New Places

Movie Studio You can make movies of your Mii you can move their arms and add a scene and also give the Mii a Text-To-Speech Talk you can send your movies to your friends or Streetpass people that has Tomodachi Life Dreams too

Train Station In Tomodachi Life you only can use it of Proposal if u confess and there is an intervation a first intervation is that the Mii Comes out of the train and goes to the Mii who got Confessed and the second intervation is that the Mii is done of reading the News Paper and goes to the Mii who got Confessed

Game info

Tomodachi Life Dreams is The Third of the Tomodachi Collection Series for Nintendo 4DS


Problem Tomodachi Life

Original Problem

Type Description Solution
Hunger The Mii is Hungry Give The Mii foods or drinks
Fashionity The Mii wants some clothes and some hats he will randomly say that Give The Mii Clothes/Hats
Sick The Mii will have rain like Sadness but he is still haves Happines Give the Mii Stomach Medicine
Colds The Mii will also have rain but you dont need to give him Stomach Medicine Give the Mii Cold Medicine

Can't Sleep

The Mii wants to sleep but u dont need to give him Stomach Medicine and Cold Medicine Give the Mii Sleeping Pills
Lost Something The Mii lost something but soon The Other Mii has found it Go to an Mii that haves the Item The Other Mii Lost
Found it The Mii found the item that The Other Mii lost Give it back to The Mii that lost the item
Wants to Sneeze The Mii wants to sneeze but the Mii is not playful he will sneeze or it will fail if the time is up Tickle the Mii's Nose
Wants to do something The Mii wants to do anything like Take a bath or go on a holiday Give him the item he needs
Asking The Mii asks something like what would you do if its summer? Awnser whatever you want
Have someone to meet on the roof The Mii has an letter to meet someone on the roof  Awnser whatever from Go check it out! or Dont do it!
New Intenior needed The Mii needs the new Intenior Give the Intenior 
Looks inside in The Mii needs you to look inside their head or stomach Take a peek
Need money The Mii askes for money how much he wants Give him
Voice Impression The Mii will Impress the voice of The Other Mii's Catchphrase Listen to The Impression
Funny Face The Mii will show you his Funny face Look at the Funny Face
Relationship Tomodachi Life


Type Description Solution
Making Friends

The Mii wants to be friends with The Other Mii The Mii will talk to The Other Mii if They raises their hands then their friends if they dont raise hands theyre not friends

Choose whatever
I Heard someone wants to be friends with me The Mii will hear it and go and talk to him if it dont works then he knew that he didnt wants to be friends with The Mii if they raises their hands The Mii is Right Choose whatever
What do you think of us? The Mii dont knows about The Other Mii and thinks whatever like of Love and Best Friends Choose of Perfect, Nothing Special or Not Likely

The Mii will say that The Mii fight with the other Mii if they choose Make Up! you have to give him things that calms him down if they haves an huge fight they wont make up

Choose Make Up! or Who Cares?
I want them make up! If there is an huge fight soon The Mii will stop The Fight sometimes it will fail Choose Do it or Leave them alone
I dont want to fight The Mii who didnt forgived The Other Mii goes forgive The Other Mii Choose of Make Up! or Whatever!
2 People Holiday The Mii will ask to go on Holiday with The Anthoter Mii like Best Friends or Married Couple Give The Mii Travel Ticket
Break Up/Divorce The Couple of 2 Mii is not working The Mii will break up The 2 Mii's who broke up will all gaim sadness Choose Move on it or Think More First if u want the couple stay
Missing to be a couple The Couple who broke up only haves it and The Mii will say that he wants to be sweethearts aigan it sometimes fail and sometimes work The Mii that failed to get the other Mii back will gaim Sadness Choose Move on it or Think more first
Who would i choose then The Mii that got confessed and the player said No, bad idea if the other mii got chosen you have to choose on Mii's that didnt get chosen on the intervation but if its 1 Mii the Mii will say that she wants The Mii who got rejected by intervation The Mii will talk to The Mii who didnt got chosen and The Mii says that The Mii chooses The Other Mii and askes if would If he wants he says: "Sure" if he dont wants he will say: "Sorry, But not anymore" The Mii that didnt chose The Other Mii that got rejected will gaim sadness

Choose 2 Mii's that didnt got chosen by an Intervation

if The Mii who not got chosen by a 2 person intervation you can choose Go, Talk to him or Never Mind

The Date The Mii tells that The Mii and His/Her Sweetheart will go on a date but u must choose a place Choose of The Beach, The Amusement Park, Cafe,The Park, The Fountain and Train Station
Introduce 2 Mii's with each other The Mii will get one of his friends to make each other get friends Choose Do it! or Someone Else?
Setting Up The Mii will have 2 Mii's make them Sweethearts it will fail or work Choose Good One or Bad One or Someone Else?
Love Tomodachi Life

Type Description Solution
Confession (See Tomodachi Life Dreams Confession The Mii will say: "I have my heart to <miiname>" If u choose Go for it then you will tell The Mii how the Mii will confess The Other Mii and Where the Place they go if The Mii they confess say: "Okay" then it worked if The Mii they confess say: "Sorry, I dont want" The Mii that confessed The Other Mii they will gaim Sadness The Mii will gaim sadness too if Dont do it! got said. Choose from Go for it! or Dont Do it!
Likeness of Other Mii The Mii will randomly will say: "I think <miiname> likes me" The Mii who is gonna confess The Mii then he is gonna be showy Choose Go for it! or It cant work or I think too!
Double Love

The Mii is in love with 2 Mii's then you have to choose One of The 2 Mii's who he fall in love

if u choose None of Them then The Mii will gaim Sadness

Choose one of the 2 Mii's or choose None of Them
Proposal The Mii wants to Propose to His/Her Sweetheart If it works they are married then Sweetheart will change into Wife/Husband and choose Where they must propose like An Nice Resturant, Sunset, Firework Display, Amusement Park, Train Station, Fountain and Concert Hall Choose Go for it or Not Right Now
Baby The Mii will say He/She and His/Her Wife/Husband will get an Baby Choose I think too or I think of not
Sadness Tomodachi Life


Type Description Solution
Rejected If "Im Sorry, But i dont want" To the confessor then The Mii got Rejected Help them to lose The Mii's Sadness
Unforgived It will happen if: "Exuces not offered" got said to The Mii that is making up with The Other Mii Help them to lose The Mii's Sadness
Break Up The Mii broke up with The Other Mii The Other Mii who got broke up will gaim Sadness too Help them to lose The Mii's Sadness
Proposal Failed The Proposal got failed and The Mii sometimes will try aigan if it failed aigan the Sadness bar will be full and you cant do it aigan Help them to lose The Mii's Sadness or Complete the Proposal
Playful Tomodachi Life


The Mii will ask to play a game and a randomly game will play

Old Places

  • Mii Apartments
  • The Beach
  • The Park
  • The Tower
  • The Fountain
  • The Cafè
  • Photo Studio
  • Clothing Shop
  • Hats
  • Supermarket
  • Intenior Shop
  • Port
  • Image Send
  • Camping Site
  • Concert Hall



  • This is the 3rd sequel of Tomodachi Collection
  • This is for Nintendo 4DS

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