Tomodachi Families is a game by 'Nintendo, and Koopa Fox Tornado 'Studios. It combines gameplay elements from Tomodachi Life and The Sims. It is a spin-off of Tomodachi Life. It was released for the    Wii U, 3DS, Windows, and Mac.

Creating A Family

Miis in the game can live together as families (It is not required for the Miis to be related as family members). Instead of living in apartments like in Tomodachi Life, the Miis live in a house. The limit for a family is 16 (Wii U) 12 (Windows) 10 (Mac) and 8 (3DS)

Creating A Mii

Creating a Mii in Tomodachi Families is very similar to how they are made in Tomodachi Life. The only difference is that you can make multiple Mii at once.


There are 4 different parts to a Mii's personality. Te 1st part is like Tomodachi Life's personality decider. where there are 5 sliders to choose from. Once all slider's are filled out, it give the Mii a personality of either Easygoing, Independant, Outgoing, or Confidant. Once assigned 1 of these, the Mii will also get a side trait, which were also in Tomodachi Life

Main Trait Side Traits
Easygoing Softie, Optimist, Buddy, Dreamer
Independant Free Sprit, Artist, Lone Wolf, Thinker
Outgoing Trendsetter, Entertainer, Charmer, Leader
Confident Designer, Adventurer, Braniac, Go-Getter

Other Side Personality Traits

Here are a list of other traits that can be given to a Mii after their Main Trait and ¨Main¨ Sidetrait:

Athletic- Levels up faster when doing psysical work

Cheerful- Gets along really well with Outgoing Miis

Creative- Gets along really well with Independant Miis

Genius- Levels up faster when using a computer

Playful- Gets along really well with Easygoing Miis

Hot-Headed- Gets into Arguments more often

Romantic- Is more likely to get into a relationship

Protective- Is more likely to resolve heated arguments

Doodler- Levels up faster when drawing

Bookworm- Levels up faster when reading

Geek- Levels up only slighty faster when using a computer or reading

Music Lover- Levels up faster when listing to music

Perfectionist- Gets along real well with Confident Miis

Competitive- Levels up faster at a extreme rate if they win at a game, gets into a fight if they lose

Childish- Gets along real well with Children (age 17 and under)

Clumsy- Most likely to lose at a game, but levels up at a extreme rate if they win

Hunger Immune- Gets hungry slower than most Miis

Crazy- More likely to dream when they sleep

Lazy- Levels up when watching TV

Nature Lover- Levels up faster when outside the house

Tycoon- Gets more money at work

Trash Lover- Levels up the longer a mess is around

Snob- Becomes friends with somebody if they already have alot of friends

Life Goals

Every sims has a life goal. It is chosen by the player. Here are the avaliabe options:


Professional Artist

Pop Star

Bestselling Author

Everyone's Enemy

Rumor Spreader

Secussful Family

Big Family

Master Chief

Mixology Genius

Triple Armed Mii

Super Nerd

Computer Whiz

Heart Breaker

Love Explorer

Green Tumb'd

Nature Freak

Ace Fisherman

Hysterical Mii

Party Animal

Friend Magnet

If any of these goals are achieved, the Mii will get a trophy.

Making A House

Once a family has been made, the house is made. First, the player must select the size of the house:

Small (Recommended for 1-3 amount of people)

Medium (Recommended for 4-6 amount of people)

Large (Recommended for 7-8 people)

Extra Large (Recommended for 9-16) (Only on Wii U, Windows, and Mac)

After that, the player has to make the boundries for every room.

Once the size and rooms boundrys have been made, the player gets to choose the theme(s) for the house. On both floors, the player gets to select themes for each room. They can choose from the following:




Flower Meadow


Tropical Beach

Pumpkin Patch




Unlockable Rooms

Photo Realalistic (Make 10 Families)

Cartoon (Have a Lev. 5 Mii)

English Garden (Have a Lev. 10 Mii)

Crystal (Have a Lev. 15 Mii)

Prehistorical (Have a Lev. 20 Mii)

Galatic (Have a Lev. 25 Mii)

Golden (Have a Family at the maxinum captivity)

Save Data

Up to 100 profiles can be made in the game. 


Mii Hotel Service

Mayor's Secretary

Cloting Clerk

Pawn Clerk

Grocery Store Cleark

Interior Clerk

Fountain Event Holder

Ranking Board Updater

Game Show Host

News Reporter

Fortune Teller



Cabin Attendant

Karate Sensei



Magazine Editor


Fire Fighter



Company President



Movie Director



Opera Singer









Yoga Instructor



Construction Worker


Life Guard



Cartoon Creator


Park Cleaner

Amusement Park Worker

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