Touhorse 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Pony is a My Little Pony styled parody of Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The game is a replica of the original game, just with the characters "ponified".


The story is near identical to Touhou 6, apart from the characters are ponies:

  • Remiu - Earthpony
  • Marisa - Earthpony
  • Rumia - Pegasus (so her "arms" can be stretched)
  • Daiyousei - Pegasus
  • Cirno - Pegasus (she is labelled as "Ice Pegasus")
  • Meiling - Earthpony
  • Koakuma - Earthpony
  • Patchouli - Unicorn
  • Sakuya - Earthpony
  • Remilia - Pegasus (she is labelled as "Vampire Pegasus")
  • Flandre - Pegasus (despite being labelled as "Alicron Filly" due to her power)


Beta Elements

  • Remilia and Flandre were orginally Alicorns: Remilia due to her theme being called "Septette for a dead princess" (Princess Ponies are Alicorns) and Flandre due to her power. Flandre is labelled as Alicorn Filly as a reference to this, but is still a Pegasus. 
  • Flandre was orginally designed as an adult pony, but was changed to a filly due to her young looks.
  • Remiu and Marisa could have been Pegasi due to Remiu's ability to fly and Marisa's broom. It was later realised that Marisa can fly due to her broom, and not naturally, like a Pegasus would do. Remiu was then changed to a Earthpony too, to make it look fair.
  • Rumia was originally an Earthpony, but was changed to a Pegasus so she can stick out her "arms".


copyright goes to:

  • ZUN (creator of Touhou Project and it's characters)
  • Hasbro (creator of My Little Pony and it's characters)
  • Modern-Warmare (creator of the pictures in the gallery(apart from the Flandre artwork))
  • Whoever made the Flandre artwork (sorry, i forgot)
  • LuckyEmile and Flandre Co. (for creating this game)

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