Full Name Topzy
Real Name Unknown.
Current Age 21
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Misfit
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis
Sexuality Homosexual
Voice Actor(s)
Colleen Clinkenbeard
First Appearance Fantendo - Misfits: Initiative
Series Misfits
Topzy is a telekinetic woman who is one of the Misfits in Starsnow rank. She is rather insane at points, though able to pull it together and be serious when she has to. Her right eye has been deformed into a swirl, and she has dyed her hair from originally a dirty blonde to a now red color. She refuses to change her clothing almost always except when she has to, saying it 'revokes what she believes'. Though, what she is referring to is a mystery to this day.




Not much is known about Topzy's backstory, though it is known she is a survivor of a plane crash in the Bermuda, where she soon became the 'Queen' of an island of primitive humans who worshipped her because of her telekinetic powers.

During Meltdown, Four's troops had attacked her island, and she was saved by an unknown 'diety', whom she soon began to worship, aswell as her citizens. She was discovered by Ms. Crassus and was then invited to be in the Initiative program, leading to where she is today.


Topzy is very unstable, being somewhat insane. She can be serious and stern when she has to. She has alot of pride and can come off as egotistical at points, but tries to act normal. Though, being 'normal' is a very hard struggle for her almost every day. She seems to be very dependent on an unknown religion that she seemingly worships, praising her 'God' after most fights.


Fantendo - Misfits: Initiative

Fantendo - Misfits at War

Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow