invisible

Her given name "Charlotte" is not of japanese origin, but english origin. It means "free". Charlotte can turn anything, including herself, invisible and transparent, being capable of tricking others and passing through walls and other things.


Not much is known about Charlotte's past. She died when she last played "hide and seek" and got lost in a dark forest. Charlotte then wandered around the forest she died in, eternally playing hide and seek with those who also got lost.

One day, however, she finally found the exit, and in that moment she could feel peace. She eventually reached purgatory in order to go to heaven, that is until the witch Mercury appeared and made them rebel against the living ones.

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