Topi Trophy
A Topi as appeared in Super Smash Bros.
Species Origin Icicle Mountain
Habitat(s) Arctic
First Appearance Ice Climber (1985)
Topis are enemies of the Ice Climbers in the game Ice Climber. They are workers, who have to fix Icicle Mountain as their job. However, the Ice Climbers always destroy the Ice on the mountains, making the Topi's life very difficult. However, they are hard workers who never give up their job.

In the American version, they look like small yetis, but in the Japanese version, they look like seals. This is due to the fact that in America, hitting seals with hammers was likened to seal clubbing which was controversial and illegal at the time.

Super Smash Bros. Adventure

Topi's will appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Adventure as enemies in an unnamed Icicle World. Their exact role in the game is unknown, but it does hint the Ice Climbers being in the game.