Tomb of the Tarantulas Enterance

Tally standing in front of the Tomb entrance.

Tomb of the Tarantulas is a level in Tak-Zac Bug World and the third level of Act 3. It is an underground tomb of slain Tarantulas located deep in the tunnels of Pion Web. Tally is the only character to explore this level.


  • Zombie Tarantula
  • Ghost
  • Zombie Summoner


Tomb of the Tarantulas inside

Inside the Tomb

Tak and Zac head off to the tomb to find more information about the Tarantula Tribe's past. When they got to the enterance, Zac accidentaly sets off a booby trap that makes him and Tak fall down a trapdoor. Tak's communicator slips aside as the two fell, leaving Zip, Antstein and Tally worried as they can't see or hear Tak or Zac. Tally volunteers to go through the tomb and find the two bugs. As she fights her way through zombies and ancient booby traps, Tally finds a scroll about the Tarantulas and offers it to Tak who is locked in a cage. She frees him and Zac and they exit the tomb.

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