Tommunity Box
Season 1 Box Cover
Producer(s) Tom (tbc)
Broadcaster(s) NBC (America)

Comedy Central (Europe)

Genre(s) Comedy
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Season(s) Six Seasons and a Movie
Runtime 22 minutes
Status In development

Tommunity is a television show currently in development by Tom (tbc). It focuses on a group of friends going to college together, but things are quite different from what they expected. The show has only recently been announced and is still in early development. It's scheduled to air in May 2014. The show will be broadcasted on Thursdays, 8/7c in America, 20.30 in Europe and 21.30 in Australia.


Main Characters

The main characters are the members of the study group. They have been friends for a long time and have decided to follow an education and graduate together. That's where the show starts.

Image Character Description

Tommunity Tom


Woop, today just turned 18+.
Tom, episode 1.13

Tom is obsessed with a TV show named The Group and likes to make references to it, as well as TV shows in general, often annoying his friends. He likes to do famous scenes or situations from shows and movies in general with his best friend Rick as well. He often gets confused and can't tell if his friends are being serious or sarcastic, leading to awkward situations.

Tommunity Nick


Pff, whatever. It's not like we're getting cancelled or something.
Nick, episode ???

Nick often acts like he doesn't care about whatever's going on, while he actually does. Because of this, he's considered the coolest guy in the group and his friends as well as other students often ask for his opinion or help.

Tommunity Elise


Elise is a nice and supportive person, but she'd rather describe herself as annoying, which in turn annoys the study group. She often uses made up words like yata and kata, which her friends find quite amusing.

Tommunity Hayden


Hayden is the airhead of the group. He often gets himself into sticky situations and often is the butt of the joke, without noticing it. However, sometimes he has surprisingly wise moments, making the others realize or do something.

Tommunity Marina


Marina can't stand unfairness. Whenever she spots unfairness she goes into action, sometimes against the group, but usually among them, taking the lead in an argument. She also wants to help the school improve, but her ideas often get ignored by the dean. She sometimes loses herself and goes too far in her attempt to prove her right, causing awkward situations.

Tommunity Rick


Rick likes to prank around, and often teams up with Tom to do so. He often gets dragged into doing famous TV moments with Tom, but enjoys it anyways. He's very supportive towards his friends and often comes with good ideas. However, he has a hard time saying 'no' and often has to do stuff he doesn't want to do because of that.

Tommunity Steven


Steven is considered the most bad-ass member of the group. He's often the initiator when something needs to happen. He calls himself The True 'Murican, although nobody really knows what he means by that.

Tommunity Angel


Ángel is a Spanish genius and is admired for that by Nick and Marina. He's the oldest and most mature member of the group, and soon becomes the dean's assistant. He's very smart and a real gentleman, and the most serious member of the group, often calming them down when there's an argument going on.

Other Characters

Here follows a list of characters that are confirmed to have an important recurring role on the show, appearing in various episodes. A full list of all notable students will be published soon.

  • Alex: A student who's only known as Stelios; nobody really knows his real name, which frustrates him. He wants to be a part of the study group and often tries to impress them, failing horribly, which makes the study group thinks he's crazy.
  • Sam: A student who has Doh as his nickname because he often makes puns with it, annoying everyone. He often gets dragged into the study group's problems, more than he wants to be.
  • The Dean: The dean of the school. His full name is Thomas Cobson, but he's usually just referred to as 'the dean'. He often asks his assistant Ángel to help him out solving problems, who in turn would sometimes ask the other members of the study group to help him.
  • Arend: Arend is the Art professor. He's a guy of the facts and can be a bit grumpy sometimes. However, he's a good teacher and the study group likes him. He's often annoyed when Ochi corrects him during his lessons.
  • Eden: A student who wants to join the study group but is too proud to ask. He often spies on the study group and blackmails them with information he has about them.
Tommunity Opening Fan Project00:22

Tommunity Opening Fan Project

Opening credits for Season 1

  • Ochi: Ochi is a student in the study group's art class. She's the best student of her class and often corrects Professor Arend, oblivious to his annoyance.


Season 1

Season 1 focuses on how the group settles in. It will contain 13 episodes in total. A list of confirmed episodes follows, along with a description and other information.

Episode Description End Tag Writer(s)

Episode 1.01

The main characters arrive at the college for the first time and form a study group. They are introduced to several students and the college itself, which is a bit different from what they expected it to be.

The study group dances on Suzumiya Haruhi in the student lounge, until Alex enters wearing a dress. Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.02
Introduction to Art

The study group go to class for the first time. They decide to pick Art as their major, so they at least can take one class together. Nick gets upset when another student turns out to be better than him and he gets caught up in a competition. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.03
Kata Impressionism

Tom gets jealous when he sees how much Rick and a student nicknamed YeeMeYee hang out together and tries to impress Rick to get his friend back. Meanwhile, Ángel tries to get the dean to hire him as his assistant for additional study points. Steven and Hayden are loudly discussing things about their favourite videogame in the men's bathroom, not noticing Sam is in the background having trouble peeing. Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.04
The Language of Success

Nick and Marina go to Spanish class for the first time. Meanwhile, Elise helps Steven to impress a girl. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.05
Escapism in Adventuring

Tom and Rick are doing various classic movie and TV show moments around the campus, which really annoys the other students, eventually causing havoc. Hayden and Steven broke the copy machine and constantly try to outrun Ángel and the dean while secretly trying to fix it. Eventually the two duos end up doing what the others were supposed to do. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.06
Breaking into Investigation

When an unknown figure goes around campus deleting files from the school computers, Ángel gets the study group to help him investigate the case. Hayden and Rick are being blackmailed by Eden, leading to a crazy burglary into the dean's office that goes horribly wrong. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.07
Intro to Felt Surrealism

When the study group finds out that Eden is planning on taking over the school by kidnapping the dean, the study group has to train their powers to eventually defeat Eden in an epic showdown. The whole episode is shown in a comic book-like form, with exeption of the very first minutes. Hayden and Steven are shocked when they see all members of the study group drawn on a campus wall in their comic book-form, but soon decide to mess with the drawings by painting various things over them. Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.08
Discoveries on Multiple Levels

Hayden found Ángel's key that gains access to the basement of the school. Tom later finds out, but promises not to say anything about it as long as he can go with him into the basement. There, they find some interesting supplies but also secrets that nobody was supposed to know. Meanwhile, Ángel freaks out because he can't find his key, and he and Alex start to search around campus. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.09

When Nick cheats during a test and might get an F, Rick accepts to help him get away with it, while Marina is working against them. Steven and Sam steal discount coupons for the cafetaria and sell them to other students, but Eden has evidence that they stole them, and threatens to tell the dean if they don't do what he says. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.10
Hijacking, Raising and Spying

Nick and Elise are spying on Eden after he threatened to blackmail them. Hayden attempts to hijack the schoolbus to take revenge on the bus driver for making fun of him, and the dean wants Ángel to raise money for the school. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.12

When it turns out Professor Arend lost all final assignments of his students and lets them do it all over again, the students get angry and start a violent protest against the teachers, almost completely destroying the school. TBA Tom (tbc)

Episode 1.13

The dean organizes a survival party to celebrate the end of the year. However, it turns out the food is poisoned, causing people that ate it trying to secretly constantly trick their fellow students into losing the competition. The stakes get even higher when it turns out they’ll later become aggressive and eat their fellow classmates. After being locked up in the school, the students know that there's at least one future murderer among them. Not knowing who ate the food, the students become crazy, not knowing who to trust. TBA Tom (tbc)


  • A Let's Play video by Hayden and Steven of the game Heroic Hats. While playing they discuss their thoughts on their friends.



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