Toon Link
in Super Smash Bros. Havoc
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Availability Starter
Final Smash Ballad of Gales
This is Toon Link's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. For the character in other contexts, see Toon Link.

Toon Link is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. A young boy who was thrust into a quest to save his sister from the clutches of the evil Ganondorf, Toon Link learns many different attacks and gains many different items in his adventure that he uses on the battlefield. His moveset has been changed drastically from his previous appearances, now using multiple items from The Wind Waker, such as the Skull Hammer and Deku Leaf. His final smash now has him utilize the Wind Waker to summon a giant cyclone in the center of the stage. Previously having been a semi-clone of Link, Toon Link is now considered a unique fighter.


Special Moves

Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special
Fire Arrow: Toon Link shoots a fiery arrow from his bow that causes extra damage after it hits. Skull Hammer: Toon Link pulls out the Skull Hammer and, in an excruciatingly long motion, swings it over his head and slams it into the ground, dealing a large amount of damage and immense knockback. Deku Leaf: Toon Link jumps up as he pulls the Deku Leaf out, dealing damage, and then slowly floats downward. Bomb: Toon Link pulls out a bomb and can throw it or keep it in his hand - either way, it will blow up and deal damage to anyone near it, including Toon Link. Has a larger blast radius than regular Link's.
Final Smash
Ballad of Gales: Toon Link plays the Ballad of Gales using the Wind Waker, which summons a cyclone in the center of the stage that will suck players in and cause damage if they come too close to it, and then shoot them out before it disappears. Players will also be slightly pulled toward in no matter where they are on the stage.


Alternate Costumes