On an all new seasn of Total Drama, 30 teens (both old and new) compete against each other in hopes of winning the million dollar cash prize. Similar to World Tour, the contestants will be put into 3 teams and travel the world on a plane, they must complete various challenges and sing songs a long the way. The team that places first in the challenge each episode will be awarded first class, the team placing second will earn seats on second class and the team that loses the challenge will have to stay in third class and eliminate one of their team members,  whoever does not get a plane ticket at the end of the ceremony are eliminated and left at the location. Later on in the game teams will merge and it will be every man for himself. What alliances will be made? What friendships will be made? Who will be enemies? Who will win the million dollars? Find out right here, right now on Total Drama Adventure!


Image Name Label Bio Team
Gwen The Loner ??? ???
IconDuncan Duncan The Delinquent ??? ???
IconHeather Heather The Queen Bee ??? ???
Alejandro The Arch Villain ??? ???
IconOwen Owen The Party Guy ??? ???
IconLeshawna Leshawna The Sister With 'Tude ??? ???
IconTrent Trent The Cool Guy ??? ???
IconDJ DJ The Brickhouse with Heart ??? ???
IconGeoff Geoff The Funniest Guy Around ??? ???
Bridgette The Surfer Girl ??? ???
IconLindsay Lindsay The Dumb Princess ??? ???
IconBeth Beth The Wannabe ??? ???
IconDawn Dawn The Moonchild ??? ???
IconDakota Dakota The Fame-Monger ??? ???
IconAnneMaria Anne Maria The Jersey Shore Reject ??? ???
IconBrick Brick The Cadet ??? ???
IconScott Shawn The Zombie Conspiracy Nut ??? ???
IconJasmin Jasmine The Australian Outback Girl ??? ???
IconDave Dave The Normal Guy ??? ???
IconSky Sky The Athlete ??? ???
IconElla Ella The Fairytale Princess ??? ???
Amy The Evil Twin ??? ???
Samey The Good Twin ??? ???
IconSugar Sugar The Pageant Queen ??? ???
Danny The Hipster ??? ???
Britney The Gossip ??? ???
Parker The Prep ??? ???
Ashley The Scene Girl ??? ???
Elisa The Hippie ??? ???
Molly The Lolita ??? ???

Other Characters


Elimination Table