Tonker: The Baby Triceratops
Full Name Tonker
Gender Male
Location Game Town
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Mrs. Triceratops (Mother) Hornsby (Brother) Sweetie (Sister) Marmalade (Sister)
Main Weapon(s) His Horns
Ability/ies Eat Leaves
First Appearance Clubhouse Games
Tonker is a character from Clubhouse Games.


In the cave of Triceratops, Mrs. Triceratops layed 4 of her eggs. All four of her eggs hatched into baby Triceratops. A green boy named Hornsby, a marron girl named Sweetie, an orange girl named Marmalade and a blue boy named Tonker. The Triceratops kids went to the Clubhouse Pets HQ to have fun till Tonker is the only one.

Clubhouse Games

Tonker is the host of I Doubt It. In the Missions Version, He would eat leaves (That is because a Triceratops is a Herbivore).


His room is a cave with 4 beds for himself and his brother and sisters.


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