Tomodachi Story is a game exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U 3D. It is out in Japan on May 5th 2016. North America and Europe get it a month earlier. It is the same as the Tomodachi Life but new locations and new techniques. It will not play on the Older Models (Nintendo 3DS XL can play with the latest update and with Circle Pad Pro and the Nintendo 2DS will play if it came from 2015 September 17th or later)

New Locations

  • Story Hall
  • Cinema
  • (Look-Alike's Name)wood (The Movie Medium)
  • Disney Land
  • Carnival
  • Google Island
  • School (Elementary, Middle, and High)
  • College
  • Nursery
  • Orphanage

New Techniques

  • Adoptions: If two parents divorce, they take them to the orphanage, they give them to another family or they keep one of them. If they select "Give to another family", they give to another couple. If they choose "Take them to the orphanage", They go to the orphanage until some one picks them up.



Email to show us a video why you want the New Nintendo 3DS Tomodachi Story Bundle. 1 lucky winner will win.

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