Total Drama: Fierce Islands is a fanmade season of Total Drama, with an all-new cast of competitors battling it out for one million dollars on an island filled with predators. 


Character designs made here: (inb4 trend) 

Character Title Description
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Scar
The Wannabe Rapper A young man who has big dreams of being a hardcore rapper, who always is trying to look cool and punk, with usually bad results.
Total Drama Fierce Islands - June
The Friendly Gal A young girl who wants to make friends with everyone. She's not the brightest crayon in the box, not by a long shot, but she always wants to make people happy. However, she is thus easily taken advantage of, due to her friendly and airheaded personality.  
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Ryan
The Master Manipulator Ryan is a master of lying and cheating to get people to believe what he wants. He manipulates the other contestants throughout the season not because it will get him far in the game, but because he finds it fun. He's someone you better watch out for. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Jordan
The Sports Nut

A total sports fanboy, Jordan has stacks upon stacks upon stacks of basketball trading cards, and is the captain of the basketball, soccer, and hockey teams at school. The only thing he ever thinks of is sports, but he has good intentions. At least, I think he does.

Total Drama Fierce Islands - Karmen
The Deadpan Cynic Karmen barely shows any emotion, always staring off with a blank look on her face. Despite this, she is very perceptive, and is usually the first to point out when something is off with the group.  
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Ally
The Stuck-Up Popular Girl A vain, shallow girl who is the most popular girl at her school and gets angered easily when things don't go her way. She has the looks, but she doesn't have the personality, the smarts, or the... anything else to really get far in the game. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Kennedy
The President's Son Kennedy is the son of the 44rd president of The United States, and he's been raised to be like him his whole life, even dying his hair grey to look more like him. He always walks around with a fake, plastered-on smile and an egotistical attitude, and he's 100% sure that he will win the game. And if he doesn't, then his dad will have something to say about that!
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Carter
The Average Joe Unlike the rest of the quirky cast, Carter is a sort of average kinda guy. He gets along with most of the cast, and most of the cast gets along with him as well. Ryan's gonna have a lot of trouble with this guy.
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Samantha
The Hyperactive Animal Lover Samantha is very energetic, always beaming, telling people about animal facts that really nobody wants to know about. She has loads and loads of animal friends back home, and she often expresses her love for them to her teammates. While she can be quite annoying, the other team members seem to appreciate her love for the wild, and she can be very knowledgable at times. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Troy
The Male Model Troy is a model known for his looks, and he thinks that any girl he finds attractive is rightfully his. Yeah he's.... not very bright. But he's sure his looks will win him the game....right? 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Anon
The Mysterious One A very skilled player who keeps everything concealed, even her real name. (She is given the nickname "Anon" by Chris and the rest of the cast.) Due to her secretive nature, we don't have anything else to fill in this description box, so, uh....
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Dan
The Grump A young man who is never satisfied with anything, Dan is always angry at something or someone no matter what. He doesn't really go out much, and has made many enemies in his life. Let's hope his time on Total Drama will mellow him out... but it probably won't. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Kathy
The Headstrong Athlete A very intelligent and athletic young girl, Kathy has her eye on the game and usually knows exactly what to do. However, she is prone to get frustrated when her plans don't work or when someone does something she doesn't approve of. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Josephine
The Lawyer Being a lawyer in training, Josephine tends to put herself on a high pedestal, but for good reason. She is highly intelligent, and knows how to solve problems easily. However, her low expectations of everyone else could lead to her downfall.
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Mason
The Chilled Dude Mason is a very laid-back guy...perhaps too laidback. He usually is the first one to try and break up the fighting when an argument starts, telling everyone to "just chill out." 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Diamond
The Rock Star The lead singer and guitarist of a popular rock band in her school, Diamond is a daredevil who always seeks out trouble and seems to be the only one to really enjoy some of the more physical challenges. 
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Donald
The Fun Guy A free spirit with a passion for jazz music, Donald is a cool guy that likes to get along with everyone. In tough times, he likes to dance away his problems, but that might not be the best solution once he joins Total Drama.
Total Drama Fierce Islands - Jen
The Gamer Girl Jen is a girl who spends most of her time indoors, playing her MMOs and her First Person Shooters. She usually tries to apply logic in video games to real life, with varrying degrees of results. Despite this, she is well aware of her surroundings and is quite observant, making her have quite the potential to win the game.  

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