This popular Japanese game is coming to your Wii U! You will find 20 styles, Including Musical, Artistic, Loved, and more! You will also know them and give out wacky stuff, Like a Huge Burger or even a Super Man top! Also learn to do drama, When you will make friends, Go on dates and weddings, Own a baby of your own, and get into fights. You can also make up to 100,000,000,000,000 Avatars. also you can use other people's avatars from another island.


There are 20 places. More info are below.

1: Apartments: Your Avatars live here. Give them your own way by making the people have their ultra favorite and worst ever food! Even give your avatar a outfit and a hat to look your Avatar the best way! There are many people living here, so the boss will be happy all of your Avatars are living here.

2: Settings House: Add Avatars, Delete Avatars, Look At Your Items, Add And Delete Coins, Connect And Play With Other People, QR Codes, Clock Settings, Connect To Internet, Name Of Island, BGM and Sound Settings, Kid Settings, and Delete Data are all here. You can even view all your top points here!

3: The Food Market: The best place to get yummy food for your Mii. Some food include: Huge Burger, Banana Split, and Soda-Fruit Punch Popsicle.

4: Theater: 

More coming soon!

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