Torn Dreams: Mystery Dungeon is Torn Dreams game developed by TornVision for Wii Cube, based on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It is about a group of Pokémon attempting to overcome racism, while at the same time being under threat from Orre who are now using Pokémon as slaves. The main character is Ishmael's Caterpie's father or mother, based on the gender selected by the player at the beginning of the game.


Sinnoh, a region yet to be discovered by humans, is inhabited only by Pokémon; these Pokémon live together in villages of varying sizes, but recently upon the discovery of different Pokémon "types" some Pokémon have become prejudiced against Pokémon of different types.

Two Butterfree arrive at a village in the dead of night, carrying an egg. A Weavile walks out and approachs them, questioning why they are there. The Butterfree state that they need somewhere to rest and take care of their egg; the Weavile rejects them, but when the two beg, the Weavile becomes annoyed and performs a hand signal, after which a group of Weavile come out and attack the two Butterfree; one Sneasel, watching from inside the village, saw the egg roll away slowly. That night, after the two dead Butterfree bodies had been disposed of, the Sneasel snuck out of the village and took the egg back to his house.

Years later, the Sneasel had evolved into a Weavile and the egg had hatched into a Caterpie. Weavile raised Caterpie as his own child, despite the others in the village calling Caterpie various racist insults based on his/her being a Bug type. One night, Caterpie decides to escape the village; before he/she could leave, Weavile noticed him/her and decided to come with him/her. The two set out to find a village which will accept both of them, a village that does not discriminate against Pokémon based on their type.


  • Caterpie - The playable character. Caterpie's gender and name is determined at the start of the game when the egg hatches.
  • Weavile - Weavile is the adoptive father of Caterpie, who is caring and accepts anyone regardless of what type they are

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