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Too Late is the 1st episode of Crazy Flamer.


Flamer breaks a coconut launcher owned by Beanbon, so e neds alot of help to get a new one by sunset.


Narrator: There once was a boy named-

Flamer:NO! That's not how you introduce us!

Narrator: Then how?

Flamer:Let me take over and show you! You'll see wierd talking ghost!

(Theme Song)

Flamer:Sorry about that kids.(Man he has issues) Anyways I'm Flamer.A wheel/flamethrower thing.And I really like to have fun.

(Screen Flashes and Doo appears)

Flamer:This is my step-brother Doo. I met him when my mom fell for his dad.He's super cool. Also he's stupid.But don't tell him that!

Doo: I heard that!!!!

Flamer:OH SHI-

(Doo punches Flamer over to Sparky)

Flamer:This is Sparky.She's my best friend. And I sit next to her, so I can cheat! She's possibly the smartest kid in the 5th grade!

Sir Kibble: Man, she's hot.

Flamer: Please go away. This is my show.

Sir Kibble: But I just want friends!

Flamer: Nobody likes egos. That's your tip. Now go.

(Kibble walks away)

Flamer:And here we are now, leaving school on friday.

(Flamer and Doo are walking, when Beanbon shows up)

Beanbon: Hey's it going?

Flamer: Oh we were just talking about the new game our dad's buying us! 

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