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ToonTown U
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo DSi XL
Genre(s) Game Transfer
Release Date(s)
US: October 7, 2013

UK: October 15, 2013 Canada: November 2, 2013 Asia: November 8, 2013

Europe: December 26, 2013

Walking Around Mode, Cursor Mode, Cog Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
ToonTown U is a version of ToonTown for the Wii U. ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?! It's the exact same as ToonTown, so this is going to be short.


Walking Around Mode

Up Arrow: Walk Forward

Down Arrow: Walk Backward

Left/Right Arrows: Steer Your Toon

A: Jump

Cursor Mode

Arrow Keys: Move Cursor

A: Select

B: SpeedChat (free chat would take too long to use)

Cog Battle Mode

Arrow Keys: Browse Gags / Browse Cog/Toon Choices(if toonup is used)

A: Select

B: Other Menu (run, fire slips, SOS, and pass)

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