This is the list of starting stages in Toon Smash Boom!.

Stage Name Series Description Music
TreeHouseINT Finn's Treehouse
Snaillogo The level takes place on two locations, outside the treehouse and inside of it. There are no hazards or pits on this stage. Who's In Charge Here?
Main Theme (Metal Remix)
I'm Just Your Problem (Band Version)
Ben10Bellwood Bellwood
Ben 10 The level takes place on the main bridge of Bellwood, cars appears and attacks the player if the player doesn't react quickly and dodge it. There are no pits on this stage. N/A
MoonWiiU The Moon
RegularShowIcon The level have low gravity, so when you jump, you jump really high. The moon is a circular platform, and there is two pits from the left and right. Meteors appears as hazards. N/A

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