Tony Hawk's Rocket Boost is the 10th installment of the Tony Hawk series. Labled as a return to form, the game features gameplay elements from every game, to please every fan. It was developed by Inora in 2015 for the Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Reception has been TBA.


The main mode is Classic, modeled after the classic Pro Skater games. Players select a level and skater, and must do tricks, race, and collect items to complete objectives. Complete all objectives to beat a level and collect a gold medal.

The second main mode is Campaign(subtitled Rocket Boost). This level has an open world, rather than closed levels. Players use a created character, and complete missions to get farther into the story.

Score Attack is a multiplayer mode featuring up to four players as they skate, do tricks, and complete randomized objectives to collect points. Whoever collects the most points when the clock runs out wins.

Downhill Jam is a new mode based off of the spin-off Tony Hawk game of the same name. Players race through areas while doing tricks and attempting to come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Up to four players can participate.

Campaign: Rocket Boost

Dr. Sk8 is a mysterious engineer enamored with skating. He kidnaps a squad of skilled skaters, new and old and puts them in his personal playpen, Grindyland. They are all given a test, which they accept. Complete objectives, defeat their rivals, and pull of impossibly difficult tricks to become the best. Whoever does will win the newest tech in skating, the Rocket Boost Board.


  • Tony Hawk

Skate Parks

  • Space Station Hawk




  • This game does not a have a skateboard controller

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