Tomodachi Realm
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) new Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 23rd Japan 2015

July 2nd North America 2015

July 3rd Europe 2015

July 6th Australia 2015

July 12th South Korea

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB- Everyone




Genre(s) Life Simulation
Predecessor Tomodachi Life
Your friends. Your drama. Your realm.
Box-Art Tag-line


The game takes place on a rectangular island that you can name, and you look after the life of the Miis you and other players created. You can feed them, give them clothes, find them a love, gifts, songs and even phrases to say. The gameplay is very similar to the likes of Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. The Miis are given a voice made from vocal synthesizer software, and a personality that affects how they interact with the rest of the Miis.

Differences from Tomodachi Life

  • Instead of your look-alike Mii being a regular acquaintance of the Mii Apartment, they are the ruler of the realm (island), although being treated no different than the other Miis treat each other.
  • A Mii may feel more emotions than in the previous games. These new Emotions are Anger, Jealousy and Fear.
  • Depending on how badly you treat your Miis, they can get sad or angry, while kid Miis are most likely to get sad, Adult Miis are most likely to feel angry.
  • The Mii apartments are no confined to a small place, and Miis can now walk around the entire room, using the whole space.
  • All gifts are either physically seen put away, hung up, or folded up when not in use, except for the Pet coupons, which are always active even when the Mii is not in the apartment.
  • You can now edit the pronunciations of phrases and song lyrics.
  • There is no longer an Observation Tower, however the Survey Skyscraper appears in its place.
  • The Train Station is an accessible area, other than appearing in a few scenes.
  • Couples can have twins and triplets, although the chance of them is random.
  • You can set how the Miis are related to other Miis, compared to only setting how they were related to the player.
  • Updated Mii messages to exactly what Miis are doing (IE: Having a fight at <Mii Name>'s apartment) instead of the casual hanging out message.
  • The Frying Pan is no longer a good, but a Level-Up gift.
  • If a Mii still hasn't filled out all of their phrases, you can create one when they level up, compared to only making a catch-phrase.
  • With the addition of adopting pets, they can be named and the style of colour can be customized.
  • The number of characters for phrases has been increased to 35 characters.
  • You can mix outfits with one another, keeping a hat of a costume while keeping the body of another.
  • You can sell goods, clothing and interiors that you don't want, as well as treasures.

Level-Up Gifts

Name of Gift Description Function Usable at Compatible with
Amiibo An amiibo of yourself to admire or play games with! Kind of like an a'mii'bo, am I right? The Mii will look at their toy self and if they have a Wii U, they will use the amiibo sometimes while they play. Apartments Wii U, new Nintendo 3DS, Other Miis
Adopt-A-Cat With this cute kitty you will enjoy the gentle purring. Who said animals can't print happiness? No one, that's who. A cat will wander the apartment at will, looking at packed away gifts or the apartment itself. Can be named and played with by Miis. Apartments, the Park All Gifts, Other Miis
Adopt-A-Dog A loyal dog who greets you at the door is a lovey puppy. Come over, Rover! A dog will wander the apartment at will, looking at packed away gifts or the apartment itself. Can be named and played with by Miis. Apartments, the Park All Gifts, Other Miis
Adopt-A-Rabbit Aboing-a, aboing-a, aboing-a! Your apartment will surely get hip with this hoppy fuzzball.  A rabbit will wander the apartment at will, looking at packed away gifts or the apartment itself. Can be named and played with by Miis. Apartments All Gifts, Other Miis
Baton You spin me right 'round, baby right 'round! Don't ever let me touch the ground! The Mii can twirl a baton in the air and show off to other Miis. They will fail often at first, but the more they use it the less likely they are to fail. Apartments, the Park, Fountain, Beach, Train-Station, Amusement Park Movie Camera, Other Miis
Boomerang Toss back and forth between you or friends. Watch out for back attacks. A Mii will throw a boomerang and then catch it. Sometimes they will fail to catch it and get knocked down, and even other Miis close by. Apartments, the Park Other Miis
Card Deck Pick a card, any card! Trade 'em, play 'em, tell fortunes with 'em, and all that jazz. I don't believe in that hocus pocus, but if you do, that's your deal. A Mii will shuffle and fidget with a deck of cards, and sometimes show off to other Miis. They can even give fortunes with up to three other Miis getting their fortunes told with results.  Apartments, the Park, Café, Amusement Park, Train-Station, Survey Skyscraper Other Miis
Camera With your little toy you can spy on your friends and show them embarrassing photos! Did I just say that out loud? The Mii will use the camera to take pictures of Miis that they will eventually pull out to get a reaction out of the Miis in the picture. Apartments, the Park, Amusement Park, Train-Station Other Miis
Easel Always be in a good frame of mood with this Easel keeping you company. I wonder if art can really be made this easel-ly... The Mii will paint a picture with the Easel and can show off to other Miis. Apartments, Train-Station, the Park Other Miis, Pets
Frying Pan Your friends will go nuts over your deli-cious cooking, you smart cookie! And if it rains, it can be used as a drying pan! A twofer, too! The Mii will cook food at a stove and test the food as they use it. Sometimes Miis will try to help and sabotage it. Apartments Other Miis
Ice Skates Watch everyone admire your every move, your swift turns, your fantastic shapes, your curves! Oh, was I supposed to talk about skating?  The Mii will skate around the ice rinks and and perform moves and get a ranking out of bystanding Miis. Sports Arena, Mountain Other Miis, Movie Camera
Joke Book This comedic book has funny things to tell when your buds feel down. Just make sure the joke is appropriate for the audience! The Mii can be seen in their apartment alone telling jokes aloud. They can bring it to other apartments and tell funny jokes, sometimes a Mii looking weirded out instead of laughing. Apartments, the Park Other Miis
Magic Hat I put my hand in my top-hat and what comes out? A hand without a white rabbit, most likely.  The Mii will use a Top-Hot to practice tricks and show off to friends. Apartments, the Park, Train-Station Other Miis, Card Deck
Movie Camera Plan to be in the film production? Get the gist of the big picture with your personal Movie Camera.  The Mii will use a Movie Camera to tape videos with Miis, sometimes asking you if you want to see one. They will be taken as if you were looking through the camera. The movies will most often be humilating to a Mii. The Park, Train-Station Other Miis, Easel, Rock-Climbing Gear, Ice Skates, Scuba Gear, Ski Set, Surfboard, Yo-yo
new Nintendo 3DS This next model of portable gaming has enhanced features from the previous model, but...who keeps printing these slightly different models every few years anyway? The Mii will use a new Nintendo 3DS to play games on it, sometimes with other Miis. Apartments, the Park, Train-Station, Survery Skyscraper, Caf Other Miis, Amiibo
Rock-Climbing Gear This is definitely the best brand of climbing gear on the island. For two reasons: It's the only brand and two, it has a free drink dispenser! Lemonade, too! The Mii will climb the Mountain, and sometimes with other Miis if they also have it.  Mountain Other Miis, Movie Camera
Scuba Gear Scubi scubi, scubi doo I love ya too! Respect the ocean and all its inhabitants, from Nemo, to that great white!  The Mii will use a snorkel and air-tank to venture off into the ocean, sometimes with pals. Beach Other Miis, Movie Camera
Ski Set This set has all you ever need to race down the mountain safely! Maybe there should be a third ski for those who fall on their back. Have fun and don't get ski sick! The Mii will use a set of Skis and gear to zoom down the mountain. Mountain Other Miis, Movie Camera
Surfboard Hang ten! Or hang twenty! Don't hang too many extra shorts or you have to do laundry. And that's not cool.  The Mii uses a surfboard of the colour and pattern that matches their personality.  Beach Other Miis, Movie Camera
Train Set Choo-choo! You can't have a whimsical childhood without a restless vehicle that never finishes the road. Perk up your childhood...or enter your second!  The Mii will have a table with train tracks to watch.  Apartments Other Miis
Wii U Wii love Wii U as well! Its a controller AND video console! Now that's entertainment! The Mii will use a Wii U to play games with. Apartments, Survey Skyscraper Other Miis
Yo-yo Yo, man! Breakaway and walk the dog, do a barrel roll and rock the baby! It's double or nothing, dude! The Mii will practice Yo-yo tricks at home and then show off. Apartments, the Park, Train-Station, Café, Amusement Park Other Miis, Movie Camera

Location List

<First Mii>'s Castle

The first thing to see when you begin the game. This is where your Look-alike lives, and despite living like royalty, they get no special treatment from the other Miis.

Mii Apartment

The main building to visit while playing the game. It has four upgrades excluding the original look.

First Upgrade

The first upgrade is when the player has created 25 Miis and expands to 45 Miis, and has a brown brick pattern.

Second Upgrade

The second upgrade is when the player has created 50 Miis and expands to 85 Miis, with a stylish gray pattern.

Third Upgrade

The third upgrade is when the player has created 75 Miis and expands to 125 Miis, with an elegant gold colour.

Fourth Upgrade

The final upgrade is when the player has created 115 Miis and expands to a whopping 200, with a platinum trim.

Town Hall

The Town Hall has a variety of features.

  • Create new Miis
  • Scan or create QR Codes
  • Edit, view and delete Miis
  • View Travel Records of Miis
  • View an album of collected items
  • Edit time and date, sound settings, baby settings, and StreetPass/SpotPass settings
  • Destroy the Island and delete data

Food Mart

The Food Mart changes the kind of food daily.

Hat Shop

The Hat Shop changes the types of hats daily.

Clothing Store

The Clothing Store changes the clothes daily.

Accessory Shop *NEW*

The Accessory Shop changes the head, leg, body and arm accessories daily.

Interior Department

The Interior Department changes the type of Mii interiors daily.

Pawn Shop

You can sell your goods and treasures for money, while reselling interiors and clothing at half the price.


Collect daily donations, see Rap Battles and visit the Morning Market, as well as check out Miis visiting.


Use Judgement Bay and check out Miis playing and using Level-Up Gifts.


Listen to Guy's/Girl's Night Out chat sessions and check out Miis using casual indoor Level-Up Gifts.


The Park has competitions to hold for certain Level-Up Gifts, as well as some events and the Afternoon Market. Also check out Miis using indoor and outdoor Level-Up gifts, as well as jogging and resting.


The Train-Station is a place for Miis to use casual indoor Level-Up Gifts and also mess around and rest.

Mountain *NEW*

The Mountain is a place for Miis to hang out, and use some outdoor Level-Up Gifts.

Mii News Network (Or MNN)

The Mii News Network gives fun and wacky news stories about the Miis feats or celebrations.

Amusement Park

The Amusement Park is a place for Tomodachi Quest, the Magic Show and rides for Miis to enjoy, as well as casual indoor Level-Up Gifts.

Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is used for when Miis want to sing a song.

Survey Skyscraper

Use Quirky Questions and check out Miis using indoor and outdoor Level-Up Gifts.

Photo Studio

Take pictures of couples, groups, babies, pets and the entire island population.

Movie Studio *NEW*

Create and watch Movies starring Miis.

Compatibility Tester

Test the romance and friendship rating of two islanders.

Sports Arena

Miis engage in sports at night and all Miis on a team get a prize if they win.

Rankings Board

Check out the Vitality ranking, Popularity ranking, Boy Charm and Girl ranking, Pampered ranking, Friendship and Romance ranking, Splurge ranking, Pet Reputation and Sports Ranking


  • The Survey Skyscraper has two meanings; survey both means observe, as well as take a poll, relating to how the skyscraper is home to Quirky Questions.
  • The description for the Frying Pan Level-Up Gift has a reference to the First Pokemon Movie.