Toucan Sam Adventures is an animated fantasy-comedy television series based off the Froot Loops mascot of the same name . The series is created by Cloverfield monster and is expected to air on Disney Channel in February 2015. The series focuses on Toucan Sam and his three nephews traveling the world and getting into all sorts of crazy adventures. The show is expected to have a Gravity Falls and Ducktales-esque feel in terms of its premise, but not as dark. The series was inspired by the 2000's commercials that feature Sam and his nephews traveling the world searching for treasure. In the commercials, the three nephews were unnamed. Here they have different names and different colored shirts.


The series revolves around Toucan Sam and his three nephews: Stephen, Randy, and Bob, who while the three nephews' parents have gone on a business trip to Mars, they sent them to live with Toucan Sam for the summer. So, the four travel the world and get into all sorts of crazy adventures, most of which involve finding treasure, helping out a distressed civilization and fighting monsters.



Name Image Bio
Toucan Sam
Toucan Sam

The main protagonist of the series. Toucan Sam is, as the title suggests, a Toucan, who has a British accent and has 3 nephews. He is a good-natured soul who craves adventure and Froot Loops cereal, which he considers, "part of a complete breakfast."

Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche


One of Toucan Sam's nephews. He is the leader of the three nephews and the most outgoing. Like his uncle, he loves adventure except Stephen is far more reckless, which tends to get he and his family into trouble. He wears a red shirt and has no feathers on his forehead.

Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Randy 3

Randy is the most intelligent of the three nephews. He is a nerdy being who has a strong love for science. He is pretty much a child prodigy who can make great inventions. He has a green shirt.

Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

Bob the nephew

Bob is the least brave of the three nephews. He has a habit of being nervous in dangerous situations, but deep down, he has a good soul is willing to help out his family if he has to. He wears a purple shirt and likes to eat pizza. 

Voiced by: Frank Welker


Name Image Bio
Dr. Peacock
Dr Peacock

Dr Peacock is, as his name blatantly suggests, a peacock. He is an evil genius who always is coming up with ways to destroy Toucan Sam and the nephews. He is a parody of the stereotypical mad scientist seen in various movies and TV Shows. He is based off the character that appeared in a Rainbow Variety Froot Loops commercial.

Voiced by: Stephen Blum


Name Image Bio
The Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor made his first appearance in a commercial showing a limited Time Froot Loops Sprinkles variety. He guards an ancient temple where Froot Loops are stashed so he can keep them all to himself. He refuses to share his prized Froot Loops with anyone.


Season 1

Episode Number Title Description
001 Commence the Adventuring The three kids, Stephen, Ralph and Bob are sent to live with their uncle, Toucan Sam for the summer while their parents are on a business trip to Mars. Sam discovers they usually like to lay around, play video games and eat microwave pizzas during their spare time. Not wanting his nephews to be stuck in the house all day, he decides to take them travelling around the world to go on adventures on a boat.
002 Pop Island Toucan Sam and the nephews discover a village where the natives like pop music and are forced to eat only corn due to the limited resources. Once they spot the four, they seem to be pampering them to their hearts content, such as letting them listen to music and feeding them to their liking. However, they discover that the real reason they are being cared for like this is because they are trying to fatten up the four to eat them, as toucan is considered a delicacy in this village. They must find a way to escape before they are devoured.
003 The Hunt for More Froot Loops While going into the boat's cabin for breakfast, Sam discovers that they've run out of Froot Loops, much to his absolute horror. He knows they can't go to the supermarket to get more as they are many miles out in open ocean. He says the only other place where they can get more Froot Loops is in an ancient temple, where Froot Loops are locked away in a massive pile. However, getting there is harder than it seems, as a mysterious witch doctor is trying to keep them all to himself.
004 Monster Hunt Toucan Sam and the nephews arrive in a Japanese-like city. The nephews like it there, so Sam decides to stay there for a while and explore the scenery and food. But, then a giant monster arrives and begins destroying the city. The mayor suggests that the four nephews go and hunt for the creature, as no one else is wanting to go because they are all cowards. However, they soon discover the only reason the monster is destroying the city is because the loud sound of cars, crowd noise and glowing lights are preventing it from getting a good night sleep, making him really tired and grumpy. So, Sam and the nephews set out to find a solution to save the city and help out the ailing monster.
005 BlackBeak While on their way to another destination, the nephews are bored being stuck on the boat all day. So, Toucan Sam decides to pass the time by telling his nephews stories of his past adventures, such as when he found the lost treasure that belonged to a toucan pirate called BlackBeak. However, as he's telling them the story, BlackBeak attacks the ship to reclaim his gold.
006 Framed Toucan Sam and company arrive on an small island town, where a dangerous criminal is terrorizing it, stealing money and other valuables and causing damage to property. To make matters worse, the criminal happens to look near identical to Sam. Sam now has to prove to the islanders that he is not the criminal and catch the real culprit.
007 Dr. Peacock This episode is a re-telling of the classic series of commercials with a similar plot from a while back. The story revolves around a mad scientist who wants to regain the beautiful colors on his feathers that were taken away from him. So, he invents a color ray that takes away Sam's colors on his feathers. He then plans to use the color ray to take the colors of everything else in the world. The nephews have to get Sam's color back and save the planet from being made black-and-white.
008 Mad Love While visiting a tropical beach island, Toucan Sam encounters a female toucan named Laura and they both fall in love with each other. The nephews are at first thrilled to be getting an aunt, but then they soon discover that Laura only wants to date Sam to get his precious Froot Loops. Once she does, she plans to kill Sam. The nephews have to stop her from getting the Froot Loops and save Sam before it's too late.
009 Elsam the Snow Bird Toucan Sam and the nephews go to their cabins on the ship to get a good night sleep. When Sam goes to sleep, he has a strange dream that is a parody of the movie Frozen, with Sam playing the role of Elsa the Snow Queen (called Elsam the Snow Bird).
010 Attack of the Froot Monster While staying at a small town for the night, Toucan Sam and the nephews spot an unidentified flying object landing in the jungle. They go to investigate the thing, but out pops the Nasty Alien Froot Monster, which wants to steal the prized Froot Loops and conquer the Earth to turn it into a factory to make more Froot Loops. Sam and his nephews now have to find a way to stop this Froot Monster's diabolical plans.
011 The Masked Toucan Toucan Sam and the nephews land in the harbor of Grit City, which actually turns out to be filled with crime and violence. After Sam gets his wallet stolen, he decides to become a vigilante and put a stop to the criminals - by any means necessary.
012 Lights, Camera, Mayhem Toucan Sam and the nephews get a movie deal where they are the stars of a big-budget action adventure. Little do they know, the director secretly wants to kill them in an on-shooting accident to get their Froot Loops.

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