Total Pokemon Action is a Fan Fiction story, portrayed as a reality show. It is by Coke Dimensions's founder, COKEMAN11. It takes place in a film lot, and there are 14 Pokemon competing. There are 2 prizes: the film lot to shoot a movie with, and $800,000. It is rumored to have a second season.



  • Machamp (Main Host)
  • Squirtle (Spy Contestant)
  • Blastoise (Chef)
  • Gliscor (On occasion)


  • Machoke 1 (Basic Cameraman)
  • Machoke 2 (Basic Cameraman)
  • Machoke 3 (Basic Cameraman)
  • Dugtrio (Low Cameraman)
  • Staraptor (Air Cameraman)
  • Gliscor (Main Cameraman)


? - Doduo - TBA

? - Mr. Mime - TBA

? - Pichu - TBA

? - Arcanine - TBA

5th - Munchlax - Voted out due to some cunning by Pichu

6th - Gastrodon - Was voted out by the ousted contestants

7th - Rhydon - Made many ridiculous and unsuccessful attempts during the lab challenges, mostly a secret ballot

8th - Infernape - Argued too much with Gastrodon, and the others knew that this would occupy them in a lot of the challenges

9th/10th - Squirtle, Minun - They were the first two to be freaked out and taken away by Gliscor

11th - Muk - Messed up multiple times

* Pichu - Acted like a jerk during the challenge, mostly a secret ballot

12th - Buizel - His hyperactivity cost his team the win

* - Infernape - Knocked out his teammates during the challenge for his own reason, costing them the win

13th - Plusle - Revealed to have secret meetings with Minun

14th - Rapidash - Was self-centered, messed up a lot in the challenge

{C Key: Master Ball contestant - Freezing Flame contestant - Contestant who survived to the team merge - Contestant who returned - * means that the character returned later on, therefore not receiving that placing.


Episode 1-Paintball Pokemon Hunt

Welcome to TPA. I'm Machamp and this is Squirtle and Blastoise.

  • (Pokemon arrive)

Alright, you've been separated into teams. The Master Balls and the Freezing Flames. Unpack your stuff and come to the Forest entrance in 5 minutes.

  • (5 minutes pass)

This is your first challenge. Paintball. Simple. BUT. Get hit. You're OUT. If, however, you shoot your own teammate, you are OUT. If you actually shoot the enemy, you bring the shot one to the entrance and an ousted teammate into the game again. You get 1 minute to infiltrate the forest...NOW!

  • Plusle: Wow, our 1st challenge.
  • Gastrodon: Yeah, it's nuts.
  • (challenge ends)

WOW. No offense, but nobody on the Flames hit anyone. That makes the Master Balls invincible. Well, Flames, record your votes in the confessional and boot a teammate out of the set.

  • (confessional)
  • Minun: Gastrodon. He stinks. A LOT.
  • Munchlax: Gastrodon. He keeps stealing my snacks.
  • Doduo: Rapidash. I'm supposed to be the fastest one. Besides, she messed me up when I had Plusle cornered.
  • Pichu: I don't know, they're all so nice. But, I guess I pick... Doduo.
  • Rapidash: Gastrodon. He got my hooves dirty, and I knocked Plusle out of Doduo's way because of that.
  • Gastrodon: Rapidash, she kept pushing me so I had to dirty up her hooves. So, see ya.
  • Mr. Mime: Rapidash.
  • (That night)

Well, that was really pathetic of the flames to make so many mess-ups. But, alas, the first Roadkill ceremony begins. When I call your name, you're safe, and you'll get the key to your cabin. But, I have SIX keys, and SEVEN Pokemon. If you do not have one in the end, go into the Roadkill Kart and go home. Forever. Minun, Munchlax, Pichu, Mr. Mime. Voteless. Doduo had one vote. He's safe. One key. Two Pokemon. Gastrodon, you messed up Rapidash's hooves. Bad move, bro. Rapidash, you were just a big JERK. And I feel wrong doing this, but... Rapidash has been booted off.

  • Rapidash: But... Everybody likes me... (Machokes 1 & 2 grab her) I'M POPULAR!!!

Well, that's today. Tune in next time to TPA. Machamp OUT.

Episode 2-Freaky Fashion Frenzy

On the previous episode of Total Pokemon Action, the Pokemon played a game of paintball with some deluxe rules. Rapidash quickly gained a bad reputation, and Gastrodon along with her. They got in a fight, but when it came down to the final two, Rapidash boarded the Roadkill Kart for acting like only she matters. Jerks never succeed...or so they? TPA's Modeling Extravaganza awaits our players today.


  • Muk-Green baseball Cap and 3 Pearl Piercings
  • Doduo-Red sandals and yellow & red shirt
  • Pichu-Purple shirt with sparks on it
  • Mr. Mime-Cave Man-styled outfit and black cap
  • Gastrodon-Shell paint
  • Munchlax-Apple shirt, pomegranate hat, and grape shoes
  • Minun-BFFFLD Costume
  • Plusle-BFFFLD Costume
  • Infernape-Boxing Gloves and Masquerade mask
  • Squirtle-Chainsaw and shell paint
  • Rhydon-Painted to look like a boulder
  • Buizel-Submarine costume
  • Arcanine-Cloud 9 hat, Cloud 9 shirt, Cloud 9 shoes
  • Winner: Munchlax & the Freezing Flames

Munchlax wins! Now, the Master Balls must do their duty and boot someone off the set!


  • Plusle: MUK STINKS!
  • Rest of the Master Balls: Plusle is a backstabbing, lowlife traitor that gives all our info to Minun. She's gotta go!
  • (that night)

You all looked RADICAL on the runway. But, there's no need for keys. I'm going live with your votes.

{C (flashback in the confessional)

  • Plusle: MUK STINKS!
  • Rest of the Master Balls: Plusle is a backstabbing, lowlife traitor that gives all our info to Minun. She's gotta go!

So, it's clear that she needs new friends. Minun is not going to help her here. So, adios!

  • Plusle: Wow. That was SO fast. Bye.

That was... well... quick.

Episode 3-An Invasion to Remember

Hey, it's Total Pokemon Action. Previously, our Pokemon modeled in their own custom outfits, and Plusle and Minun, although on separate teams, had the same costume. Munchlax's costume had the most originality, sending the Master Balls to the Parking Lot. Plusle was unanimously voted off, with one vote for Muk and the rest against Plusle to eliminate a potential traitor. Would the Freezing Flames have done the same? I'm not so sure. Today, the Pokemon must EAT as much as they can before they pass out! Then a surprise is waiting, and the real action begins to unfold on the most thrilling episode yet of Total Pokemon Action!

  • Minun: I miss Plusle.
  • Muk: Me too.
  • Minun: We're not on the same team, Muk.
  • Muk: Plusle and I were tight.
  • Munchlax: SWEET! I am so going to dominate this challenge!

Alright, the first meal is...French Toast SALAD.

The second meal is...taco soup.

The third meal is...hamburgers.

Alright, Squirtle and Doduo were eliminated from the challenge. Now, for the real fun! To the action set!

Now, I've assigned the Master Balls to be the Aliens in the Alien Invasion Challenge! And, Freezing Flames are the Army. Winning team is safe. You get 13 minutes to hide before War starts. HIDE!

  • (13 minutes later)


  • Muk: Look out, Mimey!
  • Mr. Mime: Not so fast!
  • Muk: Oh yeah? (shoots laser)
  • Mr. Mime: Whoo! (dodges)
  • Buizel: What now, Mime?
  • Muk: Let's gang up on this kid.
  • Buizel: YEAH!
  • Gastrodon: Now, where would they be...
  • Infernape: Gotcha!
  • Gastrodon: Is that your best?
  • Infernape: Nope! (charges)
  • Gastrodon: Watch this! Mud bomb go!
  • (5 minutes later)
  • Infernape: WHERE ARE YOU, LITTLE CREEP OF A GASTRODON! I'm coming for you! (charges through the walls and knocks 3 of his teammates out)
  • (more happens, but that night)

Okay, the Freezing Flames are the winners! The keys are for Muk, Buizel, Squirtle, Rhydon, Arcanine! Infernape, time to go, bro!

  • Infernape: NO WAY! I was the only one with a good muscle or a good BRAIN! You're going to LOSE without ME!

Infernape, you charged your teammates. BAD MOVE!

  • Infernape: I was aiming for Gastrodon on the other team. But his stupid little Mud bomb pulverized me! I turned around, but he was out of sight so I charged through the walls looking for revenge!

Whatever. Tune in next time for Total Pokemon Action!

Episode 4-This is So Boring

Last time on TPA, our Pokemon ate as much as they could, but it was only a diversion when we took them to the action set and Infernape KO'd his own team. As a result, he was sent to the Roadkill Kart for the night. Can the Master Balls step it up? Find out today!

Alright, Pokemon! Your challenge today is... DO NOTHING. Except breathe and blink. Otherwise, you are out!

  • Gastrodon: That was random!
  • (4 minutes later)
  • Buizel: Mmngh... RAH! (makes all his teammates move)

Wow. The Master Balls are already all out!

  • (that night)

Buizel is out of the game!

Episode 5-The Perfect Getaway

Last time on TPA, a simple challenge required Pokemon to do nothing. Four minutes later, Buizel's hyperactivity cost the Master Balls the win, and his chances at the cash.

Okay. This is the last time you will be on the Balls and Flames.

  • Muk: Only 5 episodes on a team?

Not exactly. Tomorrow, you'll see. Anyway, today, your challenge is...KART RACING!!!!!! On two teams, you'll travel through the racing set, looking for the exit tape. Also, there are two Pokemon to a Kart. And they're the most unlikely pairings! And two are on separate teams. There are 5 medals out there. The team with all of them and their whole team across the finish wins. One medal is the LOSER medal the 6th medal. Bring that across and your team loses.

  • Gastrodon & Muk
  • Minun & Arcanine
  • Rhydon & Squirtle
  • Munchlax & Pichu
  • Doduo & Test Dummy
  • Minun: Look, it's a medal! Get it while I stay here.
  • Arcanine: Okay.
  • Minun: See ya! (drives off)
  • Arcanine: Uhh... I don't see it!

  • Muk: Yes! A medal!
  • Gastrodon: Can we just go?
  • Muk: I'm tired too.
  • (6 minutes later)
  • ???: I found the finish line!
  • Muk: Someone found the finish!
  • Gastrodon: It's... Minun! Go, Minun! Spin those wheels!! Rah, rah, rah!
  • Muk: Follow that victory yell!
  • (2 minutes later)
  • Muk: I'm across!
  • Gastrodon: Minun! You dumped Arcanine?
  • Minun: Yeah, he was clueless!
  • Arcanine: (pant, pant)
  • Doduo: You owe me, Arcanine!
  • Arcanine: Now, Minun...
  • Muk: Hey, let's settle down. 'Cause if we lose, Arcanine, you're going home!
  • Arcanine: Fine.

  • Squirtle: Yes! A medal!
  • Rhydon: Good eyes, Squirtle!
  • ???: Too late!
  • Rhydon: I'm steppin' on it!
  • Squirtle: YEE-HAW!
  • Rhydon: Give me the medal, Munchlax!
  • Pichu: You'll never get us! OW!
  • Rhydon: I got you! Medal's mine!
  • Munchlax: What do we do? Our Kart was just RAMMED by those raving lunatics.
  • (after the challenge)

Well, for the first time in a while, the Flames have lost! But there's a catch today. EVERYONE votes tonight!

  • Munchlax: Well, Pichu kinda annoyed me. He was silent the entire time.
  • Rhydon: If there's anyone that will be a danger, it's Munchlax.
  • Pichu: Doduo. He's mean and a bully and I want to get rid of him so totally bad!
  • Squirtle: Doduo will probably discover I'm a producer. So, yeah, Doduo.
  • Muk: Doduo can be a danger to me, Normal and Poison don't mix.
  • Arcanine: Pichu is...bad but MINUN is a JERK! I vote for Minun.
  • Doduo: This game is easy. If they want to be tortured then eliminated, they're not saying my name...I vote Pichu.
  • Mr. Mime: I dunno, either Pichu or Doduo. Can I vote twice?
  • Machamp: What is he thinking? He can't vote twice! I'm putting him down for Pichu...
  • Gastrodon: Yeah, I want Rhydon off. But I want to mix it up! I vote Pichu!
  • (that night)

Got some skills at driving, eh? Anyway, the keys are for the following 5 Pokemon: Munchlax, Mr. Mime, Gastrodon, Minun and...uh...Doduo! But don't worry, Pichu. A little secret: You were the Fan Favorite, and you will be missed by TPA Staff, TPA Contestants and TPA Viewers alike!

Episode 6-Rafting On The River

Nine of you left. Today, there are three teams...of three! They are: Doduo, Gastrodon and Mr. Mime, Munchlax, Minun and Rhydon, and Arcanine, Muk and Squirtle. These three trios must do one thing: raft all the way through the Palm river and not die. There are vast rapids out there. And you must build the raft, too! Thhis will be a nice, fun, deathly experience for everyone.

  • Mr. Mime: All right, Gastrodon will be our raft.
  • Rhydon: Okay, we'll split up to get some wood.
  • Munchlax: Why do we need wood if you can hold us?
  • Rhydon:News flash! Ground type speaking.
  • CONFESSIONAL-Rhydon: Okay, I admit, I'm scared of water. But if that little brat even makes another comment about me and water, oh man, he'll get it.
  • Minun: Just do it!
  • Arcanine: Okay, we need a lot of wood for big muddy guy here...

Okay, the Arcanine team is on the river! And...Muk just fell. His issue.

Munchlax is sailing safely...oh, is that the piranha stretch? And the coconut forest...they're dead.

Doduo is sailing safely on Gastrodon. And they passed the Muk gang. Poor them.


Squirtle has some temper issues! ...He didn't hear that, did he? Wait...Gastrodon and Squirtle are going at it! And...Gastrodon wins, people! His group is invincible for the vote! Now...who will leave tonight?


  • Muk: I dunno...Squirtle. He was mean when I fell.
  • Munchlax: Muk. His stench is...eugh...
  • Squirtle: Muk! SO MUK! He fell in the water! He wouldn't get out.
  • Gastrodon: Mr. Mime. Come on, he thinks I am a raft! How stupid is he!?
  • Rhydon: Munchlax...he's intimidating. He comments on my fears...
  • Mr. Mime: Muk ruins my karma.
  • Doduo: Well, DUH, Muk! I need him to get off, I NEED him to get off this set, it's VITAL! I said VITAL! Yes, he's my danger!
  • Minun: This is for Plusle: MUK!
  • Arcanine: Squirtle...he's a water type...eek...

Okay, here are your keys! And the ones who get them are...Munchlax, Mr. Mime, Doduo, Arcanine, Rhydon, Gastrodon, Minun...and...I have to say...big...fat...stinky...ugly...


You need to be smacked. anyway, Squirtle gets the last key. Muk is gone!

Episode 7-The Pokemon Witch Project

Eight people left, here! Today, we are voting off the final Pokemon before the halfway point! There are NO TEAMS! Today's challenge is the horror movie. Let's just hope Squirtle gets through...

  • Arcanine: Oh, Squirtle. Don't be scared. It's just a newspaper.
  • Arcanine: Get over it. It's obviously a trick by the host to freak us out, make us go crazy, then the craziest will maul everyone and get voted off.
  • Squirtle: BUT IT'S A PSYCHO! A PSYCHO!
  • Arcanine: Sigh...

  • Rhydon: What's that...? I hear a chainsaw!
  • ???: ...Rhydon, Rhydon, Rhydon...Drills, Rocks, Chainsaw...
  • Rhydon: Who's there?
  • ???: ...Rhydon, Drills, Drills, Chainsaw...
  • Rhydon: Come out here!
  • ???: ...(chainsaw buzzes)
  • Rhydon: AHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Mr. Mime: ...? A scream! What is it?
  • Minun: Dunno...I'm scared...
  • Mr. Mime: It's be okay...oh forget it, let's hide!
  • Minun: Look! There's a cave over there! Let's go!
  • seventy paces later
  • Minun: We're...s-s-s-saf-fe...
  • Mr. Mime: Oh, don't worry.

  • Squirtle: Hello? Is-is anyone th-there?
  • Arcanine: (in deep voice)Yes. I am...
  • Squirtle: Be quiet, Arcanine, it's not funny!
  • Arcanine: Yeah, it is!
  • Squirtle: Go jump in that cave! I hate you!
  • Arcanine: Okay, then...haha...

  • Mr. Mime: Who's there?
  • Minun: Yeah, wh-who's there...?
  • Mr. Mime: ...!!!!!!
  • Arcanine: Relax, it's only me.
  • Minun: Phew, I thought it was the guy who screamed.

  • Squirtle: D-D-D-Dang...all alone...
  • ???: (loud breaths, chainsaw buzzes)
  • Squirtle: What's that? Who's there! SKULL BASH!
  • ???: You're not supposed to attack me! It's not in the script! Now I'll cut off your NECK!
  • Squirtle: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Minun: I'm g-getting h-h-hungry...
  • Arcanine: Then get something to eat, smart one.
  • Minun: O-okay...eek..
  • ???: ...Minun, Minus, Minun, Minus, chainsaw....
  • Minun: AHHHHHH!

  • (CONFESSIONAL)Arcanine: Finally rid of that nuisance. Now it's just me and Mr. Mime to-
  • (outside confessional)???: You and Mr. Mime? It's only you... (chainsaw buzzes)
  • Arcainine: (walks out of confessional) I can take you on! Flame thrower!
  • ???: Heheheh... you think you can kill me? I'll kill you first! (chainsaw buzzes)
  • Arcanine: You don't scare me! I hope...
  • ???: (chainsaw buzzes) I'm getting closer....heheheh...
  • Arcanine: Fire Blast!
  • ???: Wait, no, aaaah!
  • Arcanine: Let's see who's really behind all that armor!
  • Gliscor: This chainsaw still works, kid.
  • Arcanine: I'm not a kid! Flame wheel!
  • Gliscor: Give me back by armor so that I can scare the other Pokemon!

  • ???: You're next, circus...
  • Mr. Mime: I'm not scared, I heard you fight with Arcanine. You're Gliscor, our main cameraman.
  • Gliscor: Did everyone hear that?

  • Gastrodon: I heard something...
  • Munchlax: I heard a fight! I'm scared!
  • Doduo: Oh, please. It's Gliscor!

(from loudspeaker) Well, apparently three of you have been captured, and the others know this is Gliscor and I faked you out.

  • Gliscor: YOU faked them out?

Okay, fine, we faked them out.

  • Gastrodon: They faked us out?
  • Arcanine: It's reality TV, brainiac.
  • Gastrodon: Be quiet.


  • Gastrodon: I didn't know it was a fake-out. I'm really gullible. ...Oh, vote? Arcanine. ...oh, he's invincible? Then...can I vote off Gliscor?

I guess, yeah.

  • Gastrodon: No, wait, I changed my mind. Ummm...Mr...Mime, then? I dunno.
  • Mr. Mime: Minun! I can't handle that dude! He's a tad weird, and he makes references to Plusle 24-7!
  • Arcanine: Minun, definitely. He chickened out.
  • Rhydon: Squirtle! Gosh, man, he can kill me if he wanted to!
  • Munchlax: Well, this episode made me go through a change. Minun is kind of nuisance.
  • Squirtle: That's it, I'm done with this show! After a HORROR MOVIE experience, I vote off myself! ARGH!
  • Doduo: I'd be an idiot to vote of Rhydon, I have plans for him. Minun is somewhat dumb, but Squirtle is too...I think I'd have to pick Squirtle.
  • Minun: I'm probably leaving tonight, so I'm voting off Mr. Mime because he was somewhat mean to me.


Apparently, you people stink at surviving horror movies. But tonight, it's a different night. There are six keys. There are eight of you. There will be three Pokemon at the end. One will be key'd. A secret will be revealed, and two somewhat wrongs will righted! Arcanine, you won the challenge, so you're invincible, and get the first key. Rhydon...Gastrodon...Doduo...are safe. Munchlax is safe as well. Mr. Mime. Squirtle. Minun. Two of you have spent your last day on TPA. Squirtle; many Pokemon voted you (including yourself) because they wanted you out of the way. Rhydon said you could kill him. You can. Minun; most Pokemon voted you because you're a nuisance, you're constantly speaking about you missing Plusle, and you're chicken. Mr. Mime; I didn't think you would be in this position tonight, but your attitude won you two votes...and the last key. Minun, Squirtle, leave now, guys!

  • Squirtle: I was a host all along! I fooled you!
  • Minun: (sobbing) I want to see Plusle! Ahhhhh!

Plusle's in the Roadkill Kart.

  • Minun: (stop sobbing) Really? YAY!
  • Squirtle: I was a host!
  • Doduo: Yeah, yeah, we all noticed that around the third or fourth episode. Shoo, now.
  • Squirtle: Sigh...

Now we're PAST the halfway point! Tune in next time for a surprise on Total Pokemon Action!

Episode 8- A Trip Down Memory Pain

Last time on Total Pokemon Action; the Pokemon were pitted in a real life horror scene when our Cameraman Gliscor dressed up as a killer. Squirtle, Minun, and surprisingly Rhydon were taken away by the fake psycho. Arcanine exited the confessional and came face-to-face with Gliscor. After Arcanine took Gliscor down, everyone knew that Gliscor was the killer. That night, we had a tie for votes. So, we had six keys, going to Arcanine, Rhydon, Doduo, Gastrodon, Munchlax and Mr. Mime. Squirtle and Minun went onto the Roadkill Kart for the night. Today, we have a surprise in store for the Pokemon. Nostalgia awaits everyone on today's episode of: TOTAL. POKEMON. ACTION!

  • Plays cheesy theme song*
  • Doduo:'s about eleven and Machamp hasn't come yet.

But now I have! And get ready for this! (horn honks)

  • Gastrodon: No way...I'm doomed...eek...

That's right! popular audience demand!

  • Arcanine: That's not...oh my gosh, it is!
  • Mr. Mime: How come he's in a limo...?

Back by audience demand-(opens limo door)INFERNAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Infernape: That's right. And now, the Master Balls are going to GET IT!
  • Gastrodon: Well, fine then! Bring it on, if you're so tough!
  • Infernape: Then I will, you muddy, dirty, blind loser!
  • Gastrodon: I'm not the one with anger issues!
  • Infernape: I don't have anger issues, white-eye!
  • Gastrodon: There they are again! Boom! Boom! Infernape has a bomb for a head, and its fuse is lit!!

Be quiet! Settle this in today's challenge!

  • Infernape: What is it, four-arms?
  • Gastrodon: Dang, someone's got the angry badge today!
  • Infernape: Shut it!

Hey, hey, quiet down. Just follow me.

  • (CONFESSIONAL) Doduo: One of them has to go today. I mean, seriously, I'm going deaf!
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Rhydon: Argh! They need to just shut it and take a chill pill.
  • Doduo: What's today's challenge?

Medieval jousting!!!!

  • Mr. Mime: How come there's already a knight on the field?
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Mr. Mime: I probably shouldn't have asked.

C'mon, black knight! Lift up your mask! Heheh...

  • Infernape: I'll MAKE you! (rams and lift's up the black knight's mask)
  • Munchlax: Wait, is that...?
  • Pichu: It's me!
  • Rhydon: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pichu: Why the sour face? Now, let's get it ON!
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Gastrodon: He's wilder now...which means I'll take him down!

Find a Rapidash and get in your armor. Then grab a lance.

  • 5 minutes later

Okay, paladins, go to your stations!

ROUND 1: Infernape VS Doduo

  • Winner: Infernape

ROUND 2: Arcanine VS Mr. Mime

  • Winner: Mr. Mime

ROUND 3: Pichu VS Munchlax

  • Winner: Pichu (by default, Munchlax forfeited due to hunger)

ROUND 4: Rhydon VS Gastrodon

  • Winner: Rhydon

ROUND 5: Infernape VS Mr. Mime

  • Winner: Infernape

ROUND 6: Pichu VS Rhydon

  • Winner: Rhydon

FINAL ROUND: Infernape VS Rhydon

  • Winner: Rhydon

Rhydon, you have won! You are safe from getting voted off. But for now-

  • Infernape: HA! I beat you.
  • Gastrodon: Yeah, theoretically! I would have won, but noooo. The Rapidash kicked me off!
  • Infernape: Or maybe your slime made you slide off!
  • Gastrodon: No...kind of...
  • Infernape: HA! You admit it!

Guys, guys, stop it! One thing all of the other Pokemon know is that one of you is leaving tonight to end this feud! Better start bribing and buttering up the others!

  • Infernape: Shut your mouth, you green-skinned, four-armed, ugly-faced, big-lipped, idiot of a host!
  • Gastrodon: Be quiet! That's going to get you eliminated!
  • Infernape: Wanna bet, white eye?
  • Gastrodon: Sure will, traitor!
  • Infernape: Who're you calling a traitor? YOURSELF?
  • Gastrodon: You knocked out three of your own teammates back in episode 3!
  • Infernape: Yeah, but only because you made me!
  • Gastrodon: Looks like someone refuses to get a bad image!
  • Infernape: YOU have a bad image, slimy-stomach!
  • Gastrodon: Oh, it's on, short-stuff!
  • Infernape: Who're you calling short-stuff? I'M TALLER THAN YOU!
  • Pichu: BREAK IT UP!
  • Munchlax: Way to go, Pichu!
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Munchlax: Pichu is so amazing. We're practically brothers, for all I know.
  • Gastrodon: Fine! We'll settle this when I get MY key and you're eliminated...traitor...


  • Munchlax: Gastrodon's been nice to everyone. Then Infernape gave him a bad image. I vote Infernape, because Gastrodon was always there when I was down.
  • Infernape: Um...GASTRODON! He's so going.
  • Rhydon: It's about time a tough guy showed up. I'd vote Pichu, but I can't take Infernape and Gastrodon. Gastrodon's my vote.
  • Pichu: I'd vote Rhydon, but Gastrodon's way nicer than Infernape, who I vote for.
  • Arcanine: Gastrodon! It's time I got a rival, then Infernape showed up! I was so bored 'till that moment.
  • Mr. Mime: Infernape; he didn't deserve a return. Pichu, however, did.
  • Gastrodon: I know for a fact that Infernape's going down.
  • Doduo: Infernape can rival my speed, while Gastrodon is just so kind. That's why he has to go.

Hey, everyone. We all know that Munchlax, Pichu, Mr. Mime, Arcanine, Rhydon, and Doduo get their keys; duh! Now for the real question; Gastrodon, or Infernape? Well...your votes tied.

  • Gastrodon: What? Does that mean we both go like Squirtle and Minun?

No, it does not. Evidence here shows that Infernape insulted more people, including me. If we had eleven Pokemon, a chart says a 72% chance of over half of the votes going towards Infernape. So, adios. MACHOKE AND GLISCOR, GRAB HIM!

So, heh, heh...that's a wrap on this episode. Only seven Pokemon left on TPA; stay tuned for a "lab" full of action. Heh, heh...

Episode 9-Dial L for Laboratory

We had a lab built because we were bored. So we're doing some experimenting. With the contestants of TPA!

  • Mr. Mime: Did you see that lab?
  • Gastrodon: Yeah!
  • Pichu: Guys...I need to tell you something...
  • Gastrodon: What is it?
  • Pichu: Nothing, but that lab is the set for today's challenge!

Pichu, you ruined the effect. I spent about $200 buying balloons, smoke bombs, confetti, and a band.

  • Pichu: Sorry.
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Pichu: Ever since coming back, I've known a little too much about the show. I'm like an insider. I know that there will be a-

Don't blow it, Pichu! It's a surprise!

  • (CONFESSIONAL) Pichu: Oops, sorry!

Head over to the lab everyone!

  • Rhydon: A lab? What is this, science class?
  • Doduo: Last one there's a rotten...uh...Grimer!
  • Rhydon: Grimer are already rotten, jerk.
  • Doduo: No one calls me a jerk, now c'mon!


  • Gastrodon: We're here!
  • Mr. Mime: It's a little too...dome shaped, don't you think?

Yes, yes, it is indeed. There are three parts to this challenge!

First part: in pairs, use the Pokemon DNA Scanner to figure out what egg group the Pokemon is from. Then its type, where it lives, and take a shot at guessing. Arcanine and Doduo, you're up first.

  • Arcanine: It's a Growlithe!

Yes. You two have one point. Next, Rhydon and Pichu.

  • Pichu: Luxio!

Incorrect, it was a Raichu. Next, Mr. Mime and Gastrodon.

  • Gastrodon: Riolu!

Yes. Munchlax, you're on your own..don't eat it! Oh, man.

  • Five minutes later

Well, that was part one. Here are the scores:

  • Arcanine: 1
  • Doduo: 1
  • Munchlax: 0
  • Pichu: 0
  • Gastrodon: 1
  • Mr. Mime: 1
  • Rhydon: 0

Second part: create your own artificial Pokemon Egg using DNA samples.

  • One hour later

Here is what they made, and if it was a success.

  • Arcanine: Wingull-O
  • Mr. Mime: Magikarp-X
  • Rhydon: Growlithe-X
  • Pichu: Ponyta-O
  • Gastrodon: Phanpy-O
  • Munchlax: Ate the DNA
  • Doduo: Rotom-X

Here are the scores now:

  • Arcanine: 2
  • Mr. Mime: 1
  • Rhydon: 0
  • Pichu: 1
  • Munchlax: 0
  • Doduo: 0
  • Gastrodon: 2

Final Part: A battle for invincibility between the top scorers. Those would be Arcanine and Gastrodon!

  • Arcanine: Oh, boy...I'm gonna lose...
  • Gastrodon: Mud bomb!
  • Arcanine: Ack! Missed...EXTREMESPEED!
  • Gastrodon: Ouch!
  • Arcanine: Extremespeed! Extremespeed! Extremespeed!
  • Gastrodon: Ouch! OW! EEK! Magnitude...4. Yay.
  • Arcanine: Magnitude 4? Ha, that'll do-WHOA!
  • Gastrodon: Your type is fire. Muddy water!
  • Arcanine: ACK! Water? AHHH!

The winner is: GASTRODON! He's invincible from a vote tonight. Now go vote!


  • Gastrodon: Munchlax is going to eat everything.
  • Munchlax: I've been so hungry these days...I think I'll vote Mr. Mime.
  • Arcanine: Rhydon...he's just like Gastrodon...
  • Rhydon: Arcanine is such a chicken! I'm voting for him!
  • Pichu: I have this thing going pretty well. Munchlax thinks we're friends, so he's no problem. My only danger is Rhydon. I vote Rhydon.
  • Doduo: Slowpoke list: Rhydon, Rhydon, and Rhydon!
  • Mr. Mime: I have these feelings about Munchlax ruining my shot at the cash...

Today, we opened our lab for you to do things in. But skip that stuff, let's get to the keys. Gastrodon, Pichu and you are safe, along with Doduo. Time for the ones who actually had votes. Arcanine, Mr. Mime, and...............................................................................................................Munchlax. Rhydon, you are not winning money. The Roadkill Kart is there for you. Go.

Episode 10-TPA: The Aftermath, Part One

Last time on Total Pokemon Action: We had a lab built and took our Pokemon to compete in it. First, they had to figure out what Pokemon would hatch from the egg that they were assigned. Some succeeded...and some failed. And Munchlax ate the egg he was assigned. FAIL. Then, we entered another area for creating Pokemon eggs. The trick was to make it a legit, hatch-able egg. Munchlax was stupid and ate his assigned DNA. FAIL. Then, it came down to the top two scorers, Gastrodon and Arcanine. Gastrodon's strengths over fire types won him the battle with Arcanine, and then we went to the Parking Lot where Rhydon boarded the Roadkill Kart. Now, we're giving our Pokemon a couple days off to rest, and we're going to another show...starring the most unpredictable regulars! We're going to Total Pokemon Action: The Aftermath!

Alright, we're here. Now, here are the regulars! That's right! The ousted TPA Pokemon! And meet the host: Rapidash! Now we're going to switch over to the show while I supervise the other contestants who are actually in the final 6. Adios!

  • Rapidash: Welcome back to TPA: The Aftermath. Today, we're finding out the winner of our recent contest, and talking with the expelled contestants about their drama, their action, and their elimination. Our first guest today is...welcome to the studio: Squirtle!
  • Squirtle: Thanks a lot for having me.
  • Rapidash: Shut up and let's get to the point. What problems do you have with-
  • Squirtle: PSYCHOPATHS? brother was nearly killed by one, and then he died in his recovery.
  • Rapidash: Bad injury?
  • Squirtle: No, a killer killed him at night.
  • Rapidash: Sad...anyway, how did it feel to be thrown out of the game?
  • Squirtle: Not exactly the best. I knew I would go sometime, but then I kept remembering I was a host, and even if I made it to the final two, Machamp would set traps to make sure I didn't win.
  • Rapidash: How was it to notice the six keys in the box?
  • Squirtle: Not so hot. I knew that my fear of psychos would get me to the final two Pokemon without a key.
  • Rapidash: So you knew that it would get you down to the final three?
  • Squirtle: Duh. And when Mr. Mime and Minun were the other two, I knew that Minun and I would leave.
  • Rapidash: Interesting. Well, thanks for stopping by!
  • Squirtle: My pleasure...I think...

  • Rapidash: Now, we're going to reveal the winner of the TPA Decisions contest! We asked you, the viewers, to write a story starring one of the ousted castmates, and what it would have been like for them to be successful. And now, the winner, writing a story about Muk, if he hadn't lost in the rafting challenge, and gone on to "Lots of Pain, Still No Game" and possibly won the challenge. You're hearing this loud and clear. Ditto, congratulations! You get to make a TPA Decision!

  • Rapidash: Alright. Next up, we're revealing some hidden Confessionals taking place after eliminations. Today, we're showing Plusle's hidden confession, and Rhydon's hidden confession! Roll the film!

  • Plusle: *sob* Well, I guess it was pretty stupid of me to *sob* not notice the flaw of Minun and I both entering...*sob* But I guess my elimination was for the best...March on, Minun! Do it for me! *sob* You can do it!

  • Rapidash: Aww, how touching. Next, the most recently filmed about someone who nobody thought would get kicked into the Kart, it's Rhydon!

  • Rhydon: Uh..I don't understand. What was wrong with me? Why was I kicked off? Well, Pichu and I have bad history...and Doduo seems to dislike me for my sluggish running...but I'm strong! If we were ever on teams again, I'd make them win! My strength for the win! Oh, forget it...

  • Rapidash: Don't understand, Rhydon? Well, let's elaborate: Come on in!
  • Rhydon: Uhh...thanks.
  • Rapidash: How did you take your elimination in the "Dial L for Laboratory" episode?
  • Rhydon: know...uh...I was...uh...confused...
  • Rapidash: Oh, don't be shy!
  • Rhydon: Yeah...I was probably voted out due to my lack of speed and my daredevil attitude.
  • Rapidash: Well...daredevil's not exactly what the fans say. Let's wait a few minutes for the fans to send e-mail to
  • Ten Minutes Later
  • Rapidash: Alright, let's hear what the fans have to say! Let's air some video mail!

  • Riolu: Daredevil? Please, Rhydon! That was NOT daredevil at all! Poser!

  • Rapidash: Wow...harsh...let's hear from Luxio!

  • Luxio: You let everyone make all you decisions for you. Not what I'd call daredevil.

  • Rapidash: So...I guess you're not daredevil, Rhydon.
  • Rhydon: Ah, forget it! I have food to cook!

  • Rapidash: Alright, before we go today, I'd like to welcome Infernape into the studio for a little chat.
  • Infernape: GAH! Voted off twice...
  • Rapidash: So, did you feel about your elimination?
  • Infernape: Shut up! Why does it matter?
  • Rapidash: We're live, Infernape. The entire viewing world sees you.
  • Infernape: And they saw you claim that you're "popular."
  • Rapidash: But I am popu-Okay, back to what I'm asking you. How did it-
  • Infernape: Why does it matter how I feel? Now, make this end...I have Pokemon to torture!
  • Rapidash: Fine, go! I'll just air your elimination confessions, then. Both of them.
  • Infernape: No...NOOOO!

  • Infernape: GAH! I'm the perfect combination of Strong and Tall and Cool! Why do I have to be voted off! It's that stupid GASTRODON'S fault! HE should have left, not ME! I didn't do anything wrong! I'm PERFECT!

  • Rapidash: Now for the other..hehehe...

  • Infernape: OOH! That Gastrodon better be on the lookout! I'm coming back again, you creep, just you wait, and then I'll KILL you for good! HMPH!

  • Rapidash: I believe my work is done.
  • Infernape: NO! I'm leaving.
  • Rapidash: Whatever. Next time, we invite Ditto to the studio to decide his TPA decision. And we interview Plusle and Minun about their good, bad, and just plain weird times on TPA. Also, we show Minun's hidden confession, Muk's hidden confession, and my hidden confession. This is Rapidash signing off.

Episode 11-TPA: The Aftermath, Part Two

  • Rapidash: Welcome back to Total Pokemon Action: The Aftermath! Today, we're going to look into the lives of Plusle and Minun, and show some never-before-seen hidden confessions. And also, Ditto, the winner of our TPA Decisions contest, will join us in our second segment. But for now, let's see how I reacted to elimination. Roll the video!

  • Rapidash: But...I'm...popular...sure, I'm a jerk...but that was supposed to keep me safe. And I had plans for episode 2! I would have DOMINATED in the Fashion Show! I've been Little Miss Cleffa seven years and counting! And...I can't be the first one...why couldn't it have been Gastrodon? And sure, I messed things up when an enemy was cornered,, but...I DON'T DESERVE THIS! *cries*

  • Rapidash: I may have been upset before, but...this is a WAY better gig! Anyway, now, we welcome a duo, one voted off second, one voted off with another Pokemon. Together, they form a Fabulous bond! It's Plusle! And Minun!
  • Plusle: Wow...I've been here before, but...this is so exciting!!
  • Minun: I know, right?
  • Plusle: Yeah, really!
  • Rapidash: So, welcome to the show Minun, and welcome back Plusle!
  • Plusle & Minun: Thanks, Rapidash!
  • Rapidash: So, first off, I'm gonna ask a few questions. If you answer one insincerely, we'll electrocute you.
  • Minun: Gasp! How could you?!?!?!?
  • Rapidash: It wasn't my idea, and the show gets shut down if we don't do it.
  • Plusle: It's logical if you think about it, Minun. This is a talk show, after all.
  • Minun: Yeah, that's totally true...anyway, what do you want to ask us?
  • Rapidash: How did it feel to be on separate teams?
  • Minun: Oh, TOTALLY heartbreaking!
  • Plusle: I know, and we didn't even get to say goodbye after my elimination!
  • Minun: Oh, it was SO sad when I didn't see you with the other Master Balls the next morning. But then we lost Infernape.
  • Plusle: Yeah.
  • Minun: It was so cool to be in that challenge!
  • Plusle: The alien one?
  • Minun: Yeah!
  • Plusle: I bet!
  • Rapidash: Me too! Anyway, Plusle, what was your reaction to getting in the Roadkill Kart?
  • Plusle: I was like, "Yay! I'm coming back on the show! I'm gonna be with Minun!"
  • Minun: But it was really because I had just been eliminated.
  • Plusle: I know, but still rejoiced!
  • Plusle: No, silly, that we were reunited!
  • Minun: Oh, yeah!
  • Rapidash: How does it seem now that Plusle was voted off in the second episode of having teams, while Minun made it past the halfway point...kind of.
  • Plusle: It was hard to endure that time.
  • Minun: Yeah, but you were the reason I kept going!
  • Plusle: Aww!
  • Rapidash: I hate to kick you out guys, but we've got to go to the ads before our next segment! Coming up, meet Ditto!

  • Rapidash: Welcome back to TPA: The Aftermath, where now, Ditto is backstage and ready to make his TPA decision. So, welcome Ditto!
  • Rapidash: Hey, what are you doing in my seat?
  • Rapidash: What am I doing? I'm hosting this reality show!
  • Rapidash: It's a talk show, you faker!
  • Rapidash: That's no way to treat a guest on a show!
  • Rapidash: Oh, you're Ditto?
  • Ditto: Yeah, I became you during the ad break.
  • Rapidash:!
  • Ditto: Thanks! I wasn't really a big fan of Muk.
  • Rapidash: So why did you write the story?
  • Ditto: I felt like I knew that difficulty, so my friend Porygon suggested I write about him for the contest!
  • Rapidash: Cool! So, what's your TPA Decision?
  • Ditto: It's involving all of the ousted cast mates making a huge decision.
  • Rapidash: What's the decision?
  • Ditto: The ousted Pokemon vote for one of the final six to join them!
  • Rapidash: Ooh, interesting. Well, stay in the room we had prepared for you until we call you out again.
  • Ditto: Okay.

  • Rapidash: Now, we're expanding the Plusle-Minun relationship and putting the finishing touches on the 411 of Plusle and Minun! This is Minun's hidden confession!

  • Minun: Ah, well, I guess it's my time. I made it pretty far, but now I got to see Plusle again. I may not have won, but I'm proud of myself for nabbing this spot, and for going this far. It's Plusle that motivated me. And now for a shout-out to my peep, my friend, Plusle!

  • Rapidash: Wow. Seems like he was somewhat confident about leaving. But I respect him for that. And I bet Buizel does too...welcome into the studio!
  • Buizel: Uhh...I was so pathetic! I can't face the camera!
  • Rapidash: Buizel, I want to ask you one thing, and one thing only: are you hyper?
  • Buizel: Uh...yeah...Yeah! Real hyper!
  • Rapidash: So that explains your elimination in "This Is So Boring", does it not?
  • Buizel: Yeah, it sums it up.

  • Rapidash: Now, before we go, we're back with Ditto.
  • Ditto: Hello again.
  • Rapidash: Before the ousted Pokemon come to a verdict, or vote, whichever, we're respecting your Muk passion by airing his hidden confession!

  • Muk: I can understand pretty well why I was eliminated. I mean, rafting isn't my strength, and I hope all of the viewers respect that. Even Plusle, and Minun, I hope you understand too.
  • Ditto: Short.
  • Rapidash: Sweet.
  • Ditto: And to the point. That's why I like him.
  • Rapidash: Nice. Anyway, the ousted Pokemon are voting currently, and we're getting a few opinions. Rhydon?
  • Rhydon: Pichu and I definitely have a bad history, and I wanna make it up to him. So I'm voting him to get him here.
  • Rapidash: Unusual reason, but okay! Muk? What about you?
  • Muk: Uh, I guess I'm voting for Gastrodon, I think...or something. I dunno.
  • Rapidash: Unsure...a bad quality, but anyway, let's take the show back to the film lot and Machamp for-not a key ceremony, but-a Bronze Ditto ceremony. That's right, all but one cast mate will recieve a Bronze Ditto statue. Alright, this is Rapidash signing out.
  • Ditto: Don't forget me!
  • Rapidash: Ha ha, and Ditto signing out. Ta-ta!

Alright. You Pokemon are being pitted in a surprise elimination!

  • Gastrodon: But...we already have our keys.
  • Pichu: Yea!

Well, today, you're stepping it up. Those cabins become your luggage area, and you're living in trailers now. Enjoy. BUT! The keys are in these five Bronze Ditto statues. That's right, someone's getting voted off.

  • Arcanine: But we never voted!

The ousted Pokemon voted, my friend! And now, Arcanine! You get the first!

  • Arcanine: Aw, sweet! Trailer life, baby! Woo hoo!

Yeah, congrats. Anyway, here come the trophies to Mr. Mime-

  • Mr. Mime: I'm living in the lap o' luxury!

Do not, ever, interrupt me, or I can take that away and give it to Doduo, who was going to get one before I was rudely interrupted. Anyway, he gets one. Gastrodon. Pichu. Munchlax. The final three of the night. And the loser is...Gastrodon! Time to go!

  • Gastrodon: I see no reason why I should leave, but...rules are rules. Thanks, guys. And a shout-out to Arcanine. Yeah. I liked you as my best friend.
  • Arcanine: Yeah...I guess, me too. You were a cool bud. Bye.
  • Gastrodon: Bye, Total Pokemon Action. Bye Arcanine, Pichu, Doduo, Munchlax, and Mr. Mime. Good luck in the future.

What a touching goodbye...anyway, take "care," and tune in next time on Total Pokemon Action. Machamp OUT.

Episode 12-Care or a Scare

Previously on Total Pokemon Action, we gave the contestants two days off to relax and enjoy the benefits of making it to the final 6. Lots of dirt was revealed, because we went to the TPA Aftermath Talk Show studio and stuff you never could have known...became known. Ditto, a winner in a contest, had a reward, which was deciding something that may or may not affect the show. He chose to have the ousted contestants vote out someone to join them. In the somewhat bitter end, Gastrodon made a touching goodbye and boarded the Roadkill Kart for the night. What's in store today? I'll just say to take care and watch Total Pokemon Action!

Welcome to the final five, competitors!

  • Pichu: Meh.
  • Munchlax: Meh.
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Munchlax: I can't believe I made it to the final 5! And Pichu's here with me. Good times...
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Pichu: Seriously, it's no surprise I made it. I'm too cute to even recieve a single vote.
  • Mr. Mime: So...
  • Arcanine: So...
  • Doduo: C'mon guys, let's go for a run...or something.
  • Arcanine: Nothing's the same withoiut Gastrodon.
  • Mr. Mime: Sigh...
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Arcanine: Yeah, yeah. You're thinking, "Why the sorrow? You're in the final 5!" Well, I can't be happy without Gastrodon. Even though he beat me in the lab challenge, he was still a really good friend.

Come on, guys...let's get to the challenge. Meet me in Studio 12 in 5 minutes. Don't. Be. Late.

  • Pichu: Meh.
  • Munchlax: Sigh...
  • Doduo: C'mon, let's go!
  • Mr. Mime: Ugh. Right. Fine. Whatever.

Welcome back, contestants. Or should I refer to you as caretakers, because today is the movie where they have SO much trouble protecting one measly little creature...or, in this case, egg. We blew a third of our budget to acquire a Shaymin egg. It's in a case, and you have to find it and take care of it. The player who contributes most and has it back by sundown wins. Get it!

  • Pichu: Seriously, this didn't have to be a Shaymin egg.
  • Mr. Mime: I know, right?

Find it now. NOW.

  • Arcanine: Okay, fine, GOSH.
  • Mr. Mime: As long as I can live through it...
  • Doduo: Oh, please, let's go!
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Doduo: In the long run, I'm the only one who can win. They're all sulking and all, "Oh no, Gastrodon's gone!" Well, guess what? THAT is what makes me the most legible to win this challenge.
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Pichu: Heh, I've got it all planned out: Sabatoge. That means making sure Munchlax doesn't win. Then everything else is at hand, when I apologize to Munchlax, and I get him to pull pranks on Doduo, so that Mr. Happy-go-lucky gets on everyone's bad side...I'm so totally EVIL, aren't I?
  • Pichu: Guys, let's face it. The only way we'll get through this is...*whispers* an alliance.
  • Doduo: In what way?
  • Arcanine: Yeah, I'm confused.
  • Pichu: If we all work together one of us will win. Then we can select one of us to win the challenge.
  • Doduo: Still confused.
  • Pichu: Basically, what we do is try to sabotage the other two contestants' time trying to take care of the egg. By the other two contestants, I mean Munchlax. I've got him wrapped around my little finger.
  • Doduo: And then we decide which one of us gets invincibility?
  • Arcanine: I dunno, I don't really want to betray my friend...well, Mr. Mime. A-and Munchlax.
  • (CONFESSIONAL) Pichu: They just don't get it.
  • Pichu: Yes. We decide who's invincible out of us and then vote out Munchlax.
  • Arcanine: I don't want to vote him out, I'd rather just sabotage and be done with it.
  • Pichu: Good. I'll see to it that one of you is invincible.

  • Munchlax: Hey, the egg! ...Hey, Pichu!
  • Pichu: *comes running* You found the egg? Awesome!
  • Munchlax: I know, right?
  • Pichu: Look, Munchlax, I've been a little...sour to you lately.
  • Munchlax: Oh, I don't mind. Long as I get an apple AND have you as a friend, my life rocks.
  • Pichu: Thanks. So...I thought of a good way to get Doduo eliminated.
  • Munchlax: How?
  • Pichu: Pull pranks on him so that he goes wild. So wild, he'll almost hurt you. That messes up his chances of friendship with the others, wanting to hurt someone like you.
  • Munchlax: That could work. You're a good strategist, Pichu.

  • Mr. Mime: *shouting* They've got the egg!
  • Doduo: *shouting* Who?
  • Mr. Mime: *shouting* Pichu and Munchlax!
  • Doduo: Then the plan is doing perfectly fine.

  • Munchlax: Pichu, guard the egg. I'm about to pelt Doduo with water balloons. *pelts with water balloons*
  • Doduo: *faking* ACK! Who did this? Now I'm soaking! I've been DELUGED! DELUGED!
  • Munchlax: Ha, ha, ha... Hey, where's the egg? And where's Pichu? And... *looks back* Where's Doduo?

{C Do you want to find Doduo? Buy the children's book Where's Doduo? buy calling 1-800-222-3444 and get your chance to find Doduo too! Only $7.99!

  • Pichu: *guarding the egg* Now, one of them should be coming soon...
  • Arcanine: *comes* You got the egg?
  • Pichu: Shh! Don't yell it! Here, take it and run. I've been taking care of it, and it's nearly sundown.
  • Arcanine: You're choosing me over Doduo?
  • Pichu: You were the first one to come. Duh.

  • Munchlax: *pulls multiple pranks on Doduo*
  • Doduo: WHO? IS? DOING? THIS?
  • Munchlax: *laughs hysterically*
  • Munchlax: I'm SO scared. Hahaha...
  • Doduo: *pecks*
  • Munchlax: That hurt...actually, a lot. But not nearly enough to make me give up!

*over intercom* We have our winner! Arcanine!

  • Doduo: Wait, he chose Arcanine over me?
  • Munchlax: Who?
  • Doduo: Pichu! He was devising a master plan to take you down and I thought it would work! AUGH!

{C (At the Bronze Ditto Ceremony)

You've all voted for who you want out. Let's see who IS out. Obviously, not Arcanine.

  • Arcanine: Since I won, I can cheer, right?

I suppose.

  • Arcanine: Then...WAHOOO!

Next is Mr. Mime. Only only two left...Doduo.

  • Munchlax: *gasps*

Only one left.........................................................................................................................................

Pichu! Munchlax, you've been kicked off of Total Pokemon Action!

  • Munchlax: You!
  • Pichu: Yeah, I know.
  • Munchlax: You betrayed me!
  • Pichu: I've watched a lot of soap operas and reality shows. I know how it works.
  • Munchlax: I thought I could trust you. But I was wrong. Terribly wrong. I hate this!
  • Doduo: Smooth, Pichu. SMOOTH.
  • Pichu: Be quiet. I'm only playing the freaking game.

Episode 13-Chariots of Tire

Episode 14-Spin the Throttle

Episode 15-Race for the Case

Episode 16-TPA: The Aftermath, Part Three

Special Episode-Total Pokemon Action, Action, Action, Action, Action!

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