A picture of toshi.

Toshi Is a Yoshi. He is rare because he is the first born yoshi that dosn't have a shell on his back. He is appearing in The new game called "Super secret spy Toshi" which was announced on March 30th 2011 at The Abcdude press confrence. He is also abcdude productions new mascot and said to be in some crossovers later on. A tv series is also planned for Toshi.


Toshi is a russian Male dark/light blue yoshi who was born in the late 1910's. Since then yoshi has not aged that much at all. Toshi is now in his teens with a blue ushanka hat that has an "A" on it i.Toshi is extremely gay due to the fact not having a shell on his back. He has purple boots and also 3 red spikes on the back of his head.


Family Toshi has no family at all. Most of his family commited suicide on after the Moscow disaster. The disaster spawned earthquakes and lava to fall on innocent yoshi's. Toshi survived. Toshi has no friends. "Super secret spy Toshi" Toshi is also kills the head chief of The Soviet Union. Marline. Toshi also shares a connection with a agent who is rumered To be related.

Game apperances

Toshi has only appeared in one game.