Tomodachi Planet

This game is a Wii U exclusive and improved version of Tomodachi Life for the 3DS. The game features things from Tomodachi Life, Go Vacation (look that up if you haven't), and Animal Crossing. And this game features new content and now more Mii Characters can be added since the game is called Tomodachi Planet.


Again, this game is for the Wii U. The left analog stick is used to move your Mii. In this game, you can make your main Mii Character/look alike and all the other Miis and move them around like in Animal Crossing and in Go Vacation. The A button can be used for jumping, as there are many places to explore in Tomodachi Planet, and to get new things for your Miis, it'll involve some platforming and maybe some parkour. The A button can also be used to talk to some of your Miis or read signs. The B button is used to do a cool little animation, like spinning around, jumping for joy, doing a dance, etc. The Y button lets you run faster. This is useful for races or getting to places faster. The X button lets you pull up your menu and daily planner to let you see what you have and your activity schedule that you can plan. The Start Button let's you pause, and the Select Button lets you save and continue or save and quit. The L and R triggers are for changing perspectives, from 1st, 3rd, and Overhead views. And the ZR and ZL buttons are for taking memorable pictures.

How To Make a Mii Character and Improve Them

Making Miis in this game is simple. You can design their looks and fill out their profile. You can also give them a voice and an accent form places like Japan, France, the U.K., Australia, Chicago, and much more. Their personalities are now more expanded with variety so now you can give them a better personality. You have Easygoing, Outgoing, Confident, Independent, Passive, Aggressive, Funny, Nice, and a lot more to come. So you can make the Mii character shy, a bit mean, a lone wolf, a nice person, etc. And there's still more you can do for the Mii Character. You can choose their favorite food now by typing it in or going down the list and seeing what's in store. You can also make your Mii character a character that usually runs fast, really good at jumping, a strong character, a character that has a little float in their jump, etc. Basically, your giving your Mii character Tomodachi Stats. They can also change their play style by buying clothes, hats, shoes and even badges at the Tomodachi Store. They can get shoes that make them run faster, or gloves that make them stronger, etc. Doing those things are kind of in an RPG type of fashion. You can also have other Mii characters move in with you, related or not. You can set a Mii characters hobbies also by typing it in or going down the list. You can let your Mii have a pet or not, change their favorite color to more than the 12 they give you, give them furniture to start off with, like a TV, couch, treadmill, punching bag, etc. And you can give them one gift to start off with. And finally, you can access that Mii character and play as them with a tab at their apartment building. You can have a total of 10,000 Mii characters that all live on the gigantic island that the player can name. The Mii characters can explore other islands with Online Exploration Mode or Pre-Set Exploration Mode and see other peoples islands or the islands that are already made, like City Island, Mountain & Cave Island, Rainbow Waters Island, and much more. There they can get the items from that island or the islands that can be explored online. Also, you can give a Mii character clothing for fashion and clothing for stat effect; this isn't too much like any RPG games as for there aren't many types and they cost a lot!

Places to Go

On your island, there are SO MANY places to visit. Here's the list:

  • Apartment Complex: Where all the Mii's live.
  • Island Mall: Where you can find the food, clothes, interior, hat, games & toys, electronics, music, furniture and special clothes shop.
  • Wedding Homes: Where married Miis will live.
  • Rankings Board: Where you can see the rankings off Mii characters.
  • Beach Resort: Where you can relax.
  • Mii News: Where the latest news comes.
  • Park: Where you can play cool games and challenges.
  • Observation Tower: Where you can take a view of the island.
  • Pawn Shop: Where you can get some money.
  • Amusement Park: Where you can ride some of the rides and play some carnival games.
  • Cafe: Where you can get something nice to drink/eat and/or relax.
  • Town Hall: Where you can make new Mii characters, check info, see Mii characters abilities, etc.
  • Concert Hall: Where Mii characters can sing a bigger variety of songs and you can change the words of the song and change the length, too.
  • Arcade: Where you can play some are arcade games with tokens. There are some cool games to play based off of some of the Nintendo franchises, like Mii Mario's Adventure, where you dress up like Mario and run through 2D levels that are short. And there is Mii Racing, where you play a racing game with your Mii character.
  • TV Station: Where all the TV shows are held. You can manage with TV show goes to which channel, and even make your own TV show with it's own episodes. They can be up to as long as 30 minutes long and you can even make a commercial for the new episode that'll come out, and you can watch it with the current Mii Character you're playing with. And you can get a rank for how well you did depending on if the Mii characters liked it or not.
  • Port: Where export items or even other islanders from other islands can come.
  • Camp Place: Where the islanders can go to camp at the Camp Place for a while.
  • Airport: Where you can go to travel to other islands.
  • Photo Shop: Where you can take photos of your Miis.
  • Fountain: Where you can have your Miis donate money to your main Mii and buy cool things at the other stores.

TV Station

Here, you can make your own TV shows for the island. They can be up to as long as 30 minutes. You can name the TV show series what ever you want, and the max amount of characters you can use for naming the TV series is 100. For the episode itself, you can plan out the script. You can choose up to 25 Miis to play in the show, and you can assign them parts and make them say their lines. For the Mii characters lines, you can have up to a max of 5000 characters per line. The longer the line, the more time takes up. You can use a lot of settings, like school, the beach resort, the arcade, etc., and props like an arcade machine, a paper bag, a Nintendo 3DS XL, etc., and even music from games like the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG, etc. This place in the game allows you to be creative and come up with many case scenarios, like for example a Mii character has a secret, someone tells that secret, learns from his/her mistakes and apologize. Or some of the Miis go on a treasure hunt and find some incredible rare things that are completely amazing.


Here you can play cool games for fun. Here is the list of all the games and how many tokens you'll need:

  • Mii Team RPG Adventure--1 token
  • Mii Mario's Adventure--1 token
  • Mii Donkey Kong--1 token
  • Mii Mario Bros--1 token
  • Mii Balloon Trip Fight--2 tokens
  • Mii Fight Attackers-2 tokens
  • Mii Sword Expedition--3 tokens
  • Super Tomodachi Adventure Quest--4 tokens

Apartment Complex

Here is where all 10,000 of your Mii characters live, each 100 you make going into another building, making there a total of 100 buildings. There are teleporters near each building and you can go to them and go to another apartment that way. The same applies for the main building you can go to. Here you can check on what your Miis are like and you can play a game called Office Rush to where you have to organize everything in 1.) under a time limit and 2.) using the Gamepad.

An example image

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Tomodachi Planet (Really just Tomodachi Life)

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