The episode starts with John Mogwai recapping the events of the last episode, and states that he is glad that Taylor is out. The intro then plays, and John Mogwai gathers the campers. He then explains that the next challenge is a test to see who can survive the longest in the woods. John's interns (who are meme characters like Condescending Wonka, Trollface, and LOL Memes) will be out looking for the contestants. The last player to remain uncaught will win for their team. 

Asher stays by Crimson's side the whole time, which annoys him. Meanwhile, Phazon brags to Marina about how strong he is, thus giving their position away and causing the two to be caught. 

Things for the Guppies don't look good as Kam, Dark, Eve, and Liam are all caught. Sketch comes up with a plan to expose the remaining Fish Biscuits' location. Sketch's plan works and Claus, Locky, and Brandon are all caught, however at the cost of Sketch being caught as well. Brandon scolds Locky, causing Locky to defensively retaliate, while Claus just shrugs. 

Meanwhile, deeper in the forest, Crimson ditches Asher in order to survive longer in the game, as he had gotten annoyed with him and didn't want to risk getting caught. Crimson assumes that Asher is caught, and then comes up with a plan, smirking evilly.

Crimson finds Pablo and Eva, the two remaining Fish Biscuits, and tries to ambush them. Crimson ambushes Pablo and Eva, resulting in the three of them being caught. It is revealed that Asher didn't get caught and thus won the game for the Gizmo Guppies. Some video footage is shown of him worried, crying for his brother. Crimson watches with guilt, but snaps out of it and the teams split up.

At Tribal Council, it's down to Claus and Phazon. Phazon ends up being voted off due to his constant flirting with Marina. However, Crimson approaches John and asks to be switched again, saying that things with Asher "didn't work out." John reluctantly has Crimson take Phazon's place, giving the Fish Biscuits 7 members and the Gizmo Guppies 6. 

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