Type of Company Director
Founder(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
Founded at/in January 19th, 2015
Headquarters Exoverse (Pane 1)
Area(s) Served Earth
Owner(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) "Exotoro" (tbc)
Predecessor Overclocked
Parent Company Phoenix Circle
Toroko is a new company by Exotoro, and likely to be the last. The company is not actually much of a company as "Toroko" collaborates with several other companies with multiple projects while actually only having one member.

The company was created during the first month of 2015, although the company counts multiple games from the brief period where Exotoro was considered company-less and then more.

Many of their products make a good amount of money, with Fighters of Lapis being one of the biggest franchises they own with it's success usually being used to fund smaller projects. Toroko's games often have quite a few detractors that usually aren't as successful.

However, Toroko rarely works on a original series, often using characters belonging to other people. The seemingly sole exceptions appear to be smaller budgeted games like Debutante. Even Wasteland Warriors seems to not be exempt from this, as many old Fantendo characters are said to show up. ZIN seems to be the exception to this rule.

In 2016, Toroko announced it would be creating a sub company solely for publishing stories and written materials called Xenoro. A division of Toroko called the Fantendoverse Writers Room was established in 2015 after Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, but isn't considered really part of the company.

2015 - 2017


The logo depicts the word "Toroko" in Segoe UI Black, with the three Os filled in with a single dot and a mouth with it's tongue sticking out. The design is made of two conflicting elements; a fairly serious font with a doodle intersected in it, which reflects the tone of most "Toroko" products according to the designer. In 2016, a ink splash was added to the back of the logo, representing their "striking" presence in the industry.



For all projects post Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Toroko introduced a brand new logo. The new logo presents the Toroko text in Andes font, with a splash of rainbow colored paint going across and behind it. The letters of "Toroko" glow white. It removes the playful doodle eyes and mouth from past logos.




Auto List

Here is a list of Fantendo projects by Toroko. This list will hopefully update itself.


Stuff we're actively working on.

Image/Logos Platforms Projected Release date Descriptions
FantendoSmashBrosVictoryLogo2 V2LogoSmallglow July - August 2016 The final battle against The Threat, a force that was built up since Fantendo - Genesis, begins and ends. Features an expansive cast with their own moveset pages and an legendary story mode.
CrowVSTHEWORLD V2LogoSmallglow June 2016 Only one person can take on the world... and her name is Crow. Crow faces off forces all over the world who are being paid by a company called R.O.S.E to take her out. With her capabilities, it'll be a tough job for anyone involved...
TerraPhyissLogo V2LogoSmallglow ??????? A Lapis-exclusive game that's inspired by Monster Hunter, Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and more! A giant open world game with umbrella elements, a re-visiting of the Lapis Empire concept. Can be found here.

Mostly Finished

Stuff we're pretty much done with.

Image/Logos Platforms Projected Release date Descriptions
FantendoSportsResortLogo V2LogoSmallglowPacifico Logo May 2016 A vacation turned trapped for several Fantendo characters. Featuring a cast of around 84 characters with their own alternate costumes and pages as well as several conversations and a in-depth garden mode, this is a deceptively simple game with a lot to offer.
SuperMarioMakerPhiLogo V2LogoSmallglow June 2016 A sequel to Super Mario Maker featuring colored blocks, multiple playable characters, online functionalities, a pseudo-story mode, and MORE!

Lapis Wiki

Project Schedule

  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory - Winter 2017
  • "Infinite Content" - 2018

Collaborator History

Cell Division

Co-directed with Sr. Wario. The game has been on a bit of a stop, but Toroko plans to reverse that soon.

Super Smash Bros. Assemble

When Sakurai declined to do the next Smash Bros game, Nintendo looked for a new director. Due to Exotoro's previous work with the Fighters of Lapis series, Nintendo believed he was the best for the job. While given a ton of creative freedom and the game was fairly successful, Sakurai decided to direct the sixth game. Nintendo allowed Exotoro to keep building onto the game with DLC until the sixth game came out.

The Avengers: Secret Invasion

With the funding from Fighters of Lapis, Exotoro brought this cancelled game back to life with the funds, getting all the old data from THQ and rounding up some of the old employees, while sticking to the old vision but also adding some new things along the way.




  • This is a solo company like Overclocked and Phoenix Circle, however this time it's more of a general name that the games have to go under as opposed to being a actual fictional company.
  • The name "Toroko" comes from the last four letters of "Exotoro" and "CO" but with a K for stylization purposes.


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