Tomodachi Collection! known in Japan as Tomodachi Collection: Island Oppurtunity! (トモダチコレクション:島オポチュニティ: Tomodachi Korekushon: Shima Opochuniti) is the sequel to Tomodachi Life. It involves the same type of style of gaming as the first game except you are based in a town and you can customise it, a lot like MySims.  The game is for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


Advert: "Welcome to Tomodachi Collection, move in your own friends, family and celebrities! Customise their houses with stylish furniture, or make your own furniture! Buy food for your Tomodachians and watch them as they make new friends and make new goals in life and sit back and watch your town grow! This is Tomodachi Collection, this is your collection".

The overall plot of Tomodachi Collection is to keep your islanders happy, feed them, play with them and talk to them, and they will grow to love one another and maybe even have children! There are many returning features in Tomodachi Collection, you can still play certain games and you can feed all your residents and make their happiness rating go up, they can still have children and get married but in difference to Tomodachi Life same-sex marriage is available as an option that can be enabled or disabled on the options panel. You can also still visit events, such as the Morning Market, Barbeque, Magic Show Etc. The game also features many new options that can be disabled and enabled, these include; cars, treehouses and advanced family. Cars are introduced and can be used to give a street level view of your town, and your view can be seen in first person, when looking into a mirror in someones home you will see your Mii. Advanced family is also introduced. When in the town hall, while looking at the Mii Profiles, you can go onto Advanced Family and set whoand who can not be married. You can also set people to love another person, which, the director stated, does make the game less fun, but is good for mums, dads etc.