Toon Link
HWL Toon Link
Toon Link, the cartoony hero of Hyrule.
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Previous Smash Appearances SSBB, SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Tri Force Heroes

This article details Toon Link as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Toon Link makes a reappearance in Super Smash Bros. Crusade alongside his more realistic counterpart once more. He was first revealed on October 9th, 2015 alongside Sonic, Olimar, and Lucas as part of a Brawl veteran showcase. Like the rest of the characters in his series, he technically takes on an appearance based on Hyrule Warriors, though it isn't as clear of a redesign. In addition, Toon Link has been decloned quite a bit from his normal counterpart in terms of moveset, using items and techniques from games such as Tri Force Heroes or Wind Waker.

Major Changes from Smash 4

  • Toon Link's proportions have been slightly updated to resemble those seen in Hyrule Warrior Legends.
  • Toon Link's fall speed is slightly faster.
  • Toon Link has a new Dash Attack based on the Pegasus Boots. Rather than stopping to swing with a slash, Toon Link swings his sword forward and thrusts it in front of him while keeping his momentum. It is slightly more powerful than the original dash attack and can ward foes off, but careless use can lead to Toon Link falling off the stage.
  • Back Aerial is now a 2-hit combo, which overall does more damage at the cost of less individual damage.
  • Down Throw does slightly less damage.
  • Neutral Special is now the Fire Arrows from SSB4, which has increased power. Ice Arrows are the custom move that take the Fire Arrow slot.
  • Side Special can now be pressed again while the Boomerang is out to make it stay out and continue dealing damage.
  • Grounded Spin Attack is more powerful and now has a windbox at the very end of the attack.
  • Up Special is now the Deku Leaf in the air. Link flips upwards for a multi-hit attack similar to Spin Attack, before pulling out the leaf and gliding down. The Special button can be pressed at any point to open or close the leaf.
  • Bombs now roll along the ground if it isn't smash thrown when colliding with the ground.
  • Toon Link has a new Final Smash called Tri Force heroes, where he splits into 3 and attacks with a line to his sides. The 3 Links take anyone in this radius and perform a barrage of attacks culminating into a final attack that sends the opponents skyward.


Move Name Description
Neutral Special Fire Arrows Charge up a bow and unleash a fiery arrow that sticks to the ground.
Custom Special 1 Ice Arrows A slow-charging bow with arrows that defy gravity and freeze foes it hits.
Custom Special 2 Wind Waker Bow Pull back to unleash a gust of wind that travels forward.
Side Special Boomerang Throw a boomerang that returns to you and can be held in place.
Custom Special 1 Floating Boomerang Toss a boomerang that's hard to throw, but easy to control on the return trip.
Custom Special 2 High-Speed Boomerang Throw a projectile that travels at fast speeds and doesn't return to Toon Link.
Up Special Spin Attack / Deku Leaf Slash around with a sword on the ground. Glide on a leaf in the air.
Custom Special 1 Extreme Spin Attack On the ground, use a sliding Spin Attack. Glide while spinning before ascending with the final strike in the air.
Custom Special 2 Roc's Cape Use Roc's cape to initiate a Deku Leaf attack whether on the ground or in the air.
Down Special Bomb Toon Link pulls out a throwable bomb that will explode after a short time.
Custom Special 1 Short-Fused Bomb Toon Link pulls out a giant bomb that has a heavy explosion.
Custom Special 2 Time Bomb Bombs will not explode until the timer runs out, no matter what. Very high knockback.
Final Smash Tri Force Heroes Draw in foes with 3 Links that attack together, ending with a skyward strike.


  • Up: Pulls out the Wind Waker and poses.
  • Right: Swings his sword wildly before tiring.
  • Left: Pulls out the Tingle Tuner and takes a random pose before putting it away.
  • Down: Watches a fairy fly around before catching it in a bottle.

On-Screen Appearance

Three Links arrive in a glowing Triforce light before they merge into one.

Select Sound

The sound of the Master Sword swinging is heard as Toon Link shouts "Hiya!'

Victory Poses

  • Performs with the Wind Waker.
  • Chases after a pig and catches it, raising it triumphantly over his head.
  • Performs a Spin Attack before jumping up, raising his sword above his head.

Losing Pose

Toon Link claps towards the winner.

Idle Poses

  • Taps his boot into the ground.
  • Looks around him with caution.

Victory Fanfare

An orchestrated flourish based on the Triforce piece theme from The Legend of Zelda.



This version of Link first debuted in the Wind Waker, and proceeded to make appearances in many other games as a cuter counterpart to the Hero of Time. Although a lot of his moves are similar to Link's, you'll notice that he's a lot more agile. He also has a few different weapons up his sleeve, such as the Deku Leaf and Fire Arrows. Stay alert!


Toon Link's bow doesn't deal as much damage as Link's, but the fiery arrow remains on the ground to hit opponents. One unique feature of Toon Link is that he has two different Up Specials depending on whether he's in the ground or the air. Stay on the ground for his classic Spin Attack, or open up a Deku Leaf in the air to glide home.


Bombs can be thrown at opponents to unleash a large explosion, but if you softly toss it onto the ground, it won't trigger. This is also the case with the Time Bomb, but once it explodes, it does a ton of knockback. Of course, that knockback is a waste if you don't throw the bomb - watch out for ones with really short fuses!

Battle Spire

Toon Link has commonly had the ability to split into multiple copies with the power of his sword. By splitting into 3, the trio covers a lot of horizontal distance to capture foes before assaulting them with tons of magical items. They finish up with an upwards strike that sends foes flying... or plummeting, if you use this move right under a roof!

Pallete Swaps