TomoDachi Life+
Developer(s) Nintendo SPD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo +
Single Player
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Predecessor TomoDachi Life
TomoDachi Life+ (Known in Japan as Tomodachi Collection +) is an upcoming game for the Nintendo +,and a successor to TomoDachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS.


The gameplay is much the same as its predecessor, TomoDachi Life, except for slight changes.

New Features

  • Instead of a map, the player has to spectate around the island using the Left C-Pad to move the spectator, and the Right C-Pad to move the camera angle.
  • The voice quality is improved and with more variety
    • So is the personality customizer
  • Mii+ Can also be imported

Others are unknown



  • The game was originally going to be made for the 3DS early on, but it was moved over to the Nintendo + Due to it's advanced hardware.
  • Despite the big demand, there still is only straight marriages in the game, however, a free DLC pack can be downloaded from the eShop with this feature.

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