Topline logo

The Topline Symbol , the Mowrd.

Topline Studios is a game company founded in 1991. The Topline Studios Symbol is the Mowrd , the Mowrd is 10-leaf plant and have a shape of scope. The mascot of Topline Studios is Olie (from Olie World)



Called of SimpleLine Studios. , made a fighting game for SNES featuring Alien vs. Predator characters. Originally , he are making a RPG game for Game Boy , but of lack of productors the game is cancelled.


With name SimpleLine Studios. , the stuido are started make games , but all are cancelled.


The studio are buyed by Activision in May 15.


With a new studio and a new game , the Topline Studios and Sega make a game for Nintendo 64 called Sonic X-treme 64 , for all , It's the best game for Nintendo 64


In 1998 , started the port for Saturn of Sonic X-treme 64 , but is cancelled.


In this year , Topline Studios are selled by Sega.


Topline Studios started make three simple games before be buyed by Retro Studios :

  • Topline Bowling (Mobile Phone)
  • Topline F1-Race (Mobile Phone)
  • Topline Sushi (Mobline Phone/Only in Japan)


Topline Studios with help of Fantendo make a game for Nintendo VR called Olie World.


In with the annoucement of 3DS , with Square Enix , started make a remake of Chrono Trigger called Chrono Trigger Special 3D , but , is cancelled.


In 2011 , Topline best year. Topline maded three games , two games for Wii U and one for Nintendo VR :


Actually , Topline Studios have a grand participation in industry. The games :

The future games :

  • Sonic Dash (Nintendo DS)
  • Super Mario Adventure (Nintendo Wii)
  • Olie World 2 (tentative title/Nintendo VR)
  • Sonic X-treme Next-Gen (Nintendo 64 Game System)

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