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A list of all the characters in Exotoro's games. These only include original characters not existing in any other source material (due to the fact most of Toroko's stuff includes crossovers and the like.) Anything marked with a (*) refers to recolors or existing art with no character behind it. Anything marked with a ($) means that the character was not originally by Exotoro but the ownership rights are tied with Toroko.

There are currently around 806 characters (793 if excluding characters that the company doesn't own) on this page and it is not complete at the moment.

Fighters of Lapis

Mysterious X Project


Crow vs the World

Characters created specifically for Crow vs the World.


Characters created specifically for FantendoQuest.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Enemies and Bosses

Characters created for Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory that would be fluff otherwise. They get their own section as they aren't really proper characters, much like Crow vs. the World. Top 10 Members won't be in this, the new playable characters won't be in this either.

Fantendoverse X: Time and Space

Characters created for Fantendoverse X: Time and Space.


Lapis Wiki

These characters belong to games only on the Lapis Wiki. I got the OK from Lumoshi to upload these.

Zolaran Archives

Characters appearing on the Adventures of White Man vs Dark Matter wiki. Let's see where this goes. Horrensia repeats but is NOT counted as an additional character.

Undertale 2

Come on kid, let's save... UNDERTALE 2!!!


Pokemon Cobalt and Crimson



Liam/Solarrion's Characters

Locky/.vector's Characters

Locky reclaimed all his characters with the exception of three.


These are really only good for enemies in a game. But if you can find a use for them, cool!


Characters made in Sr. Wario's SUNSET game! It'll be hard to find a use for them right now...



I don't have quite an idea for these characters yet; whether I've just shown them off before and are unsure about their purpose or adopted them from elsewhere.