The episode starts with John Mogwai on what looks like a shady, dirty island. He grabs a mic from the stand and begins to speak.


John Mogwai: Welcome to Total Fantendo Havoc! Where 16 people will compete for a grand prize of..... what was it? A thousand? A million? Well, a lot fo freaking money! And you know how much we love money! So let's meet the first contestants! 

Locky: Yo, wassup?

John: Ah, Locky, you are the..."pimp," right?

Locky: Do you have a problem with that motherfu-

John: Hey! This show is PG!

Locky: Since when was a reality show ever rated "PG?"

John: Uh... oh hey, Kam's here!

Kam: Hey, Mr. Mogwai! Huge fan!

John: Yeah! You're the one who made the overrated- I mean um, those Megaman arts, right?

Kam: That's the one.


More campers arrive, all with mixed feelings about the island.

Claus: I hate humanity.

Pablo: This place looks a lot...suckier, then it should be.

Phazon: Agreed.

John: What, did you expect some sunny island paradise? You expect too much of me.

Brandon: Well that's what it said on the fucking flyer, nimrod.

Sketch: Uh, guys, let's not be rude to the host...

Marina: I dunno, there's definately something weird about this place.

Eva: Come on, it can't be that bad!

Brandon: Heh, it'll be even better when I beat you guys!

Marina: Oh boy.


The remaining campers arrive at the site: Dark, Taylor, Eve, Crimson, Asher, and Tommy.


Asher: We're gonna win this, right bro?

Crimson: I really hate you.

Sketch: Come on guys, we can all get along.

Brandon: Well, at least we can pretend to, I guess.

Phazon: Watch out everybody, I'm gonna win this!

(Brandon, Locky, Tommy, and John laugh.)

Phazon: H-H-Hey!

Sketch: Don't be such jerks, guys. We can do this! As a team!

Tommy: If that's the case, why is there only one winner?

Phazon: He has a point.

Dark: Well, we'll just see how the game plays out, right?

Taylor: I'd like to play you out, Dark.


Marina: Yeah, we'll just see how it plays out. 

John: And remember, there are hidden cameras and mics all over the place! (A montage is shown, showing cameras and microphones from places such as between trees, in the sand and underwater, and inside a robotic bird's eye,) so, be careful what you say! (grins mischeviously)

Episode Ends

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