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This is the list of holograms in TSB.

Cartoon Network

Adventure Time series

Character Name Description How To Get
Farm World Finn Farmworld Finn Finn from an alternate dimension if the Lich never existed. This Finn is more different than the Finn we know.
Debut: S5E1 - Finn the Human.
Beat Survival Mode with Finn.
200px-Ice King Ice King The cold hearted king of the Ice Kingdom. He may look like a bad guy, but he does have a secret... a secret to why he is like that. Something that have to do with the past of the land of Ooo.
Debut: S0E1 - Adventure Time animated short
Beat the Ice King on Boss Battle mode.
Gunter Gunter Gunter is a little cute penguin who is the Ice King's henchman. Once, he was the temporary king of the Ice Kingdom.
Debut: S1E15 - What Is Life?.

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