Torchwood is an enemy in the real life Mario game, Mario And Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story, and the game made by Poisoon140 incMore New Super Mario Bros.


If you want to see it's stats for Bowsers Inside Story, see it's page in the Mario Wiki. But the main point of this is More New Super Mario Bros. It is a firey enemy that hurts you if you jump on it. It is very rare, as it only appears in level 2-4, 2-5, 2-8, and 20-20 (Bowser Castle). It can only be destroyed with ice balls (which will make it dissapear), a block of ice (making it and the block dissapear), being crushed somehow, and rocks (not destroying the rock). If hit by fire, it will spit a fireball, or possibly make a copy of itself. It can also make copies of itself if hit by plants or something. It can also eat the sticks it carries to have the same effect on it as if it was hit by a fireball. Boomerangs count as sticks.


Every attack it can do was mentioned above.


  • I got the name wrong, and the enemy is actually called Calorite. Sorry for the confusion. I will just call this Torchwood.

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