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It's Really Just Mario Party (or just called Totes Real Mario Party) is a spinripoff of the Mario Party series and is the sequel to not any of the games. It's just that the thin air is going through a blank space with no spaces or game mechanics of the game.


Well, there is no gameplay, RIP.


You graveyard people can request characters since the thin air doesn't really count as a character.

Image Name Bio


Requested by TerrariaBoss

Nothing is just nothing, just like the thin air.
Purpling Purpling
Requested by KinglerMaster
Purplings are Zario's wife, or whatever. They can turn into squids too and kill ppl.


Requested by Jaipom

This is Waluigi and Luigi's baby when they had sex. Wawaweegee was created by Jaipom to kill everyone, including Purpling because he hates them.

SM64 Piano

Requested by SuperSmashBlender17

This piano kills everyone in the board in a millisecond when it starts, RIP.

Lanky Kong

Requested by EpicLlamaSwag42

Lanky Kong has long arms and can kill the SM64 Piano before he kills anyone, so cheap. He actually has a special move where he breaks his arms by spinning them so he will die. DUN DUN DUUUNNN.

that creepy guy down the street

Requested by CoolYoshi

that creepy guy down the street is spooky scary skeletons so watch out for him. everyone fears him so stay away from him. he is secretly sonic exe in disguise.


You graveyard people can request since the blank space doesn't really count as a board.

Image Name Bio
TBA Nothing
Requested by TerrariaBoss
Nothing is just nothing, just like the blank space.
TBA Rosalina
Requested by KinglerMaster
If you know what me and him mean, you'll know it's a board showing Rosalina's sexy butt (or just riding on Rosalina's corspe, idk).

Bad memes

Requested by Jaipom

Some bad memes sweep down and kill you.

Toadsworth's Brain

Requested by EpicLlamaSwag42

Toadsworth sends you to his memory core, where the emotions from Inside Out come and kill you, the end. However the SM64 Piano kills them, so yeah.

Peach's Panties

Requested by CryoticYoshi

In the panties, you get to kiss Peach's ass. That's all.


Items? What items? There are none.

Image Name Bio

ew go awey crepy gy

Requested by CoolYoshi

This item keels that creepy guy down the street. watch out that it doesn't work until you wait for 999 years, that's where that creepy guy down the street kills everyone.

Expand Dong

Requested by HoshiNoKaabii2000

This item expand you to maik u leek bigga!11!1111!! butt et maiks u 2 bigg dat the gaim creshes!1!1!1!1!!


The thin air fights another thin air in a bloody battle until one thin air dies. Then the request characters help the thin air become a virgin.

After beating Nothing board, they meet with Sexy Elmo, who is allied with Sexy Dora, who wants to make sex with the request characters. However they are beaten and they disappeared into nothingness.

Bad memes appear on the bad meme board and they attack the requested characters and the thin air. The thin air attacks them and kills them with a finger touch. What sissies.

The whole gang goes to a village with a creepy guy next door.

Due to the creepiness of the story, we can't continue.





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