Toroko vs Capcom is an upcoming fighting game to be released in 2016 and is the latest in the vs Capcom series. It was originally gonna be a Toroko-only game, but the developer decided to change it.


You already know it's the fucking same as Super Smash Bros. why should I waste my time explaining the gameplay here.


Character Description
SSB Prodigy
Unten is the last surviving Beorn- oh wait shit false alarm there are like 5 more of them. After failing to stop the destruction of Planet Zeon, Unten wants to make up for his mistakes and decides to be a hero of Earth. He doesn't have many powers but he's a strong fighter, and can channel electricity through his fists. 
SSB LeahNeedlenam
Leah is an insane doctor and is Toroko's most famous character, unless if you count Unten (which we do.) Leah can use a variety of syringes and needles that, when injected, can affect the opponent in different ways. She also can use other appliances like a saw and other dangerous stuff.
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
The female Gerudo Link from Waking of Ancients, this Link has many of the same skills that Link has, such as using her sword, boomerang, and bow and arrows. However, this Link is a faster runner than the original, but doesn't have the same attack power that he has. 
SSB Fantendoverse
Reese is a former catalyst, who still retains some of his powers. He can bring in weapons from other dimensions to use in battle, as well as being able to sing and play piano. 
Megaman (WGC)
SSB Mega Man Series
Originally built as a house-keeping robot, Megaman was later repurposed to fight rampaging robots in the city as a robotic superhero. His main weapon is his Mega Buster, which can shoot laser blasts, but he also has the ability to use other weapons such as the Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, Black Hole Bomb, and Flame Sword.
480px-Ryu SSB4
SSB Street Fighter Series
A really buff dude who trained to be the best fighter possible in the Street Fighter tournament...that's his backstory, right? Anyway, he attacks with strong punchs and kicks, and he also can do the Shoryuken uppercut and shoot a laser blast known as the Hadouken from his hands. 

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