Total Drama Party
Developer(s) Fresh TV
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Rated G (For Everyone)
Genre(s) Party
Series Total Drama Series
Total Drama Party is an party game with some boards, it includes some cast of Total Drama: Revenge of The Island


Contestants are talking, a cage appears, few characters were trapped because of the rival island, they kidnap Chris and Chef, and its time for the contestant to save them!


Playable Characters


Trophies Unlocked

Mike "Few characters are fair!" Winning Story Mode as Mike)
B "Shhhh!!!!" Winning Story Mode as B)
Cameron "Alright, Now back in your Bubble!" (Winning Story Mode as Cameron)
Dawn "Meditating? What?!" (Winning Story Mode as Dawn)
Zoey "Sorry! I won!" (Winning Story Mode as Zoey)
Brick "YES SIR!!!" (Winning Story Mode as Brick)
Lightning "Sha-Winner!" (Winning Story Mode as Lightning)
Scott "I cheated! But i won!" (Winning Story Mode as Scott)
Sam "This game is great!" (Winning Story Mode as Sam)

Party Boards

Name Boss Cutscene Character

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