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Tornado Mario is set to be a new power-up in Ultra Mario World. It can combine with other power-ups and other stuff in the game this get new abilities. You can get it from a Tornado Flower. Shake the wii remote or spin while wearing the vr headphones to transform Mario's lower body into a tornado, which can be used to whirl up things. The tornado lasts for 4 seconds before it wears off, though the player could shake the wii remote or spin again before the 4 seconds is up to stop the tornado immediately.


Tornado Mario.

Example of ability combining

Normal = The regular tornado. If you don't have the powerup, collect the Tornado Flower. If you already have another element, get hurt.

Big = A bigger tornado. Gotten by whirling up a Super Mushroom.

Waterspout = A water tornado. Gotten by driving the tornado over water.

Fire Whirl = A fire tornado that can turn any enemies caught in the twister into coins by presing 1. Gotten by whirling up a Fire Flower, or driving the tornado over anything fire or lava based.

More coming soon.

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