Total Kirby Island is a Fan Fiction by Luigibros2. Normally I say don't edit this, however this time I must say DO NOT EDIT!. However please just tell who you want booted of and I may consider it. I have the first four picked all ready so don't bother with them.


  • King Dedede-Host
  • Kirby-Co-Host
  • Meta Knight-Co-Host
  • Marx-Intern,Ref,Chef,Ninja


Team 1 Meta Knight-mares

  • Blade Knight
  • Birdon
  • Bugzzy
  • Burnin Leo-Place Eliminated 10th
  • Plasma Wisp-Place Eliminated 13th
  • Poppy Bro Jr.
  • Rocky-Place Eliminated 18th
  • Waddle Dee-Place Eliminated 14th
  • Sir Kibble-Place Eliminated 17th

Team 2 Kirby Killers

  • Knuckle Joe
  • Simirror
  • Waddle Doo
  • Tac
  • Bonkers-Place Eliminated 16th
  • Capsule J-Place Eliminated 12th
  • Biospark
  • Gim-Place Eliminated 15th
  • Chilly-Place Eliminated 11th


  • Sword Knight-Off Training in another World
  • Capsule J2- Rejected for confusion with Capsule J
  • Wheelie-Didn't meet the standards for entering

How it Works

The Show Works via both teams competing in Challenges that Dedede made up, some he took from a show from real world television. One team loses and one win the one that wins is invincible. The losers must vote off one team member. After they are booted of they take the Star of Losers to Float Resort. The show takes place on Float Island.

Episode One: Amazeing Race

Is this thing on? Hi I'm King Dedede host of TKI and these are my three co-hosts Kirby, Meta Knight, and Marx. They well help me with the challanges some times when I need it. Well they've all Arrived they'll be here for the next eight weeks all 18 campers. They've been split into teams. Ok guys your first challange well begin at the great maze in ten so ciya you guys there. Marx well point the way for you.

Well see you all made it here all right. "So uhh dude what are we doing?" said Birdon Good question Birdon. You guys are going into the maze your team well also be split into teams of three and dropped in the maze."Um what do you mean dropped?" said Chilly. Dude I mean dropped like outta a helicopter. Ok teams for the Kirby Killers. Team one Birdon,Bugzzy,Rocky. Team two Wisp,Leo,Poppy. and Team three Blade, Waddle Dee, Kibble. Ok and for the Knight-Mares. Team one Joe,Simirror,Tac. Team two J,Waddle Doo,Bonkers. Which leaves Chilly,Gim, and Biospark for team 3. K well drop you in first team to get all members out wins.

Ok we're back now lets watch these morons try and get out of the maze. Well looks like J,Doo, and Bonkers flew out,smaaaaaaaaaaart. Looks like Birdon and his team did the same thing. Blade and Kibble are cutting through the hedges but well they find the right way out. Looks like Wisp Leo and Poppy and the team of Joe Simmiror and Tac are the only ones that are walking which is BORING. And oh OHHOOHHO Chilly Gim and Biospark are not even moving there argueing. This is great. Well an hour in and everyone except for team Chilly and Team Blade are out."It's this way!' "No this way!" shouted Gim and Biospark at each other. OH Blades team is almost out!"YES I CAN SEE THE EXIT" Screamed Blade! Whoa whats up with Chilly. "SHUT UP! HEAR WE'LL GO THIS WAY!" shouted Chilly. Wow Chilly is freezing the maze, it's all frozen. Oh man now he's crashing through the frozen walls. Annnnnnnnd Team Chilly is out! "MAN you guys are SO SLOW"! yelled Rocky. "Hey it's Kibbles Fault he wasn't doing anything" said Blade."Your such a lier Blade I say we boot Blade" responded Kibble. "K well we can decide without yelling right?" asked Leo."YOU SHUT UP YOU CAN'T DO MUCH EITHER!" Rocky shouted. Ok well you guys can decide on your own time so go decide.

Ok there are five of you that are safe so far and four that aren't the next person safe is. Sir Kibble and Leo. Blade Rocky your the only two left the one leaving TKI tonight is. Blade your safe bro, which means your out Rocky."Fine I was with all the losers and Morons." K there you have it one down seventeen to go. Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island!

Episode Two: A Meta Nightmare

So Meta Knightmares how are you going to hold up without Rocky today? "Yo dog well be fly ya dig"said Buggzy."We're like totaly unbeatable with me cause I got like this mad skills and stuff dude." Uh ok I really didn't understand most of what you just said Buggzy my man but that's ok. Now campers for your next challange five of your team mates well face your worst nightmare, and I just happen to know who they are but my freind Meta Knight well tell you. Thank you Dedede, greetings campers for my team the ones faceing there fears we'll be: Buggzy,Kibble,Poppy,Birdon, and Wisp. And for Kirby's team: Tac,Chilly,Joe,Simirror, and Gim. Ok ready and lets begin.

Buggzy your worst fear is losing a match to the most stuck up camper hear which you say is Kibble so why don't you two go ahead and brawl."Yeah ok dawg I'll take care of this foo he ain't got no skill eh?" "Do you want to die you freak?" replied Kibble. Ok begin. "Yeah DAWG YEAH EAT THIS AND UHHHH WHAT THE!" Ow that looked like it hurt good job Kibble. See Buggzy you shouldn't gloat."Owwww yeah dog I see what ya mean eh?" Well you faced your fear so one up for the Knightmares. and acctually Kibble faced his fear which is bugs and since your a Bug that makes two.well Birdon and wisp refuse to go under water in the lake where we put the sharks so we're down to just Poppy who's fear is his big bro, and we just happened to bring him hear. "HEY LITTLE BRO HOW ABOUT A NICE WEDGIE!". "OWWWWWWWWWW!" Ohhhh Poppy makes it three after a monster beatdown.

Ok Kirby Killers Tac your worst fear is confesing your crimes that you did so. "Screw You." said Tac. Ok Chilly your afrid of Leo so why not go give him a nice big hug."Uh ok." said Chilly nervously."Ow ow ow ow!" screamed Chilly. Nice man and you didn't melt. Ok Joe face his fear of heights and Simirror faced his fear of taking his hat off and revealing his face which scared even me who wears a mask all the time. Which leaves Gim to face his fear of being lost in the woods at night. K we just droped him of and now he's totaly going to try and get out if he can with out freaking then The Killers win. Well he's by the exit and we had Marx dress up to terrorfy him. He dressed up as Wiz lets watch. Uhhh wait looks like Gim hit him over the head look like the Kirby team wins.

Ok Knightmare two of you left Bugzy and Kibble. The one leaving tonight is. Kibble sorry man you need to go. So two down sixteen left tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

Episode Three: Cliff Divers

Wow Knightmares you lost two in a row that plain out sucks, but mabey you can win todays challange. Ok I take it you noiced the giant cliff below, you guys are going to be jumping off this into the target below outside of it is zero the big ring is one the small ring is five and the center is worth ten. So Knightmares your up first.

Blade your up firs.. wha where is he?"Dude I'm down here with Poppy and Waddle Dee". Wow all landed in the five section so thats fifteen points.Ok Leo, Birdon, Wisp your up. "Uhhhh now way we can't swim Dedede." Ok thats fine then Poppy and Buggy go."Yeah Dawg come here Poppy bro hold on tight man and well take a dip in the water man." Wow Buggzy landed in the center and he had Poppy with him so that makes it thirty-five points. Ok Killer Kirbys you are up.

Ok first of all two of your teammates have to sit out so I'll pick who and I pick Gim and Capsuel J. Ok Joe and Simirror go"K lets go Joe." said Simirror. WHOA both in the center that's twenty and Biospark is in there to for a total of thirty points. Tac Bonkers Waddle Doo go."YEAH YEAH LETS GO!" screamed Bonkers. WOW Bonkers knocked them off the cliff and they landed in the zero zone. so thats three wasted ones. Now Chilly needs to land in the small ring. "Sorry guy I can't do it I'm terrorfied of heights." said Chilly. well looks like the Knightmares win for the first time so Killers pick your faviorite loser oh by the way since since Joe, Simirror, and Spark landed in the center there invincible for the vote. Oh Gim and J are to so you got four to pick from ok?

Ok Tac, Waddle Doo, Bonkers, Chilly your up for elimination. Not surprisingly Tac and Waddle Doo are safe because of the fact that Bonkers messed up the team and Chilly lost the challenge for you so who is getting booted off. Bonkers man you screwed up big time and that is the reason that you are getting booted off the island. Well then there you go and then there we're fifteen. Tune in next time to Total Kirby Island.

Episode Four: Stiff As A Board

Ok Killers Knightmares today your going to stand still on a large spinning board. If you move you'll be droped into to water. Leo you can skip it if ya want but your automaticaly up for elimination tonight."I'll try the challange I guess then." said Leo. Ok then everyone get on the board. Oh wait Killers Tac and Chilly get to sit out this one If your team loses then your invincible anyways ok? Cool so lets start.

Ok everyones up on the board so lets start spinning it. Hmmm looks like Simirror is haveing trouble oh he's down."Ahhhhhhhhh I don't want to get my flame put out I quit!" yelled Leo. Ok Leo's out looks like Wisp fell and took Poppy with him. Oh and Waddle Doo went and shot a beam cutting the board in half. He took Joe, Birdon, and Blade oh and he took Gim and Biospark to. Oh Waddle Dee fell. So Buggzy and J are the only ones left oh there both starting to shake they both fell! Annnnnnnnnd Capsuel J is down in the water first. Buggzy wins it for the Knightmares. So pick your favorite loser Killers.

Ok when I call your name come get a Marshmellow Tac, Chilly, Joe, Spark, J, Simirror. Well just Waddle Doo and Gim are left Waddle Doo you cost them the game Gim you gloat openly to your team while your off the camera and I here it's pretty annoying."Yo dude I got like ten trophies for stufff you can't do so yeah whatever." said Gim. Wow that is annoying ok the person leaving tonight is Gim man you are freaking annoying! Get off of my Island. Well there you have it four down fourteen to go. Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

Episode Five: Sleep Off

Ok both teams you got seven members left. Today your going to go for a nice long run eat a big breakfast and stay awake as long as you can. You just got done with the run and eating your breakfast. So it's time to stay awake. Ok when ever you guys are ready to pass out just lay down and close your eyes and your out.

Ok lets see fourteen hours later and no one is out but night is about to fall. Ok it's twenty hours later and so far J and Waddle Doo are the only ones out. Oh looks like Birdon is out Buggzy is smart he's hanging with Leo and Wisp who give off lots of light so He'll stay up for a while. Hey where are Tac and Biospark? Oh there they are wow they blend in really good they're going to be up for a while to they love the night life. Whoa fourty hours later and five are left Wisp just went out so Leo and Buggzy Vs. Tac and Spark. Oh Spark and Leo are down and now it's just down to two who well hang on to this for there team Tac or Buggzy, oh Buggzy is down. Tac wins it! Ok Nightmares time to pick a loser.

Ok five of you left the next person safe is Leo, Wisp, and Birdon. Which leaves Waddle Dee and Buggzy on the Choping Block Dee you we're the first to fall asleep and Buggzy you we're the last to fall asleep. The person leving is going to be, Waddle Dee your gonna have to leave bro. Well five down and thirteen to go. Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

Episode Six: Eat It!

Wow we're in the third week of Total Kirby Island and both teams are doing horrible. Today we brought them to the camp kitchen to eat some of Chef Marx world famous food. It's famous because it's the only food to kiill over one-hundred people. Ok so for each round you'll pick a team member to compete against an opposing team member to see who can eat more of Chef Marx food Kirby well judge who eats more. Hiiiiiiiiiii. Yes hi Kirby how are you today. Hiiiiiiiii. Ok that's great why don't we start.

The Soup is the first course and nothing better then pudding soup Bronto Burt wings eh. So Leo Biospark come eat up. Ready set and begin! Oh there chuggin down soup who ever eats the most in five minuets or is the last to pass out wins. They both have gone through seven bowls with ten seconds left and time the winner by Kirby's decision is Biospark. Great job dude you can go throw up now. Next course is Salad and no better salad then a Float Island Glunk tentecal salad oh yeah it's three days old to. So Birdon Waddle Doo it's your turn. Ready set go! Oh Birdon is plowing through it Waddle Do can't stand it though. Dang Birdon ate all ten bowls in less then thirty seconds. Remember first to three wins is the winner. Next is a breakfast dish Scrmbled Dyna Blade Eggs. So Blade and Tac here ya go. Ready set go! and there neck and neck but Blade puls ahead and gets to the foul smelling center. Oh the smell knocked him out! Tac wins! Now a lunch break BBQ Ax Knight Ribs. J and Wisp Ready Set Go! They can't eat it it's making them sick J plunges head first with five seconds left. Well the Kirby's win the challange. Knightmare pick a loser.

Welcome back Knightmares the first person safe from elimination is Buggzy. Next is Leo and Poppy. And finaly Birdon. Blade and Wisp your both up for elimination. the person leaving the island tonight is. Wisp your time to go is tonight sorry bro. Well six down and twelve to go tune in Next time on Total Kirby Island!

Episode Seven: Luck of the Draw

Ok everyone tday I'm gonna decide who gets kicked off. Well sorta all of you well take part in a mile run first one done wins his team invincibility so on your mark get set and Go!

Oh we start of strong with Chilly in front followed by Birdon and Buggzy. Leo is the one in last place and he's walking. Man how is he still on this show. Ok aside from this everyone else is doing good so lets make it interesting. K the six in last place are eliminated form the challange so Leo,Simirror,Poppy,J,Waddle Doo, and Joe your done with this. Chilly still in first followed by Buggzy and Birdon ok Spark,Tac,Blade your out to. Looks like Chilly is gonna win, but wait Buggzy back dropped him and Birdon got the win. So Killers pick a loser.

Ok you made your Decision and only J and Tac are left up for elimination Tac man I'm so sorry that I have to keep seeing your face for three more days so J time for you to go brah. So Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

Episode Eight: Wheres the Key?

Ok Campers today your going to be hunting down a key that well unlock this chest to give you invincibillity. You have to work together as a team to make it to the final ten so whenever your ready you can go as soon as I give you a clue. It's up in the air. So you guys can start right about now.

Ok we're just starting and so far none have found the key floating in the air tied to a ballon. Oh Biospark found it and hit it with a throwing knife and it fell in the woods where it landed on Buggzy Buggzy is running for the chest but Chilly swipes itfrom him and Birdon picks up CHilly and he drops the key. Tac grabs it and is running home to the chest. And he ran into Joe so Simirror gets it and he's at the chest. Everyone is too someone is gonna open it.Buggy tackles Simirror and Waddle Doo gets the key and opens the trunk. "Yeah We're invincible." screamed Chilly. Not quite dude I lied only Waddle Doo is safe from this point on all the teams well be destroyed. You well all vote as one and kick some one off so ciya at the fire.

Ok one of you is going home and the other nine are going to the final ten. The people who are safe are. Leo, Buggzy, Blade, Birdon, Joe, Waddle Doo, Tac, and Biospark. Which leaves Poppy Chilly and Simirror. next one is Simirror. The person going to the final ten is, Poppy so Chilly your done dude. ok we're at the final Ten. Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

Episode Nine: Chain Linked

Ok Campers hope you enjoyed your vacation and now hope your ready for your next challange. k all you have to do is lay down on this nice little bed, thats made of two chains if you fall off of them your out ok so lets start.

So far an hour in and only Leo has fallen. Three hours in and all fomer Kiry Killers are out except for Buggzy also Joe Simirror andTac are all down for the count so this leaves only Waddle Doo and Biospark. Now you think this well be over soon well we're twelve hours in. Oh He fell did you see that his back hit the ground which means that, Waddle Doo is the winner. So get ready to vote to night.

Ok here are the results: Biospark, Joe, Simmirror, Tac, and Buggzy are safe. Blade and Birdon your safe to. WHich means Leo and Poppy just you two left. The person leaving tonight is, Leo about time you packed up and left for home. K nine left Tune in next time on Total Kirby Island.

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