Disney's Toontown Online 2, often stylized as simply Toontown², is a sequel to the critically well recieved MMORPG Toontown Online. It is currently being produced by Studio Lillie (tbc) and Lumiet (tbc).


The world of Toontown is filled with lovely little characters called Toons, based on classical cartoon archetypes, ranging from all sorts of animal species; cats, mice, ducks, dogs, and more. Each player can have 6 different Toons on their account, from which they can enter and play in the world of Toontown. When they first start they are allowed to choose the Toons appearance, such as overall body shape, color, and species. From there they enter the "Toon-torial" where they can learn the ins and outs of the game and can then start to play.

Toontown itself is split into 7 different neighborhoods, which each have 3 different streets and a central Playground, with a few other locations. The playground is the center area of the neighborhood where Toons can regain their laff, buy gags, and get tasks, all without risk of being harmed. From the playground they can enter the streets where cogs roam. The streets are generally how Toons can fight cogs and accomplish certain tasks that require them to go to the buildings lining the streets. Unlike previous games, the entire neighborhood is a single "area" that can be accessed without loading zones, and each street has smaller passageways connecting it to the others.

Sometimes the cogs walking the streets will decide to enter a Toon building and take it over, turning it into a "Cog-ified" version of itself. This is called a Cog Building, which will spawn more cogs, and having too many on the street will make it start to turn gloomy and sad. To combat the threat, up to 5 Toons can enter the Cog Building and fight the cogs to take it back. Each building has between one and five floors, depending on what cog spawned it, and each floor has its own group of cogs that the toons must face, with each floor being progressively harder and harder. If the Toons manage to defeat the group of Cogs at the top, the Cog Building will return to normal and the Toons will get a prize.


Each battle in the game is between atleast one Toon and one Cog. Each Toon has Laff Points, and if they fall beneath 1, that Toon will go sad; Cogs have a similar system of hit points, but unlike Laff Points, they aren't clearly visible to other players. The goal of the players is to destroy each Cog by lowering their HP down to 0 by using Gags, toony attacks that have various effects, while also avoiding going sad. The battle will end once either all the Cogs have been destroyed or all of the Toons have gone sad. There can be up to 5 Toons and 5 Cogs in a normal battle, although some special battles allow more or less on each side.






The game will feature a drastic amount of updates from the original Toontown; while still retaining many of the same features and the same structure as the original game, it also features many improvements and changes to keep it fresh and exciting.

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