Its A New TV Series On Thriller Channel. It Has 100 Episodes With 10 Episodes In Each Season. There Are 9 Seasons. The Last Episode Of This TV Series Is The Last Episode Of The Last Season.



  • Pikachu

Camp Chef

  • Cook Kirby


Screaming Koopas

  • Luigi
  • Mario
  • Princess Peach
  • Boo
  • Donkey Kong
  • Bowser
  • Petey Piranha
  • Diddy Kong
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Koopa
  • Parakoopa

Killer Mews

  • Yoshi
  • Kamek
  • Larry Koopa
  • Wendy O. Koopa
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Roy Koopa
  • Morton Koopa Jr
  • Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Lemmy Koopa
  • Oshawott
  • Link
  • King Dedede
  • Conker
  • King Boo
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Ghastly
  • Gengar
  • Haunter
  • Annoying Orange

Episode 1 - Which Path


Pikachu: Welcome To Total Drama Carnage!!!!!!!!!!! Where 32 Campers Must Compete To Win $1.000,000! Today Is The First Challenge! But First Thing First! Breakfast Time!!!!!!!!

(In The Kitchen)

Ghastly: What The Muck Is The Food We Are Eating?!?!?!

Kamek: Looks Like Paper To Me!

(In Confessional Cam )

Wario: I Thought We Were Eating Garlic!!!!!!!!!

Yoshi: Dude, Garlic Is Gross!!!!!!!!

(Back In The Kitchen)

Pikachu: Good Morning Campers!!!!!!!! Are You Ready?

Kamek: Im Not Ready! Im Not Finished With My Breakfast Yet!

Everyone Except Kamek, Pikachu And Cook Kirby: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikachu: Too Bad Kamek! Lets Go!!!!!

(At Bowser's Castle)

Annoying Orange: AGH! This Place Is Too Hot!

Bowser: Theres Always Water In The Secret Trap Room.

(Back At The Kitchen)

Kamek: Why Am I Eating Paper?!?!?! D:

Pikachu: I Dont Know. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F:

(Back At Bowser's Castle)

Yoshi: Im Still Waiting For Pikachu And Kamek.

kamek: Ugh....... My Health.....(Falls Into The Lava)

Pikachu: what the heck?!?!?!


Annoying Orange: I Guess Kamek Had A Gitch! nyahahahaha.

Pikachu: No. Not Gitch. Glitch!

Bowser: What Happened To Kamek?!?!?! )):

Kamek: (Comes Out Of The Lava) Im Still Ok.

Mario: What the heck!!!!!!!!! You Reassemble A Dry Bones. (Stomps On Kamek)

Pikachu: Our First Challenge Is Called, Which Path. In This Challenge, You Have To Choose The Right Path. If You Choose The Wrong Path, You Fall Into The Lava.

Kamek: Seems Legit.

Pikachu: Ready Set GO!

(Mario Chooses The Middle Path But He Falls Into The Lava)


(Kamek Chooses The Left Path And He Falls Into The Lava)


(Yoshi Chooses The Middle Path And He Falls Into The Lava)

Yoshi: Owowowowow!

(Annoying Orange Chooses The Right Path And He Doesnt Fall Into The Lava)

Annoying Orange: YAY!

(Bowser Chooses The Left Path And He Falls Into The Lava)


(5 Minutes Later......)

Pikachu: Ok. We Are Done! Looks Like The Screaming Koopas Will Have To Meet!

(At The Campfire)

Pikachu: On This Plate, I Have 11 Marshmellows To Give You But There Are 12 Of You Here. The Person Who Doesnt Get A Marshmellow Must Leave.

List Of Characters Who Got A Marshmellow In Order:



Princess Peach

Donkey Kong


Petey Piranha

Diddy Kong





Pikachu: Sorry Boo But You Have To Leave! (Puts Boo On A Slingshot And Cook Kirby Holds The Black Spot Of The Slingshot For 5 Seconds Then Lets It Go, Causing Boo To Get Sent Flying Into Mt Dedede)

Episode 2 - Bloody Fighters


(In the TLC)

Boo: Ugh, It Smells Bad In Here!

(At the kitchen)

Diddy Kong: Ew! Why Are We Eating Poop This Time?

Bowser: I Dont Know!

Princess Peach: Do You Know What Time It Is?

Mario: yep. its supposed to be challenge time but pikachu went with ash.

(In Unova)

Ash: Its, Sooooooooooooo Cold............. (freezes in a block of ice)

Pikachu: Thats cause its winter!

Ice Bird: No, its cause of me, idiot!


Ice Bird: A idiot.

(in the kitchen)

(kamek spits poop at donkey kong) donkey kong: ew, gross!

Ghastly: guys, we have a problem.

kamek: hmph! what is it, ghastly?

ghastly: pikachu is missing!

haunter: im going to look for him!

(in unova)

haunter: brrrrrrrrrrrrr. (freezes in a block of ice)

dawn: oh no! my haunter! (breaks the ice, causing haunter to die)

(haunter comes from the recovery center)


haunter: WHAT? (beats pikachu up)

(the sun comes up, melting all the ice)

ice bird: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (gets melted)

haunter: i will get you to host again! (brings pikachu to the pokemon center)

nurse joy: Yes sir? (sees pikachu who just got beat up) oh. i see! (heals pikachu) thanks for coming.

haunter: ok. (brings pikachu to the kitchen)

ghastly: yay! pikachu is back!

pikachu: the 2nd challenge is called bloody fighters. the 1st team to beat up the other team wins. ready set GO!

mario: you need to learn how to spell, lame drug! (beats up ghastly)

ghastly: what the heck, dude!



mario: stupid crawl-o-thingy-majig! (beats up link)

link: ow! Im Bleeding really bad!

annoying orange: hey! you dont beat me! (beats up bowser)

bowser: you cracked my body full of blood!

pikachu: what the? blood? im really turning it off! (presses the turn off blood button, turning off the blood)

peach: i like this mode.

pikachu: you mean the no blood mode?

peach: yes.

donkey kong: im no longer bleeding though i still got a hole!

(donkey kong's fingers turn into small cannons full of bananas)

diddy kong: COOL!

death: woah! this really is cartoonish!

(donkey kong shoots bananas at annoying orange to beat him up) annoying orange: OW! i guess he got a upgrade on his fingers! nyahahaha!

donkey kong: thinks thats funny?

(6 hours of nothing and pathetic beatings later)

pikachu: OH COME ON!

cook kirby: calm down!

(1 hour later)

pikachu: BEEP! times up! lets see who will join boo! killer mews, you have lots of members so only 11 of you will have a chance of joining boo! those people are annoying orange, kamek, yoshi, link, wendy o. koopa, conker, mew, mewtwo, ghastly, haunter and king boo.

king boo: what?

pikachu: i have 10 marshmellows but 11 of you are here!

the 10 people who got a marshmellow:

annoying orange




wendy o. koopa





king boo

pikachu: sorry conker, but you will have to go to the TLC!

conker: OH NO! (gets put on the slingshot and flinged to the TLC)

Episode 3: Ringing Of The Bells


(in the kitchen)

mewtwo: oh yeah! tacos are awesome!

mew: i agree!

ghastly: i agree too!

everyone except mewtwo, mew, ghastly, pikachu and cook kirby: WE ALL AGREE!

pikachu: todays breakfast is tacos. let me know when you are ready.

taco: why are they eating us?

mew: shut up, taco! (eats taco)

everyone except pikachu and cook kirby: WE ARE READY!

pikachu: great! the 3rd challenge is ringing of the bells. someone on each team will sing carol of the bells for 2 minutes. after that, each team has to escape the snowy woods. if you dont escape, a giant bell will land on you and will lose the challenge, putting your team up for elimation. ready set GO!

(kamek and mario sing carol of the bells for 2 minutes)

(2 minutes later......)

(everyone escapes except annoying orange)

(a giant bell lands on annoying orange, making his team lose the challange)

pikachu:  the 11 people that have a chance at joining boo and conker are annoying orange, yoshi, king boo, ghastly, haunter, link, oshawott, kamek, gengar, wendy o. koopa and king dedede.

the 10 people that got a marshmellow:

annoying orange


king boo






wendy o. koopa

king dedede

pikachu: sorry ghastly but you will be melted.

ghastly: WHY? (gets put on a slingshot and gets flinged to the TLC)

Episode 4: Treasure Hunting


(in tlc)

Boo: ew....... it smells bad in here!

Conker: SHUT UP!

(in the kitchen)

Mario: why are we eating COINS?

Pikachu: our next challenge is called, treasure hunting! whichever team gets the treasure first wins. the first person to get the treasure wins a win token. ready set go!

(king dedede gets the treasure)

Pikachu: And King dedede gets a win token and his team wins which puts the screaming koopas up for elimanation!

(at campfire)

pikachu: i have 10 marshmellows. if you dont get a marshmellow, you leave the game and have to do a challenge on redemption island with ghastly, boo and conker.

the 10 people who got a marshmellow:





petey piranha

diddy kong





pikachu: sorry dk but you are elimanated. *flings dk to the tlc and picks up the tlc and throws it at redemption island, causing the tlc to break* see you at redemption island!

(in redemption island)

pikachu: your rejoin challenge is called, sugar rush! the person who gets the most candy rejoins the game! ready set GO!

(5 minutes later)

pikachu: and ghastly got the most candy which means he gets to join the game! *ghastly floats to camp pika* who will suffer? *a new place for the eliminated contestants called, the jury appears and boo, conker and donkey kong get sent to the jury* find out on TOTAL! DRAMA! CARNAGE!

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