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Genre(s) Simulation
Predecessor Tomodachi Life/Collection

Tomodachi Simulator (Known as Tomodachi Collection 3 in Japan) is the upcoming second game in the Tomodachi Life series for the Nintendo 3DS and first in the series for the Switch. It retains common themes and concepts introduced in Tomodachi Life & Tomodachi Collection, it contains specific aspects introduced/included in both versions.


The game contains most major and minor elements from the first games. You have the ability to control your character and any other character and walk around the island (Similarily to the Sims). You can also move around the island like in the previous game.

New Features

  • Miis can now have Dere-types and Miitomo expressions.
  • Voices from all regions in Tomodachi Life are available in Tomodachi Life 2
  • Personalities have been expanded to include more distinctive traits, attitudes and opinions
  • Couples are now capable of having more than one child at a time (Twins, Triplets, etc.)
  • Tomodachi Life Miis can be imported from one game to another including on the same card allowing players to transfer Tomodachi Characters to other players
  • You can join explorers for a whole day. Before they choose an island to dock on, you suggest them with brochures. Then you come back.
  • Brochures of your own island can be made with pictures and islander opinions.
  • Additional Soundtracks have been added to the game as well as updated versions of older soundtracks
  • The Movie Studio is added to the Concert Hall, in it you can make the Miis perform various actions as though they are performing for a movie or play, various costumes will be available only for the Movie Studio. You can even upload them to YouTube.
  • A Train Station was added as a location allowing the player to observe past events that have happened on the bulletin board as well as select the Tomodachi Characters who can be sent to other games
  • An Underground passway has been added which features another Train Station as well as some Caverns and a Volcano
  • Islands can slowly alter, and islanders change their way of life to adjust, like sinkholes and volcanoes.
  • Marriage is now less restrictive. You can now marry a male mii to another male mii or a female mii to another female mii wit the new romantic preference option (prefer males, females, both, or neither)
  • The import shop works with added benefits from StreetPass, there are special items only obtainable through the import shop that require the player to have reached a certain amount of StreetPass hits, and you can't get the same things twice, you get extra colours.
  • The Mii Houses have been greatly expanded on and also allow for the player to download Mii Families to live in the houses via QR Codes.
  • The capacity of Miis able to live on the island has been raised to 200 and also allows for Miis to have a roommate or two in their apartments.
  • The world has become significantly more open as destinations are now connected by roads so the player can visually see their Mii moving from one place to another
    • In addition they will be able to find items and money while travelling between places
  • Many locations now have customizable appearances.
    • The Observation Tower is able to be customized so the Observation Deck looks like the player's head
    • The Mii apartments have different appearances based on how the player's mii is feeling at the time. There is also a 1/1200 chance that the player (while in control of the mii) will return to the Mii Apartments to find them haunted by ghosts in which they will have to sneak around the Mii Apartments to reach their room running from any ghosts that see them. When the mii gets seen, they are sent back to their apartment. If they are not seen, they get the Haunted apartment interior
    • The Job Tent can be upgraded allowing for more jobs to become available to Miis added into the game by QR code, it's name changes from Job Tent to Job Hut to Job Center to Job Complex.
    • Some examples of jobs are Mailman, News Reporter, and Life Guard.
    • The player is able to customize individual features such as wallpapers, benches & seats in the Restraunt & Cafes in the game which can affect how events that occur in these locations react
    • The Train Stations have many subtle references to other Nintendo Franchises, occasionally the conductor will be dressed as Mario or Luigi, sometimes the Train will look like Yoshi or an Airwing, ocassionally there will be a wanted list which features Donkey Kong, Bowser & King Dedede for various crimes and lastly sometimes when travelling between train stations the player may look out the window to see the Triforce painted on one of the tunnel walls, taking a picture of said Triforce is the most valuable picture in the game
    • In the Camera Station (which is now renamed Miifoto Station), Miitomo expressions, outfits, and customizable movement and poses are available.
  • Giving a Mii $1,000,000 in Pocket Money will make them go on an adventure underground in a golden drill, the vehicle can vary. Through the next 2 months a superhero will be seen in the background, then news reports, and you are told of the identity by the Mii you game pocket money to. They explain on their journey they found radioactive ooze and got powers. They explain their Identity after helping with some life saving.
  • In the Town Hall, there will be books of family trees. These include up to great great-grandparents to great great-grandchildren. They will also include uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and every in-law.
  • In the News Tower, there will be now up to 100 stories keepable.


Tomodachi Life 2 Island
In Tomodachi Simulator a similar island to the first game is the main setting for the game featuring a diverse set of different places to visit.

The game features 29 Locations (although 2 are both Train Stations). Many locations from the first game re-appear while several new ones appear as well.


Locations are listed from Northern-Most to Southern-Most based on their colour. Any Grey locations were developed after the creation of this mock-up map.


  • Import Shop
  • Interior Decor Shop
  • Clothes Shop
  • Hat Shop
  • Restraunt
  • Cafe
  • Pawn Shop
  • Food Mart


  • Forest Train Station
  • Campgrounds
  • Cliff Train Station
  • Fountain
  • Park
  • Beach
  • Underground Tunnel/Cave Train Station


  • Mii Homes
  • Mii Apartments


  • Question Hall
  • Job Tent
  • Town Hall
  • Port


  • Mii News Broadcasting Tower
  • Observation Tower
  • Tomodachi Offices
  • Amusement Park
  • School
  • Concert Hall
  • Plane


  • Miifoto Station



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