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Tonker: The Baby Triceratops
Full Name Tonker
Gender Male
Location Game Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) His Horns
Ability/ies Eat Leaves
First Appearance Clubhouse Games
Family and Relations
Mrs. Triceratops (Mother) Hornsby (Brother) Sweetie (Sister) Marmalade (Sister)
Tonker is a character from Clubhouse Games.


In the cave of Triceratops, Mrs. Triceratops layed 4 of her eggs. All four of her eggs hatched into baby Triceratops. A green boy named Hornsby, a marron girl named Sweetie, an orange girl named Marmalade and a blue boy named Tonker. The Triceratops kids went to the Clubhouse Pets HQ to have fun till Tonker is the only one.

Clubhouse Games

Tonker is the host of I Doubt It. In the Missions Version, He would eat leaves (That is because a Triceratops is a Herbivore).


His room is a cave with 4 beds for himself and his brother and sisters.


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