Tomodachi New Life
Tomodachi New Life Logo
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Series Tomodachi Series
Tomodachi New Life (トモダチコレクション:新しいライフ: Tomodachi Collection: Newer Life) is the third sequel in the Tomodachi Collection Series. It is a life simulation game for The Wii U and the third direct sequel of The Nintendo 3DS Game: Tomodachi Life and The Nintendo DS Game: Tomodachi Collection.

New Features

  • Gay marriages are allowed (Except in Muslim Countries) (Because most people are dissapointed when it got restricted on Tomodachi life)
  • Enka is added to all Regional Versions
  • Few muslim translations added (Arabic, Turkish, Egypt, Afghanistanic)
  • Movie Studio Added
  • Amiibo can be used for Mii Version of the Amiibo Character and Non-Amiibo Mii as a DLC (Waluigi, Goomba etc.)
  • Mii Apartments can hold up to 300 rooms
  • New Song Style Added: Enka (Only New for EU, NA and AF), Jazz, Country
  • You could see Miis walking to Places while traveling
  • <island name> Forest and <island name> Town and Mount <island name> added
  • Train Station and Fountain Added at Places for Confessing
  • You can now import Internior from The Import Shop
  • When you're Choosing a Song Style, you are able to choose these options of the Song Style Version, Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. If you choose Tomodachi Collection or Tomodachi Life, it will be sung with the same instrument and same singing pitch (This feature is not available when you choose Jazz and Country)
  • You can visit other islands with the mii you choose, but you can come back to your own island with the mii you chose to travel to other islands
  • You can RP, chat with others Worldwide at the Online Island but it requires a Nintendo Network ID and an internet connection.
  • You can create your own Custom Mii News and Clothing.
  • You can import Mii Characters from Tomodachi Life, if Tomodachi Life is updated.


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Judgement Bay

Mii Apartments



  • This is the third game in the Tomodachi Collection series in Japan, but is the second in the Tomodachi Life series everywhere else.
  • The game is rated 12+ in Japan due to gay marriage.

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