Tonight: Broken World
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) TBA
Platform(s) WiiULogo
PS4 Logo
 Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

Tonight: Broken World (known as Tonight: Dark Matter in Japan) is the first game in the Tonight series. The game is a 2.5D platformer/RPG.


There are two continents on the planet of Thunder, Sky and Storm. Both continents generally despise each other, but Sky holds the main power of the two. A demon-like being rejected by both continents comes upon a magical sword, giving him the ability to swim through darkness. He uses this ability for evil, becoming a thief, and later, one of the planet's most-known criminals. Few years later, a large figure from an alternate dimension visits and decides to not only destroy the planet, but remove it from time and space entirely, starting with creating dark matter-like holes throughout the planet. The thief, now under the identity of CLOAK, decides to be a hero for once, using these dark matter holes as an advantage.


The gameplay mostly plays out like a traditional RPG with turn-based battles. Unlike most RPGs of this style, the player is able to move throughout the background while attacking in the style of a platformer. This allows the player to perform various combinations of different attacks. As in most RPGs, there are also items used to heal the player and to use against enemies. Defeating enemies gains experience, allowing the player to level up, again like other RPGs. Outside of the RPG areas of the game, a large portion of it is also basic platforming. The player can also go into dark holes, able to swim through them. These don't serve too much use in the game's platforming elements besides transportation, but they can also serve use in battles to charge up attacks.



Character Description
CLOAK is a figure that mainly resides on Sky. CLOAK, with his sword, has the ability to swim through darkness. He can also use this sword as a weapon. He is able to hover for a short time in platforming elements of the game.



Enemy Description
Umbrella Hat
Umbrella Hats are protected on the top, so you can't hurt them via normal attacks. Instead, you must use counterattacks or charge at them to defeat them. Dark holes can be created after jumping on them five times.
dblots are enemies that can create and throw abstract objects at you. They can also cover any dark holes that you can use. Otherwise, they are rather basic enemies.
Frybubbles can harness the power of the sun to fry you. They can also use bubbles to hide in shields or to trap you. They don't have too much health.
Repattles are able to charge at CLOAK three times in one attack, each time more powerful than the last. They always come in pairs of 3 or more. They can all form together to create a Giant Repattle that does more damage.
Amezure Crysis
Amezure Cryses are androids working for the game's main villain and the Matter Knave. They are ordered to destroy CLOAK and everyone on Thunder. They have far-ranged attacks, and they can also avoid certain attacks.
Parasol Hat
Parasol Hats are an altered version of Umbrella Hats. Unlike Umbrella Hats, you cannot counterattack them, so you are forced to charge at them to defeat them. They are also faster and stronger than normal Umbrella Hats. Dark holes can be created after jumping on them ten times.
Twistackers are enemies that technically don't have a set amount of health. Each layer has its own health, and the green ball at the bottom must be hit three times. If the green ball is hit, its layers will reappear.
Umbrella Ball
Umbrella Balls are similar to Umbrella/Parasol Hats, but they cannot be attacked via charging. Instead, you can only hit them when counterattacking, but there is a high chance that you will miss the counterattack.
Mno are enemies that barely deal any damage, but they are able to join together with each other to deal more. They can also hypnotize you when they are by themselves.
Auts are enemies that can't generally be attacked by any attack until you gain the ability to freeze them. While you attack them, they can also deal damage if they are unfrozen.
Chalices are enemies that don't really deal any damage. Their main method of attacking is poison. You can hit them with most normal attacks, but you can't charge at them or counterattack without getting poisoned.


Character Description
Blacksmith Tonight
The Blacksmith is just that, a blacksmith. He can create weapons to fight against CLOAK, but he is generally weak. He doesn't do much, and he can use basic attacks. After defeating him, you can buy items from him.
Matter Knave
The Matter Knave works for the game's main villain. He was sent to defeat CLOAK. He uses a large sword as his main weapon, but he can also create darkness to use against CLOAK. He can also teleport.
Lolly Popp
Lolly Popp is Lilly Padd's "best friend." They look nearly identical except for their hair colors, as Lolly's is pink. Lolly has mostly candy-based powers, and she's rather selfish. She gets angry a lot.
Lilly Padd
Lilly Padd is Lolly Popp's "best friend." They look nearly identical except for their hair colors, as Lilly's is green. Lilly has mostly nature-based powers, and she's rather sweet. She is generally very nice.
Cial is a hero on Sky. He stops CLOAK on his journey, not trusting him due to the fact that he is a criminal. He claims to be a "superhero," and he is able to fly and shoot lasers at cloak.
King Twistack
King Twistack is the king of the Twistackers. Generally, he is the same as a Twistacker with more layers, as he has the same mechanics. However, you have to hit the pink ball five times, and the bottom two layers (besides the pink ball) are able to reform themselves. He is the final boss of the first stage.


All items can be used in both battles and platforming elements. Most non-healing items will return to your inventory after using them in the platforming elements and will only disappear once using them in a battle.

Item Description
Darkness Flashlight Heals for 10 HP. Has the same use in platforming elements.
Fish Bowl Puts any enemies into a fish bowl upon use, immobilizing them temporarily. Can be used to avoid enemies in platforming elements.
Volcannon Erupts lava when aimed, causing enemies to be set on fire, taking damage every turn. Can be used to burn down objects and reveal hidden objects in platforming elements.
Drone Attacks with CLOAK, dealing half his damage. Can be used to find hidden objects in platforming elements.
Brick Wall Acts as a shield for CLOAK. Can be destroyed by enemies. Can be used to block off paths in platforming elements.
Darkbulb Heals for 15 HP. Has the same use in platforming elements.
Bird Cage Puts any enemies into a bird cage upon use, immobilizing them. It lasts slightly longer than a Fish Bowl, and it damages enemies slightly after breaking free. It can be used in the same way as a Fish Bowl can in platforming elements.
Pillow Launcher Acts as a Volcannon, but deals less damage. It also fires multiple times. It can be used to ride to hidden areas in platforming elements.
CLONE A clone of CLOAK. Deals as much damage as he does. Can be used for certain puzzles in platforming elements.
Blockade Creates a shield for CLOAK consisting of two blocks. Can be destroyed by enemies. Can be climbed up to get to certain places in platforming elements.
Lamp Shade Heals for 25 HP. Has the same use in platforming elements.
Hamster Ball Traps enemies inside of a hamster ball, making them unable to deal damage temporarily. They can also deal damage to themselves in this ball. In platforming elements, you can roll on it to cross narrow pathways.
Toaster Explodes several pieces at toast that do exceptional damage. Unlike the Pillow Launcher or Volcannon, however, the toast can only hit one enemy. It can be used to shoot toast at NPCs or enemies in platforming elements.
Fire CLONE Acts like a CLONE, but sets fire to the enemy upon contact, dealing damage every turn. It can be used like a CLONE in platforming elements, and it can also set fire to objects.
Cinder Blockade Creates a shield similar to a Blockade, but made of cinderblocks, making it stronger. Cinderblocks can also fall off, damaging enemies. It can be used like a Blockade in platforming elements.