The episode begins with John Mogwai recapping the events of the last episode. It cuts to the camp of Pablo's team, which John calls "Team Fish Biscuits." Marina acknowledges that even though Tommy's attitude was despised around the camp, he was a strong player. Brandon then scoffs, saying that everything would have gone better if Asher and Crimson ended up on the same team. Asher thinks this is a good idea and files a request to switch teams. 

At the other team's camp, which is now called "Team Gizmo Guppies," Dark and Eve form an alliance. Taylor continues to make sexual jokes at Dark, making him uncomfortable. Liam tries to talk to Crimson about Asher, trying to understand why Asher is so loyal to him, going as far as throwing the challenge, when Crimson treats him so horribly. Crimson is left without an answer and there is an awkward silence before John announces the next challenge. 

The two teams gather for the challenge. Phazon brags to Marina about his supposed strength and that he'll win for the team for sure, before John announces that the challenge is a paper quiz. Everyone is struggling, but Marina and Pablo manage to find a hidden message within the quiz questions, thus winning them the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony, almost everyone is angry with Crimson, but by a very narrow vote, Taylor is eliminated instead for his constant inappropriate jokes. John then announces that Asher and Eva will swap teams, leaving everyone with mixed reactions. The camera pans on Crimson before the episode ends.  

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